There’s not many artists that I get excited to see, but please believe Queen Bey is one of them. What better time to reminisce on her amazingly spectacular performance than now, weekend two of Coachella. Well, for people like me, NOCHELLA.

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This Week In Music (V.29): Top of the Charts, Videos, & Pics

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. I took a blog break, but I’m back in the swing of things. Let’s get into the news.

On the top of the Billboard 200, Shawn Mendes debuts with his album Handwritten. I’ve never heard of him so I had to do some research. He’s a 16-year old Canadian singer that’s had success with singles ‘Life of the Party’ and ‘Something Big.’ In at #2 is the Furious 7 Soundtrack which had the top spot last week and in at #3 is Reba with Love Somebody. Over on the Hot 100, Wiz Khalifa is still in at #1 for the 2nd week with his track, ‘See You Again.’ This track dethroned the 13 week run of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’, Uptown Funk,’ which now sits in at #2. In at #3 is The Weeknd’s ‘Earned It,’ surging 3 spots from it’s previous spot at #6.

Moving on from chart news, there’s a lot of new music and videos released since I haven’t kept tabs on what was going on. J. Cole released a video for his track ‘Wet Dreamz’ off his album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive. I absolutely love the video because the song is about his “first time.” What could’ve been the typical vision of walking through the halls of school, flirting, ending up at the girls house and yeah you can take the visual from there, the video was a completely different approach. It was PUPPY LOVE instead. It matched the song perfectly and it was a great direction opposed to the typical direction it could’ve went. I wasn’t expecting it, but it was cool to watch. Check out the video below:

Music that I need to catch up on includes: Lady Antebellum, ‘Long Stretch of Love;’ Rick Ross, ‘Phone Tap;’ August Alsina, ‘Hip Hop;’ Hilary Duff, ‘Sparks;’ and Vanessa Carlton’s, ‘Young Heart.’ If I enjoy it I’ll blog about it. If not, I guess I didn’t.

Big news for Brandy and Kelly Rowland as they both have shows to be featured on BET. Brandy is currently starring in Chicago on Broadway, but will soon be heading back to TV and not just as Chardonnay from The Game. She has her own show, a romantic comedy titled Zoe Moon, in which she will not only be starring in, but executively producing. As for new mommy, Ms. Rowland, her show will be called Chasing Destiny and will be looking for “the next big female superstar group to make their mark in a dog-eat-dog music industry.” I’m more excited to see Kelly’s show simply because she had a personal tie to it being she started in a group. Who knows who’ll appear on the show. Kelly’s no stranger to singing competitions as she was once an X-Factor judge.


Lastly, my Instagram was FLOODED with pictures of Ms. Tina Knowles Lawson’s wedding to actor Richard Lawson, father of actress Bianca Lawson (Sister Sister, Teen Wold, Pretty Little Liars, etc.). The family has a thing for all white affairs. It’s such a pristine look that they slay every time. Flashback to Solange’s wedding. I love all the pictures that surfaced. Click HERE to see more pictures. CONGRATS TO MR. & MRS. LAWSON!

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This Week In Music (V.27): Destiny’s Child Reunion & More

Here’s another edition of This Week In Music. Click HERE for the previous edition and click the links below for other news this week: other news, Destiny’s Child has reunited, yet again, this time at the 30th annual Stellar Awards for a performance of Michelle’s ‘Say Yes’ (click HERE for that video review). From the Instagram clips Beyoncé was feeling herself last night (pun intended), but it was great to see all three on stage. Every artist has a zone and it was clear that Michelle was comfortable on stage, they all sounded great, and they were having fun. The show will air on TV One, April 5th. In the meantime, check out a snippet of the performance HERE.

Rihanna, Jim Parsons Plano Home premiere_Photo Credit Thomas Garza for OhSoCynthia.comIt’s been a big week for Rihanna as she’s released a new single off her upcoming album (link above) and her animation debut, ‘Home’, has topped the box office with $54 million in its opening. She’s featured not only in the movie, but 3 songs on the soundtrack. Other artists featured include Jennifer Lopez and Charlie XCX.  Click HERE to purchase soundtrack and be sure to check out the movie in theaters.

Moving on to chart news, congrats to Kendrick Lamar for having the #1 album in the country. To Pimp a Butterfly tops the Billboard 200 with 324,000 copies sold in its first week, The album was released a week prior to its scheduled date, but that didn’t stop it from topping the charts. In at #2 is last weeks #1 album, the Empire Soudntrack. Over on the Hot 100, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars are sitting comfortably with ‘Uptown Funk’ (check out the remix HERE). So far the track has been on the chart for 17 weeks.

The iHeartRadio Music awards air tonight (3/29) so be on the lookout this week for a review of the performances.

MMF Flashback — Destiny Fulfilled


I paid homage to Destiny’s Child sophomore album, The Writings on the Wall, as it was 15 years since its release. That album was released in 1999 and was followed by 2001s Survivor . The trio went on to do solo work and reformed in 2004 coming back with a smash ‘Lose My Breath’. Yes 10 years since their last album, time flies.

Destiny Fulfilled
was released November 10, 2004 and was the last solo album released by the trio. In addition to ‘Lose My Breath’ it spawned hits: ‘Soldier’, ‘Girl’, and ‘Cater 2 U’. From the 11 tracks, my top 3 are:

  • ‘Bad Habit’
  • ‘Through With Love’
  • ‘Lose My Breath’

Overall the album was a great return to music for the group following the success of Survivor. It gave the radio hits and ‘Lose My Breath’ was everywhere in sports whether it was at NFL’s Halftime Thanksgiving show (2004) NBA All Star Weekend (2005). Although they each had their separate success, I think that this album was the break they needed as solo artists to go in the direction they really wanted to. When looking at these performances versus what they are currently doing it’s night and day.

