Motivational Monday | Perspective

This past week was one filled with unexpected deaths. There’s no other way for me to put it, but then again when is death to be expected? Is it easier to bear when the person is a certain age? Is it harder to bear when they have a status?

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Holiday Bedroom Decor

In previous posts I featured my living room decor, well basically my Christmas tree, along with my office decor. In this final installment of my holiday decor, I wanted to share how I spruced up my bedroom. Around the same time I purchased the tree for my living room, I purchased a mini tree for my bedroom. It was under $10 and the ornaments and lights rounded the price off to around $20 total. They have the trees at Target now that just come with a tag instead of in a box, but the one I purchased came in a box and had to be assembled similar to that of my larger Christmas tree.

The color scheme I went for was gold and red. I really like hat color combination. I had gold garland as well, but I decided not to put it on my tree and used that elsewhere in my office. I had to purchase lights since the ones I had for two years had burnt out. I purchased some from Dollar Tree, yes just for $1, although I should’ve picked up 2 since just one set is _ inches. All in all, it still worked out.

Once the decorations were added I put my ‘Merry Christmas’ sign from the Target Dollar Spot in the middle. To one side I have a snowman and an angel that I received as gifts and the other  a Starbucks mug I received as a gift as well. Since I often plan in my bed I filled my Starbucks mug with post-its, a pair of scissors, and some pens.

Lastly on the walls I switched out what was in my frames with wrapping paper and scrapbook paper. The sleigh rapping paper I found searching for Christmas decorations in my storage closet and I had purchased the Christmas themed scrapbook paper from AC Moore for $2.99. Check out my DIY with tile using the scrapbook paper HERE. The ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ frames were gifted.

Check out my living room decor HERE and check out my office decor HERE.