Cheers to 25

It’s official, I’m 25 and this post is long overdue. I mean to post on my actual birthday, October 15th, but as life would have it, I didn’t. I then meant to post it Sunday or Monday, again I just didn’t.

Did I enjoy my mini break/hiatus. Ok, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a hiatus, but I did enjoy a break. I love creating content and sharing it with anyone who reads it. Sometimes a break is what you need to really enjoy and live in the moment. That was the dose of reality I needed.

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Motivational Monday | Daily Devotions

Welcome to another post here on the blog. From the title this is another Motivational Monday. I love to set the tone for the week with inspiration and I wanted to speak on my prayer journal. I hope you find some inspiration from what I have to share. Check out last weeks post, “My Time Vs. My Turn,” by clicking HERE. As always be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to resources mentioned.

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DIY Event Favors | Cost Effective

I love creating DIYs and every time I create one, I’ll more & likely share it here on the blog. I recently cosponsored an event with my friend Amira who is the founder of Unleash Yourself. As a growing blog it’s always important to save your money where you can and I was able to create favors for the event that cost less than $15.

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Motivational Monday |Passion VS. What’s Trending

It’s very easy as a blogger to lose sight of why you began blogging in the first place. Typically you begin blogging to share what you love or to fill a void of what you think is missing in the blogosphere. Regardless of why you began, as a beginner blogger, you have that fire for your content. You’re passionate about what you write about and it reads through your work.

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Motivational Monday | Perspective

This past week was one filled with unexpected deaths. There’s no other way for me to put it, but then again when is death to be expected? Is it easier to bear when the person is a certain age? Is it harder to bear when they have a status?

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DIY Happy Planner Dashboard & Cover

Hello my planner lovers and all the other lovely people reading. Whether you’re a new reader or not, I hope that you can take something from my posts. Be sure to click the links below for the latest and all highlighted links throughout the post:

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2016 Spring Essentials

Spring has officially arrived, but living in the tri-state, we have haven’t had much of a winter. On Christmas the weather was in the 60s and we’ve only had one major snowstorm. I know, that should be a good thing right? This is not typical weather as a Jersey girl. This time last year I had been out of work at least one day a week for snow. The tides have truly turned over the course of the year. Let’s get into my staples for spring.Be sure to click all the highlighted links for related posts or to purchase items mentioned.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

1. Denim | I thrifted a denim shirt last summer and I absolutely love it. I love the look of denim on denim. It wasn’t always a favorite of mine, but light wash denim paired together looks amazing. In addition to this shirt I love my denim jacket that I purchased from Forever 21 years ago. Denim just screams jeans and while I’m on the hunt for a ripped pair, my shirt and jacket will due. Purchase similar styles below:

2. Canvas Sneakers | I am no sneaker head although there are shoes I’d like to add to my collection. I am a sucker for canvas sneakers which you can find just about anywhere in a variety of colors and prints. I love to buy mine printed because they become an instant accessory to an outfit. While some stand out more than others I love a mixture of bold and muted prints. A muted print to me is a more classic floral. I have purchased mine from H&M & Charlotte Russe. I would recommend searching in store for more of a variety, but similar styles are listed below:

3. High-Top Converse | I absolutely love my converse and although I purchased the high-tops, I love rolling them down. With the weather getting warmer I have ditched my Timbs and I have been wearing these on a daily basis. I would love a white pair maybe even pink, maybe. Purchase HERE.

4. Graphic Tees | While this could be a year round staple, I love rocking my graphic tees in the spring. Fall is more for layering and winter is about being cozy. Summer time, I’m all about my tanks. Yet in the Spring, I find myself buying graphic tees and I love all types. I usually buy mine from either Spencers or Hot Topic, depending on the selection, when they have the buy 1 get 1 50% off. Don’t spend a lot of money on them, try thrifting. I have all types from comics to wrestling, music, and  even the touristy ones. I don’t mind the cheesy graphic tee and I can’t wait to add more to my collection. Below are links to my favorite places to buy them:

I can’t wait to start taking pictures and sharing my outfits of the day or maybe even a lookbook featuring my spring essentials and more. Stay tuned!

Spring DIY

I love creating DIYs to share here on the blog. Chaotic Critic is all about expressing yourself, finding the peace within, and crushing the chaos along the way. A lot of the DIYs I create are for either my job or for local outreach through my church. This time around the project works for both Easter or for Spring. Check out my Project Pre-K series, HERE.

