Mary J. Blige, ‘The London Sessions’

mjb-tlsMary J. Blige’s, The London Sessions, will be hitting stores/online December 2nd and features songwriting/production from some of my favorites Sam Smith, Emile Sande, Naughty Boy, Disclosure and more. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. ‘Therapy’
  2. ‘Worth My Time’
  3. ‘Not Loving You’
  4. ‘Doubt’
  5. ‘My Loving’
  6. ‘When You’re Gone’
  7. ‘Pick Me Up’
  8. ‘Whole Damn Year’
  9. ‘Nobody But You’
  10. ‘Right Now’
  11. ‘Long Hard Look’
  12. ‘Follow’

Listen to ‘Whole Damn Year’ and ‘Therapy’ below and pre-order The London Sessions on both iTunes and Amazon.

Album Review: Think Like a Man Too Soundtrack


I’ve been talking about this soundtrack in numerous posts and now it’s time for another edition of ‘My Top 5’. It’s short and simple so, let’s get right to it (no particular order):

  • ‘A Night to Remember’
  • ‘Moment of Love’
  • ‘Suitcase’
  • ‘I Want You’
  • ‘Propose’

I love the balance on this album of ballads mixed with a modern groove. It starts off upbeat and gradually gets slower as far as tempo. To go from an upbeat song in the beginning, ‘A Night to Remember’, to ending with ‘Propose’, it’s clear to see in tempo the drastic difference. Out of my FIVE my favorite would be ‘Moment of Love’ followed by ‘I Want You’. I was skeptical at first when I initially heard the singles, but I’m so glad I gave it a deep listen. Be sure to click the picture to take you directly to purchasing the album/singles.


This Week In Music (V.13): Videos, Biopics, & MORE

There’s been a LOT going on this week, hence why my posts have been sparse, but as always welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. Let’s jump to chart news quickly. Please be sure to click links that’ll take you directly to the album/track.

As for the Billboard 200, Jack White’s Lazaretto came in at #1, Miranda Lambert (Platinummoved to #2, and Frozen is in at #3. Iggy Azalea’s, ‘Fancy‘, is still atop the Hot 100 for 4th week and ‘Problem‘ still sits in at #2. Magic!’s, ‘Rude‘, moves up for spots to #3. Over on Billboard you can vote in the 2014  Mid-Year Music Poll. Click here to do so.

Back to Iggy Azalea for a moment, she is very busy on the charts and not just the pop one. She’s teamed with Hustle Gang General, T.I., for their latest collab ‘No Mediocre‘. I reviewed the track, but be sure to check out the video below. As for my thoughts, it was okay; nothing special.

Keeping along the lines of new videos this week, Trey Songz has released a new video for yet another single off Trigga titled, ‘Foreign’. I wasn’t really expecting to like this song as much as I do, but it’s catchy, the beat is there, and Trey Songz in the video is a major plus. The video starts the same as his ‘SmartPhones‘ video did and then he heads to a video shoot where he dances around with various women which matches every word he says, he likes his women foreign. Check out the video below. Trigga hits stores/online July 1st.

Mary J. Blige released two videos this week in support of the Think Like a Man Too Soundtrack. The soundtrack features 14 original songs from Mary J. Blige. The first video released was the cover of Shalamar’s ‘A Night to Remember’. The video featured a cameo from style ICON, June Ambrose. Then there’s the video for ‘Suitcase’ which was AMAZING! I’m very happy about this MJB compilation and YES a ‘My Top 5’ will be coming soon. Check out both videos below:

nwa-castNow switching gears a little bit let’s get into TWO biopics that will be coming soon, well in 2015. The first is that of N.W.A. titled Straight Outta Compton. Dr. Dre will be played by Corey Hawkins, Cube by his son O’Shea Jackson Jr., and Eazy E by Jason Mitchell. The film will be directed by Gary Gray, production starts this summer, and is set to hit theaters August 14, 2015.


