Video Review: Sevyn Streeter, ‘B.A.N.S.’

Sevyn-Streeter-BANS-Video-TeaserSevyn Streeter is back with yet another video from her EP, Call Me Crazy, But…This time around she’s enlisted the help of Mack Wilds and Power 105.1’s, Angela Yee. Aside from the video I really really love the song lyrically. She’s an awesome writer and has a great voice which is showcased in this song.

As for the video the concept is the typical argument with boyfriend before heading over to the BFFs house to talk things out. What’s interesting about all of Sevyn’s videos is that she’s really big on silouhette and always making sure that she’s the center of attention. The video that I’ve seen with the most concept, more so a full out storyline was that of ‘nEXt’. This time around the storyline is pretty much left up to the imagination making it self-explanatory. I mean in the first minute you heard that the reason she was done was because her boyfriend got his side chick pregnant so it’s pretty clear as to where the video would be going. Angela Yee seemed so awkward in this video, like the acting was just too forced. I love that in videos with Sevyn she always incorporates herself being in like a mirrored image or spinning around hence staying along the ‘crazy’ vibe of the title of the EP.

Check out the video below and CLICK HERE to purchase the EP:

This Week In Music (V.4): Video Overload #1

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. This is a weekly series that I have incorporated on my blog to highlight the music news of the week. Here are links to the other 3 volumes. Be sure to check them out:

Now for this week. There have been a ton of new music videos released this week so let’s get right into it. I blogged recently about the collab between Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar titled ‘It’s On Again’ for The Amazing Spiderman 2 soundtrack. I won’t go too much in depth with my thoughts on the track. Check my review here. As for the video it’s pretty basic. City lights and an edgy A. Keys. The song has a great vibe. Check out the video below:

Next up the Young Money collab (Tyga f/ Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne), ‘Senile.’  I will say that I’m not really a fan of the whole Young Money project, Rise of an Empire, in general. I haven’t really liked anything released from the project aside from the popular ‘Trophies’ and ‘Lookin Ass’. As for the video, it’s like walking into different vortexes and what not. Tyga is dancing with the Jabawockeez then getting his Zen on with a couple hippies. Nicki is a thug, no surprise, and does her thing in Moschino attire with a Barbie stomach tatttoo. Then for Mr. Young Money himself, Lil Wayne, he’s rapping while having dinner with a family of hillbillies.Not really sure of video concepts anymore. Not surprised as far as concepts because Young Money videos never make sense to me. Check out the video below:

Next up we have Estelle with her video for her raunchy track, ‘Make Her Say (Beat It Up)‘. Although the song is very different for Estelle I do like the concept she had with the video. It was more documentary style by showing different couples and zoning in a little bit on their sex life and highlighting them in the video than herself. I guess that makes it more real and personal. I was expected Estelle to be getting down & dirty with this one, but this concept works for TV. Watch the video below:

August Alsina released his debut album, Testimony, this week and in last week’s This Week In Music I posted about his collab with Fab. After listening to the album I have my favs and will be doing a My Top 5 soon. As for the video I will say it’s a pretty basic strip club video. I mean he’s a singer with a rapper talking about money. I’m so not surprised. Take a look below:

I have been hearing this ANNOYING song on the radio for weeks and when I saw that there was a video released I was surprised to know that it was Mack Wilds. I absolutely love ‘Own It‘ and his album (New York: A Love Story) was decent for it being his debut. He teams with French Montana, Mobb Deep, and Busta Rhymes for this video that seemed to be inspired by the Craig Mack Flava In Ya Ear video. Looks pretty basic & boring to me. I guess I see where it was going, it just didn’t work. Check out the video ‘Henny (Remix)’ below:

Boy oh boy is this an interesting collab. Major Lazer teams up with Pharrell for the track ‘Aerosol Can.’ Let me just say that there’s no genre Pharrell can’t do. As for the video Major Lazer is no stranger to bringing out the creativity. This is more so of a lyric video with certain words being animated and there’s an artist drawing everything out. I love the simplicity of the video being that it doesn’t take away from the song. Check out the vid below:

Be sure to tune in next week for another edition of This Week In Music. Until next time…