Holiday Gift Ideas Under $20

Here I am still filling in the blogmas gaps, welcome to day 18. Also, special happy 18th birthday to my little sister (if she ever reads this). Today’s post is a fun one, a holiday gift guide filled with ideas under $20. For the kiddos, parents, loved ones, partner, etc., I’ve got you covered! Plus, I have a great gift idea for those that want to give back to their community. Ready, set, shop!

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It’s the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR …. and it’s officially BLOGMAS! That’s right, every single day leading up to Christmas there will be a new post here on Chaotic Critic. Expect a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Who’s ready because I sure as hell am! Let’s kick off December with some holiday themed questions shall we. Ready, set, BLOGMAS!

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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas …. Happy Hanukkah … Happy Kwanza… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

It’s dubbed the most wonderful time of the year and it’s by far my favorite (aside from my birthday). While some people focus on gift giving, gift receiving, I’m thankful to have a family to spend it with.

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Last Minute Holiday Party Planning Tips

Happy Holidays everyone and to all my Christmas lovers —


Today I wanted to share a quick post of my TOP 5 LAST MINUTE party planning tips. As I get older, I realize that I really want to get more into entertaining. Last year I hosted my first holiday party, Ugly Christmas Sweater theme. This year I’ll be celebrating my friends 30th birthday and everyone has such hectic schedules so we’ll hang out then. Still in all — let’s get to the tips!

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Plan With Me | Santa’s Day Off

Welcome to another post here on the blog and HAPPY DECEMBER! Let the Christmas overload really begin. Throughout the month of December I’m going to be sharing Christmas planner spreads, DIY, home decor, gift ideas, and more! I’ll be posting basically everyday so get ready.

I’m also hosting my first giveaway on my Instagram, @ChaoticCritic. It’s U.S. only, but the rules are super simple — Make sure you’re a follower, like the pic, comment, & tag a friend. The giveaway will be going all the way up until Christmas. Thanks to everyone who has followed and entered thus far.

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Motivational Monday | Getting Through the Holidays

The holiday season is officially here and aside from my birthday, it’s my favorite time of year. I love Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. It’s beyond the gifts. Everyone just seems to be nicer and more courteous. Unfortunately, this time of year can be bittersweet.

For me, not having my mom around has been rough. It’s been 8 years without her and I find myself lately bringing up how I feel. This time of year just always gets to me. Thankfully I have an amazing support system, but it doesn’t fill the hole inside. Is that the case for everyone?

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Hello 2016

New year, new start. New year, new goals. New year, new perspective. What makes January 1st different than every other single day of the year? Maybe because it’s more of a definitive start. Or, maybe it’s because people live their lives by 365 day increments.

Personally, I’ve always tried to make this timeline of when I wanted to accomplish things and when my goals wouldn’t happen when I wanted them to, I’d easily be deterred. So, what makes 2016 different? I’ll be different as far as my goal setting. I’m just writing down everything I want to accomplish and nothing more. To break it down from 366 days, since it’s a leap year, to 6 months to 3 months, to monthly is a bit much. Of course there’s things that I’d want to do monthly, but to break down and nit pick at every little thing is me not growing as a person. I have to learn to roll with the punches and realize that life will not always go as planned.

I’ve made my list and throughout the month of January here on the blog it will be all about getting focused. Whether it’s for a marathon you want to run, a room in your house that you avoid cleaning, or that class reunion you have coming up that’s making you anxious. So what’s to come here on the blog?

Motivational Monday? I definitely want to get back into my motivational monday series which will kick off with my vision board for 2016. Not setting a specific date, but Motivational Monday will be starting back this month. My main goal for 2016 is to cleanse my mind, body, and soul. I’ll be sharing my vision board, which I’ll be making for the first time in a long time. That post will go further in depth of my goals for 2016. Again just a general list, nothing more.

Planning? Of course I’ll continue my planner obsession here on the blog. Planning is very therapeutic for me and instead of just showing layouts I plan to take it a step further and provide planner tips, deals, etc. Everyone plans different and I’d like to further explore those possibilities.

Fashion and beauty? I plan to continue to create both types of posts especially with my declutter series. Throughout this month I am purging, purging, purging, and I wanted to share my tips and tricks with different categories in my home. Categories, not rooms. Big difference.

Health? I’ve had this lingering section on my blog that I’ve ignored simply because I’ve been lazy. I’ve made several attempts at really focusing, but the health will focus on more than just eating and working out. I’m taking it a step further and I can’t wait to share.

Sound Off? This is a series where I will be able to stay in touch with my pop culture side from a different perspective. I’m not sure how frequent these posts will be, but there’s some topics that I just have to speak on.   ‘Sound Off’ is here to stay in 2016 for sure.