Moving on to the next biopic and one of the most controversial stories of the week is that of Zendaya Coleman begin casted to play Aaliyah in the upcoming biopic about her life. Now the controversy is that Zendaya is not ‘black enough’ to play Aaliyah. No her skin tone is not spot on to that of Aaliyah’s but it just utterly rude to make a comment as such. Personally, I feel the same way about Aaliyah having a biopic straight to TV (Lifetime) as I am with Whitney Houston’s going straight to TV. Artist of a certain caliber need to go to a theater. Even if it’s for a few private screenings, etc.,I think a movie screening is appropriate as well. Now Aaliyah’s family is fighting the production of this film not as far as casting, but as far as the movie not being on a theatrical level yet being put straight to TV. Aaliyah’s family is very territorial over her name, as they should be, BUT if this movie is gong to be stopped for going to Lifetime it’d be great to get one in theaters sometime soon.


angiemartinez-newheader copyLastly, it all comes down to the HEADLINE for me of the week: ‘Angie Martinez Resigns from Hot 97’. after studying broadcast journalism, primarily radio, throughout college I’ve been obsessed with the formation of radio and my favorites have always been Wendy Williams and Angie Martinez. I loved that Wendy Williams asked any and everything not caring and not holding back and then there was Angie Martinez who was like every superstars friend as her essence just radiated that. After 25 years on Hot 97 and the past 15 as the Voice of NY from 3pm-7pm (The Angie Martinez Show), she has resigned and moved on to RIVAL Power 105.1. Her friends at Hot 97 seem to understand,I mean not that they have a choice. The difference between Hot 97 is like comparing it to that of a local grocery store and Walmart. There’s local attention then theirs global. Moving from Hot 97 to Power 105.1 expands Angie Martinez’s brand as its owned by Clear Channel. No word on her start date just yet, but she’ll be taking over the 2pm spot currently held by DJ Prostyle and then she’ll be on the sister station Miami’s 103.5 FM (The Beat of Miami). Congrats to Angie for making such a huge move.



This Week In Music (V.12): Chart News + Upcoming Albums

MirandaLambertPlatinumAnother week has come and gone and it’s time to weekly music recap. Let’s get into CHART NEWS! When it comes to the Billboard 200, Miranda Lambert debuted at #1 with her latest studio album, Platinum. She’s also tops the Top Country Albums chart as well. Coming in at #2 is the Frozen Soundtrack. Last week it was in at #4, but has surged back to #2. Brantley Gilbert, Just as I Am, ranks at #3 and 50 Cent’s, Animal Ambition, debuts at #4. Coldplay’s, Ghost Stories, has fallen 4 spots to #5 after being at #1 for three weeks. Now 50 comes in at #6, Led Zepplin takes the 7, 9, and 10 spots with Led Zepplin, Led Zepplin II, and Led Zepplin III. In the #8 spot after an amazing weekend at the box office is The Fault In Our Stars Soundtrack.

As for the Hot 100, there has been no movement in the top 4 spots. ‘Fancy’ is in at #1, ‘Problem’ #2, ‘All of Me’ at #3, and ‘Turn Down for What’ at #4. Jason Derulo moved up 5 spots this week with his new track ‘Wiggle’ featuring Snoop Doggg. Pharrell drops to #6, but ‘Happy’ still manages to remain in the top 10. Magic! moved up a spot to #7 with their debut ‘Rude’. Nico & Vinz dropped two spots from last week to #8 with their track ‘Am I Wrong?’, Calvin Harris comes in at #9 with ‘Summer’, and Sam Smith rounds off the top 10 with ‘Stay With Me’.

Moving on to upcoming albums there have been 3 that caught my eye and two happen to be R&B. I know it’s nowhere what it used to be, but I love to see artists that stay true to the genre that made them. The Think Like a Man Too Soundtrack will be released Tuesday (6.17) and it has Mary J. Blige all over it, literally. All tracks are by the Queen and have a few features. Be sure to check my last post for the official track listing PLUS be on the lookout for ‘My Top 5’ on the album.

J. Lo will also be competing to see how she ranks on the charts with her new album, A.K.A., also hitting retailers and online Tuesday (6.17). From what I’ve heard so far it’s bleh to me. I’m really not interested. I’ll be posting the track listing to the album tomorrow (6.15) plus video teasers. In the meantime, check out the audio snippets of the album below:

In addition to the MJB and J. Lo albums being released Tuesday, Sam Smith, Linkin Park and Lana Del Rey will be releasing new albums as well. Sam Smith will be releasing his debut, In the Lonely Hour, Linkin Park will be releasing their 6th studio album, Hunting Party, and Lana Del Rey releases her third, Ultraviolence. Stay tuned tomorrow (6.15) for official track listings. Click here for In The Lonely Hour track listing.

