Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is in full swing and I wanted to share my wish list featuring the website Spring.Com. Spring offers a variety of products from clothing to beauty, home decor, and entertainment from top brands such as: Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Warby Parker, Kate Spade, J Brand, American Apparel, Smashbox, and countless others. What’s great about Spring is that not only can you surf on the web, but there’s a convenient app to shop for yourself or your loved ones with just the click of a button. Small budget, no problem. There’s items for the high end and low end.

As for my wish list I comprised items based on need and want. I also made sure to keep my ideal budget under $500. I’ve been downsizing a lot from my closet to my overall possessions so I added items that I would actually use. There’s no sense in adding items to a wish list that I would not see myself actually using for a long period of time.


I picked out two pairs of eyeglasses. The two styles I picked out have a similar shape except one is a complete frame. Price wise, both frames fall in under $350, but for me that’s no problem since I wear my glasses ALL THE TIME!

Next up, SHOES! I’ve been having Hunter rain boots on my wish list for quite some time and until I actually buy a pair they’ll always be added. Then there’s FRYE boots which I love. The style i chose has a cute low chunky heel and they’re over the knee. Hunter rain boots are $160 while the FRYE boots are more of a splurge at $498.

I’ve always wanted a sheepskin jacket and this reversible one would be a great addition to my wardrobe. With the camel colored side I could pair it with countless outfits, but flipping it to the white side I’d love to do a white cozy outfit. White jeans, white flowy top, and a white beanie. I’d probably add grey as well since I won’t really wear all white. Great staple to a wardrobe especially in a colder climate.

I found this cute chain necklace that it one of my favorite styles of jewelry. This one has a gold plate in the middle. Then there’s the bluetooth speaker that I’d love to have. I wonder just how much ‘umph’ would come out of it.

My favorite add to the wish list are the lippie trios. The lipstick, lip pencil, and lip gloss are an awesome deal for just $69 from the brand Charlotte Tilbury. I couldn’t forget to add a bang for your buck item to my wish list. Awesome deal!

Click the links below to check out all the item featured. Happy Holidays:

Statement Necklace Collection

I have gone through phases of what I have liked to collect/accumulate and now I’m on the hunt for more statement necklaces. I have statement rings that I have given away because it’s just not my style. I have necklaces with different pendants that will be in a future post, plus there’s my statement earrings, and then a collection I love the most my necklaces. The collection includes Juicy Couture, Jewel Mint, Aldo, Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlie, Wet Seal, and the thrift store.

Check out my collection below, labeled with where they were purchased.



My Top 5 Accessories: Spring Edition

I love incorporating YouTube tags here on my blog and I discovered this one while watching one of my fav YouTubers, BeautyCrush. Here are my 5 key accessories for Spring.

1. Duffle Handbag


This is by far the most used handbag in my collection. It was also featured in my first Fashion Forward Friday series, “What’s In My Bag.” I absolutely love this bag and I can throw anything and everything in it. I love the slouchy look of it, the long strap and shorter shoulder straps and I love using the front zipper to store my keys, phone, and  mini vaseline. The inside of the bag is endless and I will say that without smaller bags it can become a complete mess. The color goes great with any outfit I pair it with.  I purchased this bag from Old Navy over a year ago and the material/style is similar to the Women’s Zip-Pocket Tote & the Women’s Zip-Flap Crossbodies currently available online.

2. Clutch/Evening Bag


I talked about this bag in my “V-Day Outfits (Day & Night)” post in another installment of Fashion Forward Friday. I cannot afford a Chanel so this is the next best thing. I love that this bag can be worn there ways: clutch, shoulder, and cross-body. The chain strap is what really sold me on this bag.I purchased it from Aldo for under $40 which was a great buy for this bag. The bag is called the “Pilloud-98”. When I’m not carrying my everyday bag this is the bag that I go to for a night out.

3. Jean Jacket


It took me forever to hunt down a jean jacket in my size and I was lucky enough to score one in Forever 21 for under $30. I now have 5 jean jackets in my wardrobe, but this one I wear more than the others. I love my jean jackets whether they are cropped, synched at the waist, or basic such as this. I would love a light wash denim vest for summer. Still on the hunt for that. I love to pair this jacket with leggings/ printed jeggings and it would be great to style with a pair of joggers.

4. Chunky Necklace


I have so many statement pieces in my collection. Stay tuned for an accessory collection/storage post within the next week. My best friend gifted me this Juicy Couture necklace and I love to pair it with any and everything I can. The pop of pink works with a lot of outfits more than I thought it would. I love to pair this with a basic tea, a printed skirt/pant and a pair of flats.

5. Hoop Earrings


This is the easiest thing that I throw on. A lot of people may go for studs, but I love my hoops. These are new from Wet Seal and so glad to have 3 new pairs since I’ve misplaced mine other 2 pairs of silver ones form H&M & Forever 21. It’s so effortless to throw these on and majority of the time it’s the only jewelry I wear.

What are YOUR must have accessories for Spring?

Fashion Forward Friday [V.7] — Closet Downsize

IMG_0585-1I am going to be moving rooms sometime later this month and I currently have an entire room dedicated to my clothes, shoes, accessories. For the most part it is organized, but like most closets it gets crazy every now and then. Before I change rooms I’ll do a mini-closet tour with my storage & organization so stay tuned for that.

Winter is almost over as March quickly slides by and I went through my closet taking out clothes, shoes, and accessories that I don’t wear. It wasn’t hard for me to do this being that I donate at the end of every season. All of my donations go to my Church’s clothes closet.

I was inspired to really look deep in my closet and donate things I don’t use by YouTuber, PinkSoFoxy. I’ve been obsessed with her videos as of late with how she has been downsizing all of her possessions with her recent move. It’s inspired me to look within my own possession and my closet was the perfect start.

IMG_0591-1Going through my clothes was easy because as I stated already I had donated items before. I really just went through and took out pieces that were no longer my style or that I could no longer fit.

This time around I really focused more so on shoes and accessories being that it’s so hard for me to part with those, especially my shoes. Here’s the shoes I decided to part with.

IMG_0588-1It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be when it came to narrowing down my shoes. I had boots on my shoe shelf that I hadn’t worn since high school and they had been sitting in my collection going on nearly 5 years, When I purchased them of course I wore them, but time passed and my style changed and I did not wear them as I did before. I was holding on to shoes as more of a ‘count’ of a collection than actually having them as ‘staples’ in my collection. From the picture above I did give away 2 pairs of boots, a pair of heels, flats, wedges, and combat boots, oxfords, and 6 pairs of sandals. My sandals are brand new being that they were impulse buys. Thankfully I do not shop like that anymore. I narrowed down half the size of my sandal collection and the ones I kept I wear all the time in rotation.

IMG_0594-1Next up were my accessories which included not only jewelry, but I downsized my nail polish collection and my overflow of lotions. I surprisingly had no problem doing this and I kept telling myself that the pieces needed a new home and I did not need to continue to hold on to items I wasn’t using. I gave away basically all of my colorful pieces being that I stick to basic silver/gold these days. I also gave away some belts that I wasn’t wearing along with necklaces that just aren’t my style. Two bags that I had received prior I never used in the past 6 months so I’m donating those as well. The lotions I’m giving away were never used and I received them in gift bags and the scents just aren’t for me.

My nail polish collection is where a lot of my money went into my first 2 years of college being that I was obsessed. I bought every color from multiple brands, but at this point in life I’m not into it anymore and a lot of the polishes were only used once so it was time to give them away. I had went through my collection before and donated 25+ bottles to my church and friends and this time around I was happy to donate more polishes that I no longer use. I like the collection that i have now. To see what my collection in its entirety looked like before check out my Nail Polish Collection post.

I’m so glad to have went through my closet and during my ‘mini-move’ who knows what I’ll want to give away again. Right now I’m content with the pieces I own and I have no need or desire to expand at this time. Next up is my bedroom and seeing going through what I don’t use again. Excited to bring you all along for the journey. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Fashion Forward Friday [V.6] — V-Day Outfits (Day & Night)

Although I’m pretty much snowed in thanks to Winter Storm Paxis, I still wanted wanted to post some Valentine’s Day outfit ideas that I had for day and night along with my lippie picks.

First up is my day outfit. I went for red jeans (Forever 21) and a striped shirt (H&M) to keep it simple. If I were going to work I would wear this. The pants are stretchy enough for me to move around in and the shirt tones down the pants. The shoes I would pair this with for work would be a pair of black booties, but If I were going out after work with friends I would toss on my leopard flats (Target) and at work I would wear a pair of booties. My jewelry I paired with the look is from H&M (CLEARANCE!)

Next up is my date-night outfit. There’s many shoes that I could pair with the look I created, but I loved how my wedges looked with them. I took a simple red dress, paired it with a faux leather jacket and my booties with silver accents from Target. I’d also wear a pair of black tights with this look, throw on a pair of hoops, and a bold lip. As for accessories I wouldn’t go further than the earrings because the jacket is a statement in itself.


The handbag that I would pair with both looks is my Aldo bag that I purchased 2 years ago. I can’t afford a Chanel so this quilted purse is a great inspired design. It can be worn cross-body, on the shoulder, or the straps can be tucked in to make it a clutch. This was also a great deal for only $35.


Below are my lippie picks:


E.L.F. Matte Lip Color, Rich Red

Rimmel London-Kate Moss – #60

Wet n Wild – Cherry Bomb (918D) / Sugar Plum Fairy (908C)

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s Day with whoever and wherever. Much love!