Sound Off: Gun Violence is Out Of Control

I’m writing this with a heavy heart. News just broke that rapper Nipsey Hussle, 33, was gunned down outside of his store today. Gunned down in broad daylight. A son, a father, a friend, gunned down – and for what? For what? Why is everyone so trigger happy these days yet there are no solutions to gun control?

As an African American in the United States of America, I have seen my share of gun violence throughout my whole life on TV. Hell, there’s fun violence in my neighborhood that doesn’t even make it on the local news. Yet here we are, another man gunned down, and for what?

There is no reason, really, no reason for these senseless murders to continue. As a community, we cannot get upset if a white cop shoots one of us yet we kill our own. Why does black on black crime get a pass? Why is this not glorified as much as the others?

Murder is Murder

It will NEVER be okay for a loved one to get that call saying that their child, sibling, relative, friend, husband/wife were shot to death. It will never be okay!

It will NEVER be okay for parents to be afraid of to send their children to school in fear of them being shot.

It will NEVER be okay for families to continue to suffer when a relative commutes suicide out of guilt as a result of gun violence.

Murder is Murder

I am sick of turning on my TV or scrolling through social media to see something about about a mass shooting or someone being killed over differences, money, power, lack of respect, whatever the case may be.

Even with their being gun control, at this point, what will it solve? What difference will it really make? People can get their hands on a weapon so easily. It’s as easy as a click of a button to get one.

There’s so many layers to this that it’s hard for me to put in words what’s going through my head. I’ve tried writing this post before, but I couldn’t bring myself to do so.

Here I am, at 10:41pm posting this here on my platform. It’s not all about productivity and getting your life right here on Chaotic Critic. It’s about looking at the bigger picture.

We live in a scary world. There’s no other way to describe how hurt I feel. My heart is heavy. Another senseless murder. Another life lost.

Memory Planning | Ticket Stubs

Cheers to memory planning, but really cheers to me organizing what I’ve accumulated over the years. I had to take a step back from my memory  planner because I had way more than I thought. Talk about overwhelming! I’ll admit, I’m that person that takes everything out, tries to organize, gets frustrated, and quits. It takes time to organize or sort anything and I went from thinking I hadn’t saved enough to maybe I saved too much. A quick and easy page that I recently did was creating a spread for the movie tickets I’ve accumulated.

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Motivational Monday | Whatever Keeps the Anxiety Away!

Life has been absolutely amazing. I can’t complain. Everything finally seems to be falling into place. I’ve shared my journey to finding a career throughout various blog posts. It can be difficult. It’s never been easy. The one thing that’s kept me going is my determination, support from my family, and most importantly my faith in God. Despite the peak of my life right now and how fulfilled I am, one thing that won’t stay away is my anxiety. I’ve had to think outside the box and find ways to keep it away and keep moving forward. Continue reading “Motivational Monday | Whatever Keeps the Anxiety Away!”

Keep Yourself From Burning Out

Life gets busy. It can surely get overwhelming. You may find yourself being pulled this way and that way. You may have a mile long to do list yet you don’t know where to start. Sometimes, that’s just how life is. You’re so busy that you find yourself working around the clock to get things done. With all that hard work, it still feels like you’re behind. You’re still playing catch up. It’s never ending. Say hello to burning yourself out.

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Turn Those Lemons into Lemonade 

You ever have those weeks that everything is just going wrong? Nothing seems to go your way? You just can’t catch a break? I feel like I’m reading the script of an infomercial, but that’s exactly how I’m feeling.

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Memory Planning in My Happy Planner

I have a bin full of memories that I’ve accumulated over the years. Some I have from important events in my life such as prom, High School graduation, and my college graduation. I love to save cards, tickets, pictures, and other odds and ends. As I am purging my oversized memory box, my goal is to consolidate what I plan on keeping into one central location. I could create a scrapbook, but I wanted something more flexible which is why I decided to go with the Me & My Big Ideas BIG Happy Planner.

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Motivational Monday | Change Is Good!

These past few weeks , no this past year has been filled with major changes and adjustments.  I left one job that for another and now I’m on to another one. From leaving one job to starting a new one. I have had to make changes in a shorter amount of time than I usually would, but it’s necessary. I have always preferred comfort over change. I won’t say that I despise change, but if I could keep things my way, why not?

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