Chaotic Reads | Current ‘To Read’ List

I love audiobooks, but there are some books that I want to physically take the time to read. Audiobooks are convenient as I can listen to them while I commute or throughout my work day. There’s also digital books that work for any device whether it’s my phone or iPad. Then again, taking the time to sit on my couch for an hour at night reading and bonding with a book is something I’ve ignored for years. There are plenty of options for me to choose from and here I am again with another reading list. One day I’ll trek through all the books I want to read, but I’d love to incorporate an 30 minutes to an hour daily of no TV, no electronics, just a book.

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Sound Off: The New Mr. President

November 8th. November 8th was the day to vote. November 8th was Clinton versus Trump.

November 9th was the day that history was made. November 9th was the day that a tumultuous battle between the two candidates has ended. November 9th was the day Hillary Clinton conceded. November 9th was the day that Donald Trump was elected to be the President of the United States of America.

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