Wellness Wednesday | Trader Joe’s Haul

Welcome to another Wellness Wednesday here on the blog. I wanted to share my journey of adapting to a healthier lifestyle from exercise to completely changing what I eat. I noticed that previously when I’ve taken on a journey such as this, I would be fine for a couple months and fall off, hard. This time I’m taking baby steps. I’m not striving for perfection. I don’t have a particular goal in mind at this moment. I have long term goals, but I’m trying to find what works and really get into a rhythm. In this edition I’ll be  sharing my first ever Trader Joe’s Haul. Nothing major, but worth sharing my experience.

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Wellness Wednesday (V.14): What I’m Eating

Hey guys and welcome to another edition of my Wellness Wednesday. In my last edition I shared what was in my workout bag, but in edition to working out I’ve had to change my eating habits.

Disclaimer: This post is about what works for me and everyone has to discover what works for them. I simply want to share my change in eating habits and how it has helped me in combination with working out (another post coming soon).

Be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts / additional resources.

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Wellness Wednesday (V.9): Let’s Try This Again

UnknownIt’s been FOREVER since I’ve made an installment to my ‘Wellness Wednesday’ series. In my last installment I shared a Nature Box review (click HERE for that) and the one before that I shared my “new” workout regimen and meal prep (click HERE for that post). That was over a YEAR ago so CLEARLY that was a FAIL.

I go through these phases where I’m ready to work out, but I can never stay committed. I tell myself, well psych myself out, to believe that I am comfortable in the skin I’m in when really I’m not. I try to play off that I love wearing black and grey along with my favorite thin striped shirt from H&M, but they all conceal the flaws.

I’m not expecting to be skinny. That’s not a goal. The real goal is to be able to walk u p and down steps without being winded. To be able to play with the kids at my job, even my nephews, without running out of breath within two minutes. To be able to fight the urge to eat past 9pm. To get out of the “see food” diet that’s been a part of my life, forever.

I look at my sister as inspiration, little does she know. She’s a mother of 2 and while it may look like we may where the same size we’re proportioned differently and she looks great to have had two boys. While she does not work out, minus walking, her eating habits are amazing. Of course she has what some call “cheat days,” but for the most part she eats a lot of veggies and drinks a lot of water which has helped her lose weight and maintain over the years. I want to adapt eating habits like those.

I’ve never been skinny and as long as I can remember I’ve always been chubbier than I’ve wanted to be. My weight has been an issue. My stomach is one area that I can’t wait to vanish and at one point I actually lost it. That was back in my sophomore year of high school. My gym class was INTENSE and my doctors note couldn’t even get me out of what the gym teacher had planned. I worked out every night for about an hour or so on my arms, legs, butt, and especially my stomach. We had a treadmill, a bike, weights. I used them all. Again, that was back in my sophomore year of high school.

During my Senior year my mom passed away from lung cancer and I became an emotional eater. Well, I was always am emotional eater. I ate when I was bored, sad, lonely. If I was reading a book I needed a snack. Doing home, I needed a snack. I always needed something yet, of course, it was never healthy. Now here I am at 23 and I keep saying I want to get fit, but it’s beyond that. I want to get out of this rut I’m in where I rely on food to solve my problems.

Now I am not obese by any means. I am not overweight to be 5’6″ either. When I look at pictures of myself I can spot every flaw. For one, my stomach. Plus I have back fat. Now my arms are expanding, my waist seems to keep expanding too. I just want to get out of this. So, I’m embarking on a new challenge. A challenge to stay committed to this 30 day challenge i’m putting myself on. Click HERE for that challenge plus HERE for the water tracker I use. I’ve printed it out and put it in my planner, which is such a great feeling to check things off. This series is surely making a comeback as I’ll be updating on how I’m keeping up with the challenge as well as if my eating habits are improving, etc.

Come along for the journey of what could be AWESOME or an EPIC FAIL! As the title stated, let’s try this again.

Wellness Wednesday (V.8): Nature Box Review

imagesI haven’t done a Wellness Wednesday in quite some time, 6 months to be exact, but I did want to share my experience with Nature Box. The box is generally $19.95, but I found a coupon code online and got the box for $9.99 including free shipping. The site was pretty easy to navigate. You can choose the 5 snacks that you want and if you choose to order again you can lock in those snacks for your next purchase. As for the snack selection it was pretty decent. You can also cancel your membership at any time.


I ordered my box this past Wednesday (10/22) and I received it Saturday (10/25). I ordered:

PicMonkey CollageLet’s get into an overall rating out of 5 for each snack.

