Motivational Monday | Irrelevant Goals?

When I come across something that makes me think outside the box or simply changes my perspective, I like to share it here on the blog. The purpose of this Motivational Monday series, even my Sound Off series for that matter is to challenge your way of thinking. Sometimes we get so boxed in to what “we” think that we tend to ignore the insightful thoughts of others. A Facebook video that I recently came across is one of those instances that made me think. The topic, goal setting. Are my goals irrelevant? Am I not progressing the way I want because I’m stuck?

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2017 Vision Board

I love writing down my goals. It’s something about putting them on paper that lights a fire under me to get things done. For me it comes down to holding myself accountable when things are written down opposed to them getting lost in my head. I wanted to share my vision board of 2017. Although January is nearly over, it’s never too late to start a vision board.

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Vision Board Revamp

Here I am again working on my vision board. I recently redecorated my office which was  huge goal of mine for quite some time. I’m one for themes/color schemes and I finally found one for my office. I’ll discuss that in another post. Since I redecorated, I need dot have my vision board correlate.

As always be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to items/similar styles featured.

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“Views From The 6” | Vision Board

I’ve been wanting to create a vision board for quite some time. I have seen a lot of vision boards on Pinterest and Instagram, but I wanted to divide mine into sections. I also didn’t want it to be a collage of pictures. Instead, it was specific goals that I want to accomplish by the end of 2016. And yes it’s titled, “Views From the 6.” Thanks Drake!

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March Favorites

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! I managed to make it through the entire day without any jokes on me. Cheers to that. I wanted to share my March favorites which isn’t that much PLUS what I would’ve like to accomplish this month. 


I came across Canva at the top of the year and it is definitely an essential for me in creating thumbnails for my posts. In addition to Canva, I’m a huge fan of Polyvore and I like to combine the two. No sense in hiding what you use. If it works, share it. Everyone has their own creativity within. USE IT!


I’m still obsessed with NCIS and I’ve actually started watching the show over on Netflix. I plan to buy the entire series before the year is over. Preferably around Black Friday when the price drops to $10 a season. Anywho, I’m sad that Michael Weatherly (Dinozzo) will be leaving at the end of the season which is next month. Speaking of people leaving shows, I had no idea that Shemar Moore (Morgan) from Criminal Minds was leaving. The ending of that episode was just so sad. 


Just like I shared in January and February, I’ve been compiling a list I’ve been compiling a list of music favorites for the year. I’ve actually been listening to the Coldplay’s ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ plus Taylor Swifts ‘New Romantics’ on rotation, but new to the list include:

  • Desiigner – ‘Panda’
  • Justin Bieber – ‘Company’
  • Kent Jones – ‘Don’t Mind’ 
  • Rachel Platten – ‘Fight Song’

Aside from what I’ve enjoyed this month, there’s a lot I would have liked to accomplish. 

  • More job searches.
  • Starting a new book.
  • Daily devotions!
  • More videos. I’m tired of the repetitious planner vids.
  • Better eating habits PLUS daily workouts.
  • Better money management. 

I think it’s essential in taking note of what you would have liked to accomplish in a month to start you up for the upcoming month. I know that I would like a new job by June as well as losing weight and getting in shape for a fall lung cancer run. Taking action with these steps and really focusing on what I want to accomplish is a great start to the month. I’ll be able to prioritize better for sure.

Cheers to a productive April and be sure to check out my playlist below!

2016 Reading List | Chaotic Reads

One of my major goals for this year was to read more. There’s so many books sitting on my bookshelf that I have yet to read and what better time to do it than now. There’s so much content coming to the blog, but I wanted to share my 2016 reading list and once I’m done reading a book I’ll be sharing my thoughts/highlights along with whether it’s worth the read or not. Let’s call this series ‘Chaotic Reads.’

2016 reading list.png

I have eight books on my list so far for this year, six of which have been collecting dust on my bookshelf. Below are the full titles and links to the books:

The books are not listed in the order that I plan o reading them although I will be starting with LaLa’s Playbook. I’m not putting a start or end date on any of the books, I just want to read them all. It’d be great to read the six that I do own by the summer and then during July and August read #GirlBoss and #YesPlease. That’s a huge goal for me being that I haven’t actually sat down to read a book in quite some time. I read a lot online, but other than that I’ve been a huge slacker.

Aside from the books collecting dust on my shelf, I feel that the books on this list are the motivation and positivity that I need. I have a lot I’d like to accomplish this year being that I’ll be 25 in October. I don’t want another year to pass me by while I’m still stuck. The culmination of these books are beyond the typical novels people may read. I’m all about gaining something from the information I obtain.

Stay tuned for my ‘Chaotic Reads’ series where I’ll be sharing my highlights of the books along with whether they were worth reading or not. Also be sure to click the links above to purchase the books featured.