Cleaning and Decorating my Room for Christmas

It’s Blogmas Day 13.  IT’S BLOGMAS DAY 13! Cheers to another post and hey there hey to everyone that has been keeping up or just checking in. I needed to clean my room and add a little pizazz for Christmas. First step to a clean room, making the bed! Welp, enough rambling, let’s get to it.

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Dollar Tree Christmas Decor

Welcome to another post here on the blog. In this post I wanted to share my Christmas Decor which is primarily Dollar Tree and some Target here and there. I never realized how much Dollar Tree decor I have, but Dollar Tree has really stepped up there game with all of their products. To see my decor stash, click here.

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Last Minute Holiday Party Planning Tips

Happy Holidays everyone and to all my Christmas lovers —


Today I wanted to share a quick post of my TOP 5 LAST MINUTE party planning tips. As I get older, I realize that I really want to get more into entertaining. Last year I hosted my first holiday party, Ugly Christmas Sweater theme. This year I’ll be celebrating my friends 30th birthday and everyone has such hectic schedules so we’ll hang out then. Still in all — let’s get to the tips!

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Holiday Party Planning | 2 Weeks Before

Christmas is quickly approaching and I am hosting a girls night on the 23rd and on the 24th my typical Christmas Eve dinner with my family. On Christmas it’s usually a day of sleeping in and lounging around and a trip to the movies later on. This year I’m thinking of seeing either Concussion or Creed. 

Photo from Paperless Post

Back to my party planning. I sent out invitations in a group text, simply because it’s easier, but I used the website The website offered an array of free templates to choose from and the one I chose fit perfectly with the theme I’m going for. The website was easy to maneuver and you do have to create the invitation from your computer along with signing up on the website.Prior to sending out invites I definitely checked with all those I planned to invite to see if the date would work for everyone.

Next was for me to create a master list of everything I wanted to get done around my house prior to the party and I broke my timetable into four increments: 2 weeks, 1 week, day before, and last minute. I’ll be sharing my entire process here of course. I highly recommend writing down what it is you want down opposed to your phone. Having it on paper and physically checking it off assures that you’ll get it done. I have all of my party planning in my Erin Condren notebook, but you can write it anywhere.

With my party being on a Wednesday my cleaning would get done on the weekend. My entire downstairs will be deep cleaned and in deep cleaning now by next week I will still clean, but just not a deep clean. A deep clean takes more time and with that clean you simply tackle the areas you often avoid. I’ve zoned off how I plan to deep clean. I know that my kitchen will be an entire day and my bathroom will take a couple hours. Don’t tire yourself out, find a playlist to keep you moving, and get it done.

I’ve also created a Pinterest board of all the ideas I may want to use from easy appetizers to decorations, games, a DIY photo booth, and more. Unlike the list I mentioned above, Pinterest is easy to use and you can create as many boards as you want and pin on the go. In adding appetizers I’ve began to create a menu and I’ll narrow it down in my next post, one week before the party.

Lastly, keep in mind a BUDGET! My party will be roughly 4 hours and I just want to enjoy time with my favorite girls with good food, wine, and sweet treats. Regardless of how many people you’re having make use of what you already have and don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring a dish. For my party I’ll be covering the appetizers which I think is easier so that there’s more options and my guests have offered to bring the sweet treats.

Two weeks out I’m really just focused on cleaning. Next week I’ll be sharing my menu and any DIYs. Until next time…

Plan With Me: December 7th-13th

Hello and thanks for checking out yet another plan with me here on my blog. I have really enjoyed sharing and creating layouts here on my blog. Last week I featured a cookie theme and I honestly didn’t like how it turned out. Maybe it was me tracing around the stickers a little too much. Or maybe it was that I put the washi on a little crooked and when I went to straighten it out I couldn’t because it ripped the page. Near the weekend it looked a little empty. I’m bummed because I was hoping to score amazing layouts throughout the entire month. Don’t over think when planning. Don’t force a layout, just let it happen. Below is my completed last week. Be sure to click the pic for links to pictures.


This week I used a rose set from the etsy shop Fabulously Planned. I featured a happy mail from this shop and I love that the design of the shop has changed to half sheets for her kits. Half sheets are easier to store which makes them easier to carry on the go. I chose to do a rose layout since Thursday (12/10) would have been my mothers 49th birthday. As a tribute to her I went with roses since her name was Rosa. To add a little Christmas cheer I added Target Dollar Spot stickers.


I switched up my sections from ‘to do’, ‘random’, and ‘blog’ to ‘today’, ‘to do’, and ‘blog’. I didn’t have any washi to match so I used the left over gold glittery paper that I had and cut it for the sidebar and the bottom. I also mix and matched pieces in other places in the layout as well. The stickers really added to the glitter, but I love, love LOVE how this layout turned out. Below are links to stickers that I used along with my plan with me video. Enjoy!

