Video Review: Maroon 5, ‘Sugar’

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Maroon 5 has released the visual for their latest single ‘Sugar‘ and its not as grotesque as the previous two Maps‘ and Animals.’ I’m very happy with the approach of this one as its a more personal feel from the group.

It’s December 6, 2014. We’re gonna drive across L.A. and hit every wedding we possibly can. It’s gonna be awesome. And we’re late.

-Adam Levine

So as the group treks cross the city it’s interesting tow order just how many wedding would be featured in the video. Half o f the band splits up into two Cadillac’s while the set up crew gets into a van. Adam gets behind the wheel, drives off, let the music begin.

Photo Cred: Tumblr

It looked like this could all be some type of horrible prank from the looks of the guests faces at wedding #1. This crew comes in and starts to quickly assemble this and that. It then shoots back to the band driving there and as they pull up Adam got out and looked hotter than ever. What I don’t get is how they walked in so discreetly without any one seeing. Clearly they must’ve been distracted by what was sitting on the dance floor. The couple looked confused and then as the hook dropped the curtain fell and their faces are priceless.

Moving on to wedding #2. This time they entered in through the kitchen. Another priceless look on the cooks face. A pat on the back from Adam was just to show, “Yup. we’re real dude.” They enter in without being scene, the shot of their silhouettes was pretty cool. The hook drops and BOOM another surprised couple. The husband looked more surprised than the wife in this one.

As the song is getting closer to the end, they are back to driving, there’s pictures along the way from fans that spot them, and then they hit quite a bit of wedding in the end of the video. I counted an additional 5 weddings. If Maroon 5 were to show up at my wedding I would say “What the f*ck” as well. The video ends with the repetition of the hook, confetti, and the the band driving off. Mission accomplished.

Photo Cred: Tumblr

The overall goal of this video was not only to crash as many weddings as possible, but to shock the hell out of people as well. That was quite a daunting task to set up and deconstruct that as many times as they did. Kudos to the crew.

It would’ve been cute if there were clips added from his wedding. Might seem a little bit cliche, but hey it would’ve went with the theme. Maroon 5 is on a role with the videos. I really hope that my favorite from the album, ‘Feeelig,’ gets a video.

Check out my review HERE of Maroon 5’s latest album, V, and check out the video below:

Video Review: Maroon 5, ‘Animals’

IMG_3811If Adam Levine is not on the set of a Criminal Minds episode then he sure is great as acting as a creeper. The video concept matches the song perfectly although some might find it gory. The video is set around Adam Levine who is a butcher, how appropriate hence the title of the song, ‘Animals’. It begins with this lady (Adam’s wife, Behati Prinsloo) walking into the butcher shop, receiving her order, and Adam looking on like a creeper (yes! a creeper). The video shows visions of him stalking her, following her into a bar, getting into her home, taking pictures, and eventually having sex with her. The scene that took the cake, aside from Adam seining on a butchered animal, was the he and his leading lady DRENCHED in ‘blood’. Again it might be a bit gory for some. Overall, I appreciate the concept and thought put into the video, BUT stalking is a real issue. I know, I know, it’s just a video, but hey you never know who’s watching.

Check out the video below:

New Music: Maroon 5 x J. Cole, ‘Animals (Remix)’

I recently posted that Maroon 5 had teamed up with Big Sean for the ‘Maps’ remix and now they are teaming up with yet another rapper for their remix to ‘Animals’. I absolutely LOVE it and the element that J. Cole adds to it. Be sure to click the links below to the latest Maroon 5 posts.

Listen to the remix below:

‘Maps’ Remixed

Maroon-5-Maps-Reflex-Remix-feat.-Big-Sean-2014Maroon 5’s lead single to their 5th studio album, V, has been remixed. The first remix features Big Sean and a dub step type beat. From first listen I didn’t really think I’d like it, but it works. It has that hard hitting bass feel that sounds a lot like what’s on urban radio. It slows down to that dragging beat, then moves back into that club beat style. Overall, I like it. Listen below:


Maroon-5-Maps-Rumba-Whoa-Remix-2014-LQThen there is the Rhumba Whoa Remix which is more true to the original beat. There’s really nothing different about it, they sound EXACTLY the same. The only noticeable difference is that ‘you’ and ‘do’ is skipped instead of sung repetitively. The J. Balvin feature which comes in at 2:34. Compared to the other remix, eh, I’m not really a fan. It did nothing for me.