There are more album release dates and titles that have been released as well. Robin Thicke is far from letting his estranged wife, Paula Patton, go and he’s making it known with his upcoming album Paula. His track, ‘Get Her Back‘ , was dedicated to her so with an album titled after her of course it will be professing his love, rights, wrongs, etc. He will be performing new material at the 2014 BET Awards (6.29). marsha-friends-and-lovers

Marsha Ambrosious will be releasing her sophomore album, Friends & Lovers, soon, like next month soon. The album is set to be released July 15th and will feature 15 tracks with production from Pop & Oak, Da Internz, Eric Hudson, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and more. Target will carry a deluxe special edition with three additional tracks. Check out the video below to her latest single ‘Run’.

tank-strongerLastly, Tank will be releasing his 6th studio album, Stronger, August 12th. In an interview with ThisIsRnB, he discussed the direction of the album:

“It’s just an album that speaks to a different place [where] I am in my life and my career. I’m having more fun in life and that deserves tempo. R&B deserves that energy and I think that energy appeals to more people.”

Check out the video to his single,’You’re My Star’, below:

When it comes to summer blockbuster tours, Beyoncé and Jay Z are not the only ones hitting the road. Drake and Lil Wayne have announced that they’ll be hitting the road in the ‘Drake Vs Lil Wayne’ tour. Click here for more info. Keyshia Cole will also be hitting the road for her ‘Point of No Return’ tour. Click here for more info.

Think Like a Man Too Soundtrack Tracklist

500_1401784801_think_like_a_man_too_91The soundtrack to Think Like a Man Too hits stores Tuesday, June 17th, and the movie hits theaters next Friday. This soundtrack has R&B queen, Mary J. Blige, all over it and from what I’ve heard thus far, I’ll  definitely be doing a ‘Top 5’. What I love about the concept of this soundtrack plus the original soundtrack is that it showcases one artist. The soundtrack for Think Like a Man featured John Legend’s track ‘Tonight (Best You Ever Had), but the rest of the album featured Future. This current soundtrack features songwriting from Pharrell, The-Dream, Jazmine Sullivan, and nearly a dozen others. Check out the track listing below and be sure to click links to hear what’s been released so far:

  1. A Night to Remember
  2. Vegas Nights‘ (feat. The-Dream)
  3. ‘Moment of Love’
  4. See That Boy Again‘ (feat. Pharrell Williams)
  5. ‘Wonderful’
  6. Kiss and Make Up
  7. ‘Cargo’
  8. Suitcase
  9. ‘I Want You’
  10. ‘Self Love’
  11. ‘Power Back’
  12. ‘All Fun and Games’
  13. ‘Better’
  14. Propose

From what I’ve heard I absolutely love this. Be on the lookout for a ‘My Top 5’ coming soon.


NEW MUSIC — MJB x Trey Songz x Ameriie

There’s been a lot of releases the past couple days that I’ve decided to just put them all in one post of yet another track overload. Let’s get to it.

First up, Mary J. Blige. She recently released a track titled ‘Suitcase’ and she’s back with a cover of Shalamar’s ‘A Night to Remember’ for the Think Like a Man Too soundtrack. I like the vibe of it, but it doesn’t compare to that of the original. I do like this though and I can’t wait to hear what else is on the soundtrack. Last soundtrack I fell in love with John Legend’s, ‘Tonight (Best You Ever Had)’. Check out Mary J.’s rendition below:

On top of that Mary released another track off the soundtrack titled ‘Moment of Love’ and I LOVE IT! I’d rather hear this from Mary than the typical heartbreak music. I love the vibe of this and this also trumps her cover of ‘A Night to Remember’. The soundtrack drops June 17th and is set to feature 14 Mary J. songs. Is this considered a NEW Mary J. album?  I really can’t wait to hear the soundtrack in its entirety.

