Chaotic Reads | 2019 Reading List

I always have this lofty goal to read as much as possible. Each year I have this huge reading list and to be honest, maybe just maybe I’ll get through a book or two. Not to say I don’t enjoy reading, I just read on my phone instead of an actual book. No it’s nothing wrong with that since I have the ability to carry multiple books around in a single device. Still, I want to read the books I actually have serving as decor on my shelf. There’s a few that I’ve added to my collection that are a must read so let’s jump right to the list

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Sound Off: Dating Your Brother-In-Law?

Would you marry the brother of your husband that died? How soon is too soon to move on after his passing? Should you limit your search for love because it seems too close for comfort? Is it really disgusting to date within a family? All of these questions popped into my mind after reading on Facebook that Hallie Biden, widow of Joe Biden’s son Beau, is allegedly dating her brother-in-law, Hunter.

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