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Valentine’s Day Lookbook | Day to Night

Valentine’s Day is a few days away and you could be planning for a huge date, a night out with your friends, or relaxing at home. Whatever your plans, these outfits are great for someone planning last minute. No, you do not need to go out and buy an outfit when I’m pretty sure you have plenty of options in your closet.

These looks are simple to create and even if you planned on shopping for these items, they can be worn more than once. I love outfits that while they may have been purchased for a particular occasion, you can mix and match them year round. The looks below show how you can transform a day outfit to a night outfit in a matter of minutes.

UntitledLook 1 (Day) is the most casual out of the four and is great if you are running errands, hanging out with friends, or going on a casual date with that special someone. My favorite part of this look is definitely the shoes. I’m in love with the fringe VANS and while they are trendy there’s so many outfits you can create with them. As far as further layering I’d pair a bomber jacket to keep it super casual. Links to items are below:

Look 1 (Night) is the quickest and easiest way to dress up an outfit. Throw on a pair of pumps, and a different coat. I went with black pumps and a black long coat for this look. Also for the bag, use a black clutch. Lastly for a layered affect, add a sweater on top of the denim. I really love the look a sweater layered with any type of collared shirt. Super simple to turn the day time outfit in to a night outfit in a matter of minutes.

As for jewelry with both of these looks, for the day one that is more casual you could do a statement necklace if you choose or you can just go with rings. For the night option a nice watch would do. Links to items featured are below:

Look 2 (Day) is more dressed up, but it’s great for brunch with friends that can later lead to a date night. I went for a calf length body con dress with a slit on the side. I love the style of these dresses and they’re ultra sexy being at the calf length opposed to shorter. If you’re in a warmer climate you could easily pair this dress with a pair of converse or Nikes and call it a day, but if you’re in the colder climate I’d go for knee high boots day and night. For the day, simply put on a pair of black knee high boots and tie a flannel around your waist. Cute, yet casual. I loved how Ayesha Curry styled this look.

Look 2 (Night) is when you have to take this dress and up the ante. Regardless how cold it is, I love the strappy heels for this dress. You can pair it with the same black coat from Look 1 and the clutch. Having an all black look makes it easier for your makeup or if you’re just into a bold lip. This look has two options of shoes and the others are thigh high boots. Links to items featured are below:

Turning an outfit from day to night does not take much time. You’re really keeping the outfit the same, just layering here and there. A lot of these pieces can be worn more than once and do not have to be limited to just a Valentine’s Day purchase. Keep it simple and if you do plan on buying an outfit, buy something that’s interchangeable and will go a long ways in your wardrobe.

I don’t wear makeup often, but I love a bold lip. Below are a few of my favs that you can find just about anywhere. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Plan With Me: February 2016

It’s FEBRUARY! January is over and my anniversary month has arrived. I wanted to have fun with this layout and play with the washi that I had along with stickers from the Target One Spot. Despite wanting to make the spread pretty, I wanted to  find a balance between decorative and functional.

First up I grabbed my January spread so that it’d be easier for me to mark my bills. I wasn’t a fan of my January spread and when I’m not a fan I don’t use it. The only thing I added were my gas trackers. I usually just put bills, birthdays, and when I’m babysitting in my monthly spread. Adding decorative stickers can easily overcrowd the calendar.


I had a lot of fun placing the stickers and due to the way that my bills fell this month, I tried something different in my sidebar. I go to the chiropractor on a weekly basis and I marked my appointments in the sidebar opposed to the month view. The wadi was fun to play with and I added just about all the Valentine washi that I had. Aside from washi tapes, I used washi samples from Heidi Swapp that I can’t wait to continue to use throughout the month.


The newest addition to this spread was a card. I had received it in a planner swap and I had recently just opened the set when I created my spread for the week of January 25th-31st. I took the card and I added an Erin Condren quote sticker along with stickers from a Heid Swapp sheet. Sometimes when you don’t plan you get great results and I just placed the stickers without much thought. Thankfully it worked.


I also decorated my divider as usual, which I’m not a huge fan of. I didn’t have scrapbook paper to match for the month so I used photo paper. It didn’t adhere all that well, but I’ll leave it as is. I did decorate my ‘This Month Currently’ sheet which I will use to mark goals of the month and as they’re completed I’ll put a heart next to them. I love the way it turned out and I’ll definitely be decorating from now on.