Music? My blog started off centered around music, but I won’t be doing any reviews. My thought process is elsewhere, but I still plan to share my top 5 of the month as far as favorite songs and what not.

Cheers to 2016 and cheers to Chaotic Critic. Thanks for all those that have been on this journey and hello to all those that will join.

Top 5: 2015 Obsessions

This year I decided to switch things up in terms of my yearly favorites. I’ve  usually done an entire recap of my music favorites along with my non-muis favs, but music just didn’t strike me this year. When I first started blogging it was all about music news and reviews, but I felt stuck in a bubble which is why I took the leap of faith and changed my blog name from MusicMovingForward to ChaoticCritic. The blog is clearly more than music and I’ve been in quite the planner craze, but there’s a lot more content coming in 2016 that I can’t wait to share. ChaoticCritic will be undergoing a lot of changes and I hope you all stick around for the transformation. Continue reading “Top 5: 2015 Obsessions”

Happy HAULidays 2015!

MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wanted to share my Christmas gifts with you all similar to what I did last year (click HERE for that post). Now on to this years HAULidays.

Like usual, there was nothing in particular that I really wanted. Although I am planner obsessed and would’ve been fine with a boatload of stickers, but my friends and family also know how much I love sentimental gifts. The one thing I did want this year was a bed in a bag since my comforter ripped in the dryer and thankfully my grandmother gifted me with just that.


I received an outfit from Forever 21 from my sisters and my sisters know me so well to keep it super neutral. As I grow more into my style I know the colors that I like, the fit that I like, and where I like to shop. I haven’t purchased anything from Forever 21 in quite sometime, but expect a future outfit of the day featuring these items in the near future.



I received a lot of gift cards from the parents at my job. Majority of those gift cards were to Target and I’ve spent most of them. Target is definitely my  weak spot. A Target haul will be coming soon. As for the other gifts I received from parents one gave me a super cute set from Bath & Body Works with the scent Winter Candy Apple. My favorite detail of the set would have to be the bag. I’ll definitely be putting this on in my car and swapping out the current scent I have, Sensual Amber.



The other gift that I absolutely loved from a parent was a personalized thermos. It’s pictured above with the saying ‘Wise & Wonderful.’ The box I received it in says it was purchased from Zulily and I give a lot of credit to this parent because her gifts are great. It’s nice to receive money/gift cards around the holidays, but you can never count out thoughtful gifts.

I received a little owl notepad which I had to share since I’m obsessed with owls, but two of my other favorite gifts were a mug and the ‘List Your Self’ book. The mug is from Pier 1 and it’s so cute that I don’t want to take it out of the packaging. I have accumulated so many mugs that a mug collection is coming soon. The ‘List Your Self’ book is so nice and will be great for journaling on those days that I want to journal of something different.

I’m very happy with the gifts I did receive, but more importantly I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends. From my holiday party to my Christmas Eve family dinner. As I get older I really enjoy the time spent over the gifts received.

Flashback to NYE 2014

0101150011a~2With 2016 less than  a week away, I look back on NYE of 2014. What I wore, who I was with, and my resolution/goals for 2015. Well as for what I wore, I kept it pretty simple with an all black ensemble. Since I had a small party at home with family I ditched the heels and opted for boots. Then again, I had on fuzzy socks. The boots were for picture purposes only.

So here it is, another year has come and gone and I thought now would be a great time to reflect and see if I’ve accomplished any goals I set for 2015. Check out my Happy New Year post HERE. Here’s a glimpse of my list:

  • No soda; drinking more water
  • Daily devotions & tithing bi-weekly
  • Daily blogging / at LEAST every other day !

Of those three things that I wanted to stay consistent with, I didn’t fully stick to my guns. That’s why I don’t really make resolutions, more like yearly goals. I was pretty consistent with my blog, blogging every other day and for the month of December daily. My daily devotions I definitely need to make a priority along with tithing in 2016. I started out the first 3 months of the year not drinking soda and then in March when I fell ill, I drank some to settle my stomach and it sparked my craving again. I will say that I was better at tracking my water intake this year, but I definitely want to cut back on the soda. If I have one occasionally fine, but I definitely want to up my water intake.

I’ll be sharing my goals for 2016 in the new year, but I wanted to reflect on my top 3 goals of 2015 to see if I really did what I planned to. Life can easily get in the way, but one thing I learned this year was that I need to stop overthinking and take life day by day. I can get so wrapped up in the bigger picture that I overlook the current moment and get off track too easily. It’s great to look ahead, but it’s also nothing wrong with living in the moment.