  • Baked Cheddar Potato Fries: I was not really impressed with this snack. I’m a sucker for anything with cheddar, but this snack just tasted a little weird. Maybe it’s because it’s baked, but I’ve had other baked cheddar snacks. It does have a kick to it. I had to recheck to see if it sad aged cheddar, but no. The packaging says it is to be ‘savory’. For me I wouldn’t really agree. It was just alright, 3/5.
  • Watermelon Fruit Chews: One of my favorite YouTubers, AKayDoll raves about these in her blogs (Kayla Lashae), but I was disappointed when I tasted them. It’s just a regular fruit snack and reminds me a lot of the Simply fruit snacks sold in Target. I can taste the watermelon, but there’s nothing special about this snack. Extra point for me because I love watermelon, 2/5.
  • Country Ranch Sunflower Kernels: I LOVE SUNFLOWER SEEDS, just not these. I knew that this would just be the kernel, but I taste no ranch whatsoever. Thankfully I don’t mind eating the kernel of the seed, but I really taste no ranch. Not even a hint. 1/5.
  • Dried Mango: I loved the scent once I opened it. I have been on a mango kick this year and it has trumped strawberries in being my favorite fruit. When trying it I could definitely taste the mango flavor I just didn’t expect it to be as dry as it was. It’s a good snack though. 3.5/5
  • Honey Dijon Pretzels: MY FAVORITE SNACK IN THE ENTIRE BOX! I love these so much and if I were to order another box I’d definitely get another box. The dijon mustard does not overpower. Great snack, 5/5.
  • Sunshine Chips: The bonus snack was not a snack I would purchase, but it wasn’t that bad. I wouldn’t really consider it a chip as it has that chewy consistent like the dried mango. I was expecting way more  of a bite like a veggie chip or something. I ended up giving them to my grandmother. 2/5.

Mathematically from my ratings, without the bonus snack, the box would receive a 2.9/5. I think it’s a great concept what Nature Box is doing, but I wouldn’t pay $19.95 for this box so yes I’ll be unsubscribing for the time being. While there are snacks I want to try, but I’m not really interested. I am glad to have tried it to see what all the hype was about and even happier that I only paid $9.99.

Insta Beauty Hall



There’s been some new lippies on my list that I’ve been wanting to try out especially the Balm Stains. I will be doing a review on all products shown above over the course of the next few weeks.

What have you been on the hunt for recently?


Wellness Wednesday (V.1)

So I used to have a membership when I first started college which was back in the winter of 2010. I signed up with a friend and the membership was about $10 + tax a month. It was never a plan to go every day. It was always a plan to go 2 to 3 times a week, max! We stuck to that plan, fell off, and miraculously got back on. As time went on we stopped going all together and the memberships were cancelled.

Here I am in that same situation again where I have friends going to the gym and me wanting to have some motivation and seeking that in friends. Your friends can’t make you go to the gym. Your friends can’t make you do anything you don’t want to, period.

The biggest problem of going to the gym was being incredibly hungry afterwards. I would go grocery shopping after the gym or stop at Wendy’s with the theory, ‘I’ll work it off tomorrow.’ Well that didn’t work either.

I have become a comfort eater with all of my weight going to my stomach and it’s not healthy for me and prevents me from wearing certain clothes. I like to say I ‘like’ and ‘want’ for my clothes to be baggy/oversized and in some instances I do. If it’s a loose bottom then a fitted top; loose top, fitted bottom. It’s gotten to a point where I kept telling and keep telling myself it’ll happen. Don’t worry it’ll go away when it goes away just wear something bigger to hide it.

Well I’m really, REALLY trying to turn a new leaf here physically and mentally. I want to keep happy thoughts and keep myself busy. stress and boredom leads to one main problem for me: comfort eating. No I’m not obese, but I seek comfort in junk food and soda (Coca-Cola preferably).

I’m going to do 30 minutes of cardio if nothing else for 5 days out of the week, so Monday to Thursday and then next week I will begin to input strength training. Boy I hate how weak I am.

This week I’ll be breaking out my dance games and doing my 30 minutes of cardio, at least. I have to start somewhere.



Next step is my eating habits. Set plans don’t work for me such as the gym so I don’t see myself joining another one or something like ‘Weight Watchers’ to help with my eating.

I’ve recently done a post on ‘Commitment’ and I’m not going to sign up for either of those knowing I’m not in the mood or feel like making the time to do that.

So the plan? I feel I can stay committed being that I’ll be blogging every week about progress, recipes, new routine, etc. I’m just trying to stay consistent. The results aren’t going to come over night so patience is key.

Until next time …