This Week In Music (V.5): Beyoncé x Rihanna x Ciara Photo-Op’s

A music artist becomes an artist when they go above and beyond sticking strictly to music and taking on other challenges in their career. They are able to live outside of music and take on film, TV, fans, press, and fashion. They are able to become icons outside of what they became famous for. They are able to give a bit of themselves for the fans and be recognized for achievements.

This week I feature 3 artists from 3 different yet parallel (as far as genre) realms that have taken to the pages & covers of Time, Vogue, and magazines.

beyonce-time-220There was no surprise that Beyoncé was chosen to cover Time magazines ‘100 Most Influential People‘ issue. She sure has paved the way for a lot of current artists and always gives respect and admiration to those who’ve paved the way for her. This list set a new record with 41, almost half, of the list being women. As for music artists Pharrell, Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood made the list. 

In a short video Beyoncé explained who is the most influential in her life:

“I feel like my mother and my daughter have probably been the most influential [in my life] and being a mother, and becoming a mother, and looking at my daughter in her eyes, made me into a woman and made me very, very strong.”

To go along with the buzz of her track ‘Pretty Hurts’ video, Beyoncé has launched a #WhatIsPretty campaign that allows girls to upload a video/photo to Instagram plus the hashtag and explaining what the word means to them.

On gracing the cover of the Time she stated:

“Shooting for Time magazine was definitely one of the goals in my life. It’s something very important to me as an artist because it’s not about fashion or beauty, it’s about the influence I’ve had on our culture and to be among the other influential people is a huge honor for me.”

Well deserving of Beyoncé to be recognized for her work in and out of the studio along with her infectious presence among her fans. rihanna-vogue-brazil-cover-1

Next up, Rihanna. She is no stranger to gracing the cover of countless magazines nationally and internationally with her effortless style. When it comes to fashion and setting trends Rihanna is no holds barred in that area and has plenty of women admiring her style and confidence. She takes to the cover of Vogue Brazil’s new issue. Check out more photos from her shoot below:

Ciara-Pregnant-2CIara is close to delivering her baby boy with her fiancé, Future, and W magazine did a great shoot on her and her changes in life with her 1st child on the way. Here’s what she said on how she plains to raise her son:

“It’s a really hard world,” she says. But, she’s quick to add, “If that’s what their heart yearns for, then I’m down. I believe in allowing your child to be who they want to be—as long as they want to be something great.”

As she awaits her baby boy she’s planning her wedding and supporting her fiancé who just released his new album, HonestBe sure to check out his track ‘I Won’ with her bestie Kim K.’s fiancé, Kanye West. Read her full interview here and check out more photos from her shoot below:

Sunday Rant (V.2): Lazy to Productive

It’s 8:03pm (notice I like to timestamp events in my life) and I’m just getting around to putting up my rant. It’s before midnight so it’s fine. I’m just determined to get up a blog post EVERY DAY! Today I woke up fairly early and I’ve finally got my sleep schedule back on a routine.

I spent the beginning part of my day editing my blog’s archive (which is almost finished), but then I looked around my room and saw how messy it was. It’s hard to work in mess no matter how much you try to look around it, or sit on top of it. I decided to clean my room.

In the midst of cleaning I decided to work on some blog posts. There goes the distraction and procrastination of cleaning my room. The sun was still out and I wanted to get some posts done with natural lighting. Stay tuned for those! After getting all my photos done I was able to clean my room and so some laundry. I try to do most of my work on the weekends because after working anywhere from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday I’m tired and all I want to do when I get home is shower, eat, and watch my favorite shows.

SPEAKING OF, my winter will be filled with episodes of Law & Order: SVU (still not the same without Stabler), Criminal Minds, NCIS: Los Angeles, Pretty Little Liars, Netflix,WWE (yes I’m a wrestling fan), and my personal fav YouTube!

I get a lot of inspiration for YouTube whether it’s an incentive to go buy the latest product, DIY ideas, tutorials, hauls, and my new fav vlogs, I love them all. As for the WWE I will soon be canceling my Netflix Account and signing up for the WWE Newtork ($10/month). Yeah it’s a $2 increase in my ‘budget’, but all the perks with the WWE Network are so worth it.

As for my night I’ll be looking on Instagram & Google to see who won at the Golden Globes, editing & creating more blog posts for  the upcoming weeks, and getting into my magazines of the moment.



Hope you all had a productive Sunday, and cheers to a productive week.

Until next time…