Stickers Used:

Holiday Bedroom Decor

In previous posts I featured my living room decor, well basically my Christmas tree, along with my office decor. In this final installment of my holiday decor, I wanted to share how I spruced up my bedroom. Around the same time I purchased the tree for my living room, I purchased a mini tree for my bedroom. It was under $10 and the ornaments and lights rounded the price off to around $20 total. They have the trees at Target now that just come with a tag instead of in a box, but the one I purchased came in a box and had to be assembled similar to that of my larger Christmas tree.

The color scheme I went for was gold and red. I really like hat color combination. I had gold garland as well, but I decided not to put it on my tree and used that elsewhere in my office. I had to purchase lights since the ones I had for two years had burnt out. I purchased some from Dollar Tree, yes just for $1, although I should’ve picked up 2 since just one set is _ inches. All in all, it still worked out.

Once the decorations were added I put my ‘Merry Christmas’ sign from the Target Dollar Spot in the middle. To one side I have a snowman and an angel that I received as gifts and the other  a Starbucks mug I received as a gift as well. Since I often plan in my bed I filled my Starbucks mug with post-its, a pair of scissors, and some pens.

Lastly on the walls I switched out what was in my frames with wrapping paper and scrapbook paper. The sleigh rapping paper I found searching for Christmas decorations in my storage closet and I had purchased the Christmas themed scrapbook paper from AC Moore for $2.99. Check out my DIY with tile using the scrapbook paper HERE. The ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ frames were gifted.

Check out my living room decor HERE and check out my office decor HERE.

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, OH CHRISTMAS TREE! I wanted to share my Christmas decorations in my living room, bedroom, and office. This installment features my Christmas tree in my living room. I had to move furniture around for it to fit, but I love how it turned out.

christmastreeMy least favorite thing about putting up a tree would be fanning out all the branches. My sister does a great job at it, but it’s not really my thing. Once the tree was up, I applied fake snow along with the lights; pretty standard. I haven’t really switched up my color scheme over the years from teal, silver, and red. Next year I want to go all gold with hints of silver.

I had the same color scheme last year: red, silver, and teal, but the key difference was adding the fake snow and the ribbon. I would love a brighter star or an angel on top, but the finished result looks great. This is my first year adding ribbon on a tree, but after seeing DoItOnADime‘s tree on Instagram, I pulled out what I had on hand, layered, and voila.

This was the first tree that I bought in 2013 after I had moved out on my own the previous year. My first Christmas tree was a left over one that my dad had in the attic. I knew by the following year that I wanted a tree of my ow. What better place to find one than at Target. Target is definitely my one stop shop for Christmas/holiday decor. The tree is 6ft tree even though I could have gone a little bigger for my space. There’s always next year.


The extra addition I’ve added to the decor in my living room was finally jazzing up this picture frame from Kohls. I really liked the rustic look it had to it, but I haven’t printed any pictures to hang on it. In the meantime I added some ornaments with the hooks and I’ll fill in with holiday family photos once I print them.

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts on my bedroom and office holiday decor.

Quick and Easy DIY Holiday Decor

This DIY is by far the easiest and quickest DIY EVER! So I had tile laying around. I mean who doesn’t (sarcasm). I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I didn’t want to throw it away. I also don’t have a lot of money to spend on decor when I need to go Christmas shopping so I searched around for what I could use.

If I was an amazing artist I could have painted on the traditional snowflakes or Christmas tree. That’s not the case so I thought I could paint them Christmas colors and display them that way. I then realized that I didn’t have any of those colors available. All I had were pastels from a previous project. I did however have mod podge and scrapbook paper.

So, enough rambling, here’s what you’ll need for this DIY:

  • tile
  • holiday scrapbook paper (wrapping paper would work as well)
  • mod podge (or glue)
  • sponge brush (or a regular sponge)
  • exacto knife

I ended up picking out scrapbook paper I had purchased in a pack for $2.99 from AC Moore. I simply lined it up on the tile and voila. I took it a step further by putting another sheet of scrapbook paper on the back. I plan on displaying these in my office (Holiday office decor post to come) and I can flip them after Christmas to fit for winter. To seal everything in you could go over the top with mod podge (matte/glossy) or if you can spray it with a sealer. Prior to applying whatever paper you decide to use you can paint the sides.

The great part about this DIY is that it clearly does not have to be for the holidays. You can print out quotes or even paint the tile with chalkboard paint and change up what you want it to say whenever you want. If you’re using thin paper such as the wrapping paper you could put layers upon layers to change up the look.

If you don’t have tile, no worries. You can easily purchase foam board at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, $1. Cut to whatever size you like. Glue on the scrapbook paper OR wrapping paper. Have fun. Make a mural out of it by mix & matching different designs. Super easy and affordable.