Trey Songz is gearing up for to release his sixth studio album, Trigga, July 1st. Yup, lest than a month already. He’s back with a track titled ‘What’s Best for You’ and this is the Trey Songz I LOVE! I’m not really a fan of Trigga, I prefer Trey. I don’t need the strip club songs and songs that aren’t up to par lyrically. I love the vibe of this and reminds me a lot of Trey Day. Trey’s released a mix of material lately, I’m just interested in hearing what the total package sounds like. Take a listen below:

Amerie is back, but not as Amerie. AMERIIE is her new stage name and I’m not sure why the extra ‘I’ was added. Her comeback track, ‘What I Want’, is NOT what I want. I don’t like it whatsoever. The beat samples Sugar Hill Gang’s ‘Apache (Jump On It), but I just can’t get with this track. I don’t like how it sounds, lyrically it’s bleh and vocally Amerie is so much better. I guess she could’ve been going along the lines of trying to recreate ‘One Thing’, but this just isn’t it. It’s hard to come back in this industry. This just is NOT the comeback track for Ameriie. Again, still not sure what’s up with the extra ‘I’. Check out the track below:



This Week In Music (V.10): Music News + Track Hits/Misses

There’s been SO much new music released this week and I’ve been waiting to talk about a lot of it for this post in particular. Some were hits and some were misses. Unfortunately a lot that I listened to were straight misses for me which was disappointing from certain artists being that I enjoy their previous work. Let’s get into it.

iggy-azalea-ft-charli-xcx-fancy-full-song-lyrics-listen-nowQuick chart news, Congrats to Iggy Azalea for having ‘Fancy’ reaching the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Simultaneously, her collab with Ariana Grande, ‘Problem’, sits in at #2 making her the _ solo artist over all to have achieved this chart position. Also be sure to check out my review of the video for ‘Problem’ here.

In other music news, Beats by Dre was indeed purchased by Apple this week for $3 billion dollars. With that deal Dr. Dre is officially the WEALTHIEST Hip Hop artist and the first to reach the billion mark. Yes, Dre has surpassed Diddy with this move. CONGRATS! Nearly two months ago I posted, Forbes 5 Wealthiest Hip Hop Artist: Race to 1 Billion, and I said that Diddy would be the first reach the billion mark due to his steady incline yearly with all his business ventures. This deal just goes to show that all it takes is one deal. Diddy is next up though, but Dre. wins the race.

Now for the music. There’s been a slew of music released from: Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, Ne-Yo, Common, Jhene Aiko, Tyga, and others. Let’s get into the misses of the week. I was really interested in hearing new music from Ester Dean, Day26, and Ne-Yo, but after hearing their ‘comeback’ tracks they’re very lackluster and leaves me disappointed and uninterested. Ester Dean is an amazing songwriter, but this track she released ‘Twerkin 4 Birkin’ is horrible and in my eyes downgrades her talent.


Then there’s Day26. Danity Kane got back together as a foursome, now it’s down to three so I knew it was only time before Day26 would resurface. Their new track, ‘Bullsh#!t’ just doesn’t do it for me. Being that they’re an R&B group I didn’t really expect them to come out with a radio hit like that of Danity Kane. I knew a slow jam would be coming. Lyrically the song isn’t all that great. There’s potential vocally of course, but new material is needed.


Lastly, Ne-Yo is back after he said he was done and is gearing up to released a new album in September titled, Non Fiction. His new track ‘Money Can’t Buy’ features Jeezy and while it’s not horrible I’m just not feeling it. I would prefer to hear Ne-Yo by himself. Jeezy wasn’t really needed, but in this R&B world, you’re more likely to hit the radio with a  rapper assisted track. The song isn’t a complete miss, I’m just disappointed lyrically from Ne-Yo because this song concept is nothing new. He could do better.


Yes an artist has the right to do whatever they feel and who I am to judge on their creativity. I just expect more conceptually from artists and a certain point. Now for the tracks that I’m feeling this week. Mary J. Blige came back with a track called ‘Suitcase’ and it’s another breakup song. It’s Mary’s signature though at this point. I like the vibe of it. Jhene Aiko released her collab with her rapping alter ego J Henny titled Stay Ready’ and I like this one more than her radio smash, ‘The Worst.’ I really really love the vibe to this one. Next up is Justin Bieber. I was a bit hesitant to listen to his new track ‘Looking for You’ featuring Migos, but I really really like it. Just goes to show don’t count a track until you give it a full listen. Take a listen to my hits of the week below: