Dollar Tree Christmas Decor

Welcome to another post here on the blog. In this post I wanted to share my Christmas Decor which is primarily Dollar Tree and some Target here and there. I never realized how much Dollar Tree decor I have, but Dollar Tree has really stepped up there game with all of their products. To see my decor stash, click here.

As always, be sure to click the highlighted links throughout the post for related post and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Fall Home Decor

Cheers to another post! I wanted to share my fall home decor with you all. I’ll be having Thanksgiving at my house this year, so I thought I’d go beyond my norm and decorate for the season. Fall is my favorite season, but for most holidays I just swap bout my table cloth in my dining room and leave it as is. Christmas? That’s completely different.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Michaels Clearance Home Decor Haul

I recently went to Michaels just to see what they had in stock. I’ve been eyeing a personal planner for quite some time, but I still haven’t bought it. The planner sale was buy 1 get one 50% off. Yeah, that’s not good enough for me. I prefer to use a 50% off coupon on one item. Anyway, while I didn’t purchase any planner items, I found the mother load of home decor. I’m talking 70% and 80% off.

As always be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to items/similar styles featured.

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April Favorites | YouTube, Music, Lifestyle

Welcome to another monthly favorites edition here on the blog. I’ve been enjoying sharing this personal side of my life with you all. Chaotic Critic really is an open platform for not just my creativity, but sharing different parts of my life. Hopefully I’ll inspire someone out there plus give you something new to check out or listen to. As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout the post. Check out my previous favorites for 2016 below:

This month I’ve divided my favorites into 3 sections: YouTube, Music, and Lifestyle.


When it comes to YouTube I’ve been obsessed with vlogs, home decor, and anything DIY. I haven’t really found anyone knew, but I have gravitated back to some oldie but goodies.

I’ve been LOVING CouponToProvide especially. Her hauls and her DIYs are out of this world. She’s like the queen of repurposed products. I decided to turn my shoe closet into a craft closet in my office so I took inspiration from her space for sure. It’s a long video (2 hours long), but check it out. It’s amazing!

I’ve really enjoyed Daily Davidsons and Kayla Lashae Vlogs since they’ve both moved. The Davidsons have moved into a newly built home and it’s been cool to watch that whole process. I’ve been watching Kayla Lashae for like ever and I’ve seen every move she’s done and I just love her blogs. She’s recently moved into a new apartment and it’s been cool to watch that process plus I love her style.


I have a crap ton of music that I’ve been loving this month. I wasn’t sure that I’d have a lot, but the list has surely bulked up. Check out my entire ‘hello 2016’ playlist below as well.

    • Rachel Platten – ‘Stand by You’
    • Panic! At t\The Disco – ‘Victorious’
    • Fat Joe / Remy Ma / French Montana – ‘All The Way Up’
    • Elle King – ‘America’s Sweetheart’
    • Iggy Azalea – ‘Team’
    • Drake / Future – ‘Big Rings’
    • Gwen Stefani – ‘Make Me Like You’
    • Adele – ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’


Alright last but not least is my lifestyle category. This is everything else outside of entertainment. I’ve been on an organizing kick. I mean, I’m a planner so that’s a given, right? I mentioned that I’m in the process of working on a craft closet, post + video to come soon, and it’s taken up quite a bit of my month. On top of that I have been doing DIYs for my bedroom gallery wall. A video and post are coming for that as well.

As for the goals I made for March to accomplish during April (click HERE for that), I’ve completely failed. Well in the area of videos I have more content coming and with more content equals more blog posts. I do want to get back into my daily devotions which shouldn’t even be a hassle. Also, eating better, drinking more water, and working out have to be a priority as well. Cheers to May!


Target, Dollar Tree, Five Below HAUL

I’ve accumulated some amazing finds from Target, Dollar Tree and Five Below over the past few days. All of the items were from 30 cents, yes 30 cents to $5. The items range from gifts to decor and of course, planner goodies.

Target One Spot 


I went into Target for deodorant and pads yet I was sidetracked by the One Spot, as usual, and all of the Easter goodies that were on sale. I ended up purchasing what I went in for, but I was there for a lot loner scanning items. From the new Summer line that’s out I purchased a list pad, page flags, and sticky notes. I will say that Target is getting skimpy with the post-its. Yes they come in a pack of 2 for a $1, but it’s only 30 sheets each compared to what used to be 50 sheets each. As for the Easter goodies I scored the plaid pail for $1.50 (originally $5) and the list pads and the sock were 30 cents each from $1.

Dollar Tree


I haven’t really found much in the Dollar Trees in my area that I have seen online such as the cute sweet treat list pad and sticky note set or any of the emoji list pads / sticky notes. There was a new Dollar Tree that opened in my area and when I walked in I was happy to find some of what I had seen, not the emoji stuff, but the thin washi tape. The store was a mess though. the shelves were in a complete disarray and there were boxes on boxes of stuff everywhere.

I did end up buying Paw Patrol magic towels for my nephews plus a basket to rotate their toys from upstairs to downstairs. For myself I picked up the display eisels, one small and large. The small one will sit on my desk with my business cards and the large one is for my planner. I can always move it to my kitchen as well to hold a cookbook.

Five Below


My nephews absolutely love Five Below, but I’m really all about shopping in the $1-$3 price range. I will say that Five Below is a great place to find value gifts. I purchased a $5 for my 3 year old nephew. The real deal was a 100 piece Minion art set that had stickers, a coloring book, markers, crayons, stencils, and paints. Awesome deal for $5. The only one I saw of that set was for the Minions, but it’d be great if there were more. As for what’s on trend that was available, there’s Frozen of course plus some Paw Patrol and Finding Dory. 


Declutter 101: Inexpensive Organization

To have an organized life you should not pursue perfection since perfection is flawed. Becoming organized permits you to function more effectively with the ultimate goal of having time to pursue your passion.

-Regina Kempster, Organized Life LLC

It’s the time of year where everyone is going around trying to get their lives in order and they usually start with decluttering their homes. There’s so many YouTubers that specialize in declutter/organization and inexpensively at that. Most of these ladies are moms so there systems are not only inexpensive but effective enough to work for their families. Below are a few of my favorites that I was regularly:

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Happy HAULidays 2015!

MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wanted to share my Christmas gifts with you all similar to what I did last year (click HERE for that post). Now on to this years HAULidays.

Like usual, there was nothing in particular that I really wanted. Although I am planner obsessed and would’ve been fine with a boatload of stickers, but my friends and family also know how much I love sentimental gifts. The one thing I did want this year was a bed in a bag since my comforter ripped in the dryer and thankfully my grandmother gifted me with just that.


I received an outfit from Forever 21 from my sisters and my sisters know me so well to keep it super neutral. As I grow more into my style I know the colors that I like, the fit that I like, and where I like to shop. I haven’t purchased anything from Forever 21 in quite sometime, but expect a future outfit of the day featuring these items in the near future.



I received a lot of gift cards from the parents at my job. Majority of those gift cards were to Target and I’ve spent most of them. Target is definitely my  weak spot. A Target haul will be coming soon. As for the other gifts I received from parents one gave me a super cute set from Bath & Body Works with the scent Winter Candy Apple. My favorite detail of the set would have to be the bag. I’ll definitely be putting this on in my car and swapping out the current scent I have, Sensual Amber.



The other gift that I absolutely loved from a parent was a personalized thermos. It’s pictured above with the saying ‘Wise & Wonderful.’ The box I received it in says it was purchased from Zulily and I give a lot of credit to this parent because her gifts are great. It’s nice to receive money/gift cards around the holidays, but you can never count out thoughtful gifts.

I received a little owl notepad which I had to share since I’m obsessed with owls, but two of my other favorite gifts were a mug and the ‘List Your Self’ book. The mug is from Pier 1 and it’s so cute that I don’t want to take it out of the packaging. I have accumulated so many mugs that a mug collection is coming soon. The ‘List Your Self’ book is so nice and will be great for journaling on those days that I want to journal of something different.

I’m very happy with the gifts I did receive, but more importantly I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends. From my holiday party to my Christmas Eve family dinner. As I get older I really enjoy the time spent over the gifts received.

Personalized Gifts

It’s difficult to shop for someone who has it all. You don’t want to do the typical gift card although cash is always a great option. The person can buy what they want, but you can really give cash anytime of year. Shopping for my grandmother is always the hardest because she really has everything. I have to get creative with gifts, but this year I’m taking the personalized route.

My grandmother, like many grandmothers, save just about everything. Anytime something was made for her by me, my siblings, or cousins, she’d save it. As I get older I know the little things mean the most to her. With my family scattered across the U.S. and abroad, my grandmother is a fan of pictures and loves showing everyone off. Knowing that, I knew exactly which route to take when creating her gift.

With Christmas less than 2 weeks away, I’m running out of time in terms of ordering a gift and making sure it gets here in time. One of my favorite go to websites for customization is Shutterfly. There’s a lot of other similar options such as:

The great thing about sites like Snapfish and Shutterfly is that you could find promo codes online and by searching on YouTube. Then there’s Chatbooks which takes your Instagram photos and puts them in a book for just $8. It creates volumes of your pictures or you can pick and choose which ones you’d want. As for stores like Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Walmart, you can now pick up in store which is a super convenient option this time of year.

As for what I’m creating for my grandmother, I’m going for a calendar. There’s canvases, mugs, photo books, phone cases, pillows, and more. Anything you can put a photo on, you can customize. I’m going for a calendar because most photo books can’t be carried on the go. Also with a calendar, it can be customized by month with a specific persons birthdays, or just a collage of pictures.

Since I am running low on time, I would more and likely do same day pick up with Walgreens. I’ve created previous photo projects with Walgreens and the quality has always been amazing. If I had more time I’d more and likely order from Shutterfly, but I’m interested in trying Snapfish just to check out another platform.

Lastly, I can’t mention personalized gifts without shedding light on Etsy. I frequently shop on Etsy for planner stickers, hence my planner obsession, but Etsy has amazingly talented vendors. If you search enough, you’ll find someone with just what you’re looking for.

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, OH CHRISTMAS TREE! I wanted to share my Christmas decorations in my living room, bedroom, and office. This installment features my Christmas tree in my living room. I had to move furniture around for it to fit, but I love how it turned out.

christmastreeMy least favorite thing about putting up a tree would be fanning out all the branches. My sister does a great job at it, but it’s not really my thing. Once the tree was up, I applied fake snow along with the lights; pretty standard. I haven’t really switched up my color scheme over the years from teal, silver, and red. Next year I want to go all gold with hints of silver.

I had the same color scheme last year: red, silver, and teal, but the key difference was adding the fake snow and the ribbon. I would love a brighter star or an angel on top, but the finished result looks great. This is my first year adding ribbon on a tree, but after seeing DoItOnADime‘s tree on Instagram, I pulled out what I had on hand, layered, and voila.

This was the first tree that I bought in 2013 after I had moved out on my own the previous year. My first Christmas tree was a left over one that my dad had in the attic. I knew by the following year that I wanted a tree of my ow. What better place to find one than at Target. Target is definitely my one stop shop for Christmas/holiday decor. The tree is 6ft tree even though I could have gone a little bigger for my space. There’s always next year.


The extra addition I’ve added to the decor in my living room was finally jazzing up this picture frame from Kohls. I really liked the rustic look it had to it, but I haven’t printed any pictures to hang on it. In the meantime I added some ornaments with the hooks and I’ll fill in with holiday family photos once I print them.

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts on my bedroom and office holiday decor.

Quick and Easy DIY Holiday Decor

This DIY is by far the easiest and quickest DIY EVER! So I had tile laying around. I mean who doesn’t (sarcasm). I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I didn’t want to throw it away. I also don’t have a lot of money to spend on decor when I need to go Christmas shopping so I searched around for what I could use.

If I was an amazing artist I could have painted on the traditional snowflakes or Christmas tree. That’s not the case so I thought I could paint them Christmas colors and display them that way. I then realized that I didn’t have any of those colors available. All I had were pastels from a previous project. I did however have mod podge and scrapbook paper.

So, enough rambling, here’s what you’ll need for this DIY:

  • tile
  • holiday scrapbook paper (wrapping paper would work as well)
  • mod podge (or glue)
  • sponge brush (or a regular sponge)
  • exacto knife

I ended up picking out scrapbook paper I had purchased in a pack for $2.99 from AC Moore. I simply lined it up on the tile and voila. I took it a step further by putting another sheet of scrapbook paper on the back. I plan on displaying these in my office (Holiday office decor post to come) and I can flip them after Christmas to fit for winter. To seal everything in you could go over the top with mod podge (matte/glossy) or if you can spray it with a sealer. Prior to applying whatever paper you decide to use you can paint the sides.

The great part about this DIY is that it clearly does not have to be for the holidays. You can print out quotes or even paint the tile with chalkboard paint and change up what you want it to say whenever you want. If you’re using thin paper such as the wrapping paper you could put layers upon layers to change up the look.

If you don’t have tile, no worries. You can easily purchase foam board at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, $1. Cut to whatever size you like. Glue on the scrapbook paper OR wrapping paper. Have fun. Make a mural out of it by mix & matching different designs. Super easy and affordable.