Plan With Me: September 7th-13th

Welcome to another edition of Plan With Me. This week is all about football since the season officially starts September 10th. Yes! Football season is finally, OFFICIALLY here. Before I get into this weeks layout, I wanted to share some planner goodies that I received in a swap as a member of the Happy Planner Facebook group and the real inspiration behind this weeks layout.

IMG_2073IMG_2065I love the borders that are football themed and they are from the Recollections line at Michaels. I was really excited to receive them and since they’re adhesive, no glue was really required for me to use them. Well, I still had to use glue since I peeled up the banners to apply my washi. I also layered the banners and I love the way it turned out. It took me longer than usual to plan since I had no stickers laid out like I usually do. Below are close-ups of the layout along with direct links to stickers used. Be sure to give this plan with me a thumbs up, follow my YouTube channel if you haven’t already, and enjoy my planner playlist. Enjoy!

IMG_2074IMG_2075IMG_2077Stickers Used:

Plan With Me August 3rd – 9th

Cheers to another Plan With Me. Check out last weeks edition here. My planning video and planning playlist are down below PLUS direct links to the stickers used. Enjoy!


Stickers Used:

Plan With Me July 27th – August 2nd

Welcome to another Plan With Me. I’ve been MIA since my Whole 30 vlog, but click the links below to check that out plus last weeks plan with me.

So this time around I wanted to do something a little different. I’ve been stuck on Etsy stickers so I do want to get back to using stickers from my Michaels sticker books. A sticker storage/collection video is coming soon. So here’s my layout below. Be sure to click the links to direct stickers/shops and enjoy the video.


Plan With Me: July 20th-July 26th

Cheers to another Plan With Me. This week I’ll be going on vacation, so the second half of my week is left pretty empty so I can document what I’ll be doing on vacay. Yes, I’ll be brining my planner along. The planner community is getting a lot of buzz lately as it was featured in an article,”Theres An Amazing New Trend That Every Super Organized Person Will Love.” Be sure to click that link. Check out not only my plan with me, BUT my planner playlist, a look at my layout, and all stickers featured. Enjoy!

Stickers/Washi Used:


Plan With Me: July 13th-19th

Welcome to another edition of “Plan With Me.” I didn’t get around to making a video last week so I’m sharing my layout for the week of the 6th to the 12th and a video and full details on my current layout for the week of the 13th to the 19th. Be sure to click the links below and check out the video. Enjoy!


Stickers Used:


Stickers Used:

See how I planned in the video below: