Single Review: Janet Jackson, ‘No Sleep’

Janet Jackson is a music legend with 10 albums, 6 Grammy’s and a multitude of other awards. She’s lived up to her famous family name and has set the bar high for ladies following in her footsteps. It was announced that she’d be making a return and fans get their first taste of her comeback with her track ‘No Sleep.’

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This Week In Music (V. 33): New Music Overload + More

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. Sorry for my absence last week. Check out my posts below over the course of the past 2 weeks:

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April Favorites: TV Overload

It’s crazy to think that we’re entreating the 6th month of 2015. Half of the year is almost over. Time to get into my favorites for April. I didn’t have many music favorites, but I’ve caught up and discovered new shows along.  Plus, can’t forget my YouTube obsession. Enough rambling, let’s get into it.

Music Favs:

I’ve been getting into planning & organization, hence the frequent “Spicy Saturday” posts and I can’t stop watching videos from these YouTubers:

Moving on to TV, I am in STRONG dislike of Shonda Rhimes for killing off McDreamy. No I was not always an avid Grey’s Anatomy watcher, but I knew enough to keep up. That episode of when she killed him off was so emotional, especially with Snow Patrol’s, ‘Chasing Cars,’ playing in the background as every machine was turned off. Then when he took his last breath?! Such an emotional episode. It’s about time for that show to end in general.

On the other side of Shondaland, I would have lost it if she would’ve killed off McDreamy and Jake in the same night. Scandal has been a hit & miss for me, but this month I’ve been watching and this back and forth between Olivia and Papa Pope is interesting. I mean interesting as in Olivia thinking she has one over on her dad and then he comes in and shuts everything down. Can’t wait for the final two episodes of the season.

A new show that I discovered this month was NCIS: New Orleans. Where the hell was I when the show began in September of last year? Clearly under a rock. I haven’t been into much of NCIS of the Los Angeles spinoff, but for some reason I’m really enjoying this one. Interestingly enough, CSI: Cyber has kept my attention as well.

Moving on from crime/drama/heartbreak I can’t forget to mention one of my favorite shows, The MiddleWhile I enjoy other comedies on TV this one always lures me in. My favorite character? Sue. Poor girl can never catch a break.

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New Jason Derulo Album, Talk Dirty


Although Jason Derulo team had marketed his EP, Tattoos, was an album with a full track listing, cover art, and hits ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Marry Me,’ only 5 songs were released making the project into an EP. Well it’s not as if the album didn’t exist it was just released internationally.

Talk Dirty,’ which features 2 Chainz, was on the Tattoos EP, but now the song will be featured Derulo’s 3rd studio album here in the U.S. In an interview with Cali’s Power 106, Derulo announced that his 3rd studio album here in the states would be titled, Talk Dirty.

Confirmed tracks for the album include:

  • ‘Talk Dirty’ (feat. 2 Chainz)
  • ‘Stupid Love’
  • ‘Trumpets’

Check out the ‘Talk Dirty’ video below:

Jason Derulo is one that stays on the radio airwaves especially NYC stations Z100, 92.3 Now, and 103.5 KTU. When I first heard ‘Talk Dirty’ I wasn’t sure exactly how well it would do on the airwaves. Check my initial review of the song here. It’s about as great as ‘The Other Side’ and is getting way more play than ‘Marry Me.’ Well I can’t wait to hear more and I’ll be updating closer to the release date.

Talk Dirty — IN STORES 4.15.14