Listen below:

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Maroon 5 & Meghan Trainor Top The Charts

1408483776000-AP-MEGHAN-TRAINOR-PORTRAIT-SESSIONS-66344664After weeks of surging up the Billboard Hot 100, Meghan Trainor has taken the #1 spot with her platinum track, ‘All About That Bass’. After Taylor Swift‘s 2 week  reign for ‘Shake It Off’, ‘All About That Bass’ takes over the spot after spending 9 weeks on the chart. She’s also released new music as well with her EP, TitleOf course her smash is featured along with three other tracks. That review will come soon.

Elsewhere on the Hot 100 Nicki Minaj’s, ‘Anaconda’ sits tight at #3 with another track of hers ‘Bang Bang’ (with Jessie J & Ariana Grande) in at #4. Holding the 5th slot is Iggy Azalea’s, ‘Black Widow’ featuring Rita Ora. In at #6 is Sam Smith’s, ‘Stay With Me’, which is followed by previous #1 spot ‘Rude’ (Magic!). Ariana Grande’s, ‘Break Free’, remains on the Hot 100 in at #8, with Maroon 5’s ‘Maps‘ moving back into the top 10. Closing out is Sia’s, ‘Chandelier’,in at #10.

maroon 5 vOver on the Billboard 200 Maroon 5 scores their 2nd #1 album with their 5th studio album, V (CLICK HERE for review). The album sold 164,000 copies in its first week making sales less than its previous effort, Overexposed

In at #2 is Young Jeezy’s latest album, Seen It All: The Autobiographywith 121,000 copies sold. For 3-10:

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Single Review: Maroon 5, ‘Animals’

Maroon-5-Animals-2014-1200x1200-300x300Maroon 5 have released another track off their upcoming album, Vwhich will be released September 2nd. This is the third single off the album following ‘Maps’ (CLICK HERE for my video review) and ‘It Was Always You’.

First off this sounds like something that could’ve been written by Sia especially with her having a track with a similar title, ‘Free the Animal’. This track was co-written Adam Levine, Benjamin Levin, and Shellback. Overall I love the track. From what they have released they are three for three in my book which is completely opposite of what I thought of their last album, Overexposed (CLICK HERE for that review).

I do not hear ‘Maps’ on the radio as much as their previous tracks, but I could definitely hear this one storming the airwaves. I think with the direction that they’re going with this project, it is the middle ground for Maroon 5 fans that want more of their original work, but can tolerate their growth as a group and staying mainstream. It sounds a lot of what they have released before, but it has that current radio sound. The theme is also a lot of torn love of trying to move on, but always getting lured back in. I can’t wait to see a visual for it, I just hope it doesn’t kill the song.

The video will be featured in the new Kia Soul EV Hamster Commercial (premiering during the VMAs). Check out the official lyric video below:

2014 MTV VMAs Review

MTV-VMAs-Logo-2The 2014 VMAs aired last night (8.24) and my overall thought of the show is that it was just alright. The camera views that the VMAs had online really made the show. Celebrities can claim there’s no shade, but their faces said otherwise. There really weren’t that many celebrities in attendance and the layout of the stage annoys me. I like the traditional stage of the stage then the audience in rows. I don’t like the whole abstract stage thing. I won’t review every little detail, BUT let’s get into the performances. WARNING — This will be a long post and nothing is in order except for intro and closing.

ariana-nicki-jessie-j_612x381The show opened with a triple performance from Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Jessie J. Ariana came out and did ‘Break Free’ and she sounded great. She later took home the award for Best Female Pop Video. Then Nicki Minaj came out and performed ‘Anaconda’ and none of the celebs in attendance looked impressed and neither was I. Switch to Jessie J coming out in an ensemble similar to what she wore in the ‘Bang Bang’ video (CLICK HERE for my review) and she sounded pretty good.. Here comes Nicki Minaj holding her dress together. She didn’t have enough time to get it zipped. It could’ve been a better ending had he dress been zipped and Jessie J didn’t seem to be too pleased with the performance based on the backstage cam. Nicki’s outfit for ‘Anaconda’ should’ve just been cute shorts without the fishnets because she would’ve been able to get changed faster.