As a Destiny’s Child fan, it’s been a decade since they have released a full length album filled with all originals, and honestly I do not want a reunion. It’s great to hear them on each other’s albums every now and then and seeing them at the Superbowl was great, but if the album is to be rushed then I don’t want to hear it. Some things are better left ended than to reform and put out something that doesn’t feel or sound right. Maybe later down the road, maybe, there can be another reunion of a full length album in the studio, but for now it’s clear they are happy in their lives musically and personally. In the meantime, fans can reminisce over the hits.

CLICK HERE to purchase and listen below (via Spotify):


MMF Flashback — Destiny’s Child, The Writing’s on the Wall

Welcome to another edition of MMF Flashback. In this series I pay review albums that have been released already from various artist. These albums have reached some type of milestone and are very instrumental in the artists particular growth or debut. Be sure to check out my first two installments:


In this edition I’ll be reviewing Destiny’s ChildThe Writings on the WallIt was July 28, 1999 when Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett, and LaTavia Roberson released their sophomore album and follow-up to  their self-titled debut. The album spawned hits: ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’, ‘Bug a Boo’, ‘Say My Name’, and ‘Jumpin’, Jumpin”. It debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200 in August of 1999 with 132,000 copies sold in its first week. By the end of the year, less than six months after its release, the album had sold 1.6 million copies. 2000 was a huge year for the album as it went on to sell an additional 3.6 million copies and became the tenth best-selling album of the year. The album went on to spend 99 consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200 from its 1999 release to Spring 2001 and was certified 8x Platinum by the RIAA in November of 2001. To date it has sold over 11 million copies.

The success from the album didn’t stop there as the group went on to win two Grammys, Best R&B Vocal Performance by Duo or Group and Best R&B song, both for ‘Say My Name’. They also won an American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Band/Duo. Although the drama amongst the change in members still lies with the name Destiny’s Child there’s no denying that with an album like this it helped to cement their popularity, gain airplay and chart presence, plus emphasize the vocal ability of Beyoncé.

I wasn’t even a teenager (almost 9) when this album was released, but with my older sister six years older than me this was the music that she listened to in rotation. I remember the ‘commandments’ that was after each track. Listening to it as a young adult the album blends Hip-Hop and R&B very well and is more urban than the direction that the ladies took once they became a trio. The sound of music changes with time and Destiny’s Child has been able to modify their sound to the current sound. In the late 90s, R&B was still relevant and Hip-Hop always found it’s way to the forefront. In fusing those two sounds plus lyrics of wanting no dead beat guy, love, no love, cheating, having fun, etc. each of the 14 songs (excludes into and outro) was great at adding a different element.

If I had to choose JUST one I would have to say my favorite is between ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ and ‘Jumpin’ Jumpin”. I know, the radio smashes. The album overall is interesting to listen to 15 years later when I have a different sound of music. 

Reminisce and listen to the album below:

Video Review: Michelle Williams, ‘Say Yes’

michelle-journey-to-freedomI just want to start off by saying that I LOVE this track. The vibe, the message, everything. Michelle Williams has teamed up with her fellow DC besties,Beyoncé and Kelly, and has released the track ‘Say Yes’. Now aside from Beyoncé and Kelly sticking to R&B, Michelle went in a different direction once the group initially disband and did Gospel. She’s done one R&B album our of the three she’s done as a solo artist, but I think Gospel really suits her vocally and personally. She’s in her element.

The track ‘Say Yes’ is an upbeat track that makes it hard NOT to dance. She didn’t really need assistance on this one, to be honest, but it’s great when she, Beyoncé, and Kelly, team up. The other collabs that they’ve done weren’t great. Yes, they were ballads, but maybe this is what they needed. This upbeat track is so infectious and it’s in my head.

The video takes place in an urban yet clean cut setting. Different spots feature all three ladies separately singing their notes and at the end they’re putting on an impromptu show in a house party type setting. I absolutely loved it. All three ladies look stunning and extremely happy. Aside from the happiness of the lyrics in the song they just look like they were having a ball making this. Michelle’s new album, Journey to Freedom, his stores/online September 9th. Check out the video below:

MMF Celebrates Black History in Music, Feb. 17


On February 17, 1998, Destiny’s Child released their self-titled debut album via Columbia Records. The group was made up of Houston Texans (left to right): Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson, LeToya Luckett, and  Beyoncé Knowles.

The album featured hits ‘No, No, No’ and ‘With Me’ and spent 26 weeks on the Billboard 200. It went on to sell 1 million copies in the U.S. and 3 million world wide. The album also awarded the girls Best R&B/Soul Album at the Soul Train Awards.

The ladies followed up this album with The Writing’s on the Wall in 1999, but despite the success of the album two of the bandmates, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett left the group. This did not stop the success or end the name Destiny’s Child as Beyoncé and Kelly stayed and Michelle joined the group. They did try to add a fourth person, Farrah Franklin, but that did not work out and the group went from being a quartet to a trio.

With the new group the ladies went on to release 2 more albums, Survivor and Destiny Fulfilled. In between those albums all the ladies went solo. Beyoncé and Kelly stayed along the lines of R&B while Michelle went the Gospel route. They teamed back up at last year’s Super Bowl and based off social media all the ladies, past and present members, are still great friends.