New Work Bag + Organization

With a new position, I have switched up my bag. I have found what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes I try to create too many organizers for myself. Yes, it’s possible to be OVER organized. With my work bag I’ve simplified the bag and what’s inside. I also have a bag that I typically wouldn’t use unless I was going to the beach, but it works!

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Desk Declutter | Crush the Chaos

Welcome to another new series here on my blog, Crush the Chaos. This series will feature me going through my home and other areas of my life, organizing and implementing systems that I can keep up with. Plus, I’ll share my top tips along the way.

One of the key problems you may come across when you declutter is that you don’t know where to start, you get too overwhelmed, or you can’t get rid of certain items because of some sentimental value. Then when it comes to organizing, it’s a whole other ballgame. Sometimes we over organize and think that a container solves everything, but that’s not the case.

This first is my desk declutter. As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Dollar Tree Haul + Organization

I have a lot of organizing, well reorganizing, that I would like to do  along with some decorating. What better place to shop than Dollar Tree. I went to two different locations that were recently opened. One was laid out better than the other, but had less of a selection. The one that had the most variety was a bit of a mess with a lot of stuff still in boxes, yet I found some great stuff. Be sure to check out my previous haul HERE. I’ll be separating this haul into three different sections: planner, home decor, and organization/cleaning.



I love shopping Dollar Tree for planner goodies and I was not disappointed in this trip. I’d love to find the emoji items, but I’ve had no luck. I absolutely love the JOT brand and I picked up some items I’ve seen on Instagram & YouTube, plus some other goodies. I found some page flags that I saw in a video from CoupontoProvide plus some chevron sticky notes. The best find were the dot stickers that are going to work in just about any layout. I definitely plan on going back to pick up a few more because I’m addicted.

Home Decor


I’m going to be redesigning my bedroom by creating a gallery wall in front of my bed. I absolutely hate the blank space and right now I have a clock and random frames hanging. I found two frames at Dollar Tree that work well with what I’m going for. One says, “Bloom where you are planted,” and the other “Don’t quit your day dream.” Be on the lookout for my finished gallery wall coming soon.



I don’t buy a lot of my cleaning solutions from Dollar Tree, but the supplies are just what I need. I wanted to create an organization system under my bathroom cabinet which has my supplies just sitting there. I purchased two ‘Stack Them Up’ containers which will have cleaning supplies for my toilet in one and my sink/shower in the other. If I have space for a third one then I’ll buy another one, but I knew that two would work in the space.


I also picked up some multi-purpose cleaning wipes to put in my car ($1 from Rite Aid) along with some other towels that I split with my grandmother. One will be going in my car while the others will be going in the bathroom.


Lastly, I picked up some nail stickers. I chose this mint green teal patter over the tribal one and splattered paint that I saw. For just $1, why not? I love the variety that Dollar Tree has and I plan to share more hauls here in the future. for now I also want to shop my house and find uses for what I already have.

Spicy Saturday (V.11) — Office Organization (Pt.2)

In Pt.1 of my Office Organization, I showed a semi-DIY of how I store extra office supplies for roughly under $10. In this edition I wanted to show how I repurposed a few pieces inexpensive pieces.


First up were these two night stands that I got from K-Mart a year ago. In my old room they fit perfectly on either side of my bed, but with the way my bed is positioned in my new room I have no need for them. I didn’t want to throw or give them away being that I was looking for extra office storage so I decided to repurpose them. It was a no brainer to do. I just sat them on top of each other and used a $1 white bin from target for each shelf. I had initially bought the bins for my “vanity”, but they were too tall so I decided to use them in here.

The first shelf holds my CDs that are still in cases. Surprisingly they all crammed into one container. In back of that container I have a ton of blank CDs in which I put my iTunes purchases on those. Yes, I still use CDs. In front of that container, I just put a picture of my grandfather and I when I was like 10 years old. Also on this shelf I have my washcloth and expo markers that I use for my whiteboard. Right above that shelf I have repurposed a MacCosmetics box and I hold my Expos and cloth for my whiteboard. I stuck it to the wall with Command hooks, my new best friend. The next shelf has yet another container and it holds my two CD cases, perfectly. Covering that container I took another book for a pop of color called, A Separate Cinema. The third shelf I like to call my junk shelf because it holds randoms. It has books I wanted to display, but wanted them displayed somewhere other than my bookcase. In the third white bin, I have a couple books and my Uno and regular playing cards.

IMG_0719-1I wanted to share my new organization for my magazine section. I took a file holder that I wasn’t using and put some magazines in there that were old, but that I wanted to use for future projects.IMG_0715-1

I then took my magazine rack and labeled two sections. The bottom one says ‘File Away’. That’s just filled with papers that I need to put away in their proper place and incoming mail that I get. The second one says ‘Read’ which is pretty self explanatory. It holds all of my new magazine reads. The top shelf has my folder of magazine covers. I was once a magazine HOARDER and in a way I still am, but I decided to downsize on the bulk and just keep my favorite covers. They span from my high school days back in 06,07.

Stay tuned for more on my office!

Spicy Saturday (V.8) — Dollar Tree |Organizational| Haul

I have been in the midst of MAJOR Spring cleaning & downsizing that my posts haven’t been what they usually are. I have been so busy trying to organize and set up my new office that I haven’t been working on my content. I’m almost done so expect more regular posts starting mid-week.

Today I headed over to Dollar Tree and for weeks I’ve been meaning to go because I’ve been inspired to get organized by YouTubers, Do It On A Dime and OrganizedClutterbug. Here’s what I picked up and was a dollar shy of $20:


I purchased the flowers to add a bit of color to my room. My decor will be along the lines of yellow & lavender which will remain probably into summer. I picked up some more hand soaps got my kitchen & bathroom. I also picked up a few baskets. The ‘fabric’ are for my closet and the plastic white ones are to organize my kitchen pantry. The frames are pretty much self explanatory.

Stay tuned for pics on how I decorated/organized with my new purchases!