Moving on to Taylor Swift, her song, ‘Shake It Off’ is cute (CLICK HERE for my review), but no one seemed to be amazed by her performance either. Taylor has done better and it was just a bit off. Like I know she’s stepping out and doing something different, but she’s had better performances. Another bore for me. Maroon 5 performed ‘Maps’ elsewhere and it was another ‘alright’ performance for me. Be on the lookout for my review of their new track, ‘Animals’, going live this week. Sam Smith performed ‘Stay With Me’ and I love his voice. I didn’t expect his performance to be a big production. (CLICK HERE for my review of In The Lonely Hour).

Usher performed his latest single, ‘She Came To Give It To You’ (CLICK HERE for my track review). I was really hoping he would’ve done a medley or ‘Good Kisser’. Although I love the track I just wanted to see something else. Nicki came back out in a white ensemble and was twerking on Usher. The performance was decent and kudos to Usher for not sounding winded. Be on the lookout for my review on his new single, ‘Believe Me’ going live this week.

1408936099108_Image_galleryImage_INGLEWOOD_CA_AUGUST_24_SiIggy Azalea had my second favorite performance of the night as she performed along side Rita Ora who SANG and they both looked great in those matching one pieces. Iggy was NOT lip rapping she was going full out. I love how she was in her element. She looked great on the red carpet, great on stage, and great in her second look of the night. Kudos to Iggy. Unfortunately she didn’t take home a moon man for ‘Fancy’.

vmas2Lastly, Queen Bey came out an performed her entire self-titled album. The way that she was able to move from song to song was amazing. I wasn’t a huge fan of her outfit, but I love that she took a chance and did something she hadn’t done before. Everyone in attendance was jamming along and her daughter Blue Ivy was turnt up doing her dance to ‘Flawless’. Beyoncé is one of the greatest performers of all time as she pours her heart out on the stage every time she touches it. After Beyoncé’s performance the show just ended. No goodnight just straight into a replay of the show.


As for who had the best look my pick goes to Jennifer Lopez. For her to be 45. Worst dressed definitely goes to Katy Perry and Riff Raff for their horrible tribute to denim. It was horrible when Justin & Britney did it and it was even worse for them to recreate it.  Iggy Azalea looked great and as great as Amber Rose looked in her dress, I think it was a bit trashy for the VMAs. I wasn’t a fan of Kim K.’s look and she looked bored to be there. Rita Ora looked great in the red dress that was worn by Rihanna in a different color previously. Taylor Swift should’ve worn something else. That one piece did her body no justice. Nicki looked cute in her leopard dress. Major step up from what she looked liked at the 2012 VMAs. She looked human. My fav couple on the carpet was Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks. I love those two together and they looked great in coordinating white outfits.

jesse_mileycyrus_thumbAs for the winners I’m not sure if the winners are chosen based off the popularity of the song or the actual video. Ariana Grande won for Best Pop Video, but there was nothing special about ‘Problem’. I think ‘Fancy’ was better conceptually than that. Miley Cyrus won Video of the Year for ‘Wrecking Ball’ and while it was a beautiful song, the video had it’s raunchy moments. Great song though. Kudos to Miley for allowing the former homeless teen to share his story and share the message of the foundation, ‘My Friend’s Place’.

Overall it was bleh. People compare the MTV VMAs to the BET Awards and I must say that they both have gone downhill. Award shows are not like they used to be, artists do not show up and support. If artists don’t show up to the Grammy’s, the mecca of music awards, why would they show up to basic award shows? For full list of winners CLICK HERE.

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