Sound OFF: Ciara x Russell Wilson x Baby Future

Training camp has started which means football season is around the corner. Hurray! There’s been plenty of coverage of what’s going on during the training camps from the various teams. Two pictures in particular that are floating around is that of Ciara, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, and Baby Future. They were spotted a couple weeks ago at the San Diego Zoo looking like a cute little family. Yet, a lot are bashing Ciara for bring her son around her boyfriend. Is it too soon?

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May Favorites: Music & Scandal Fail

PicMonkey CollageIt’s crazy that we’re entering the sixth month of 2015. Before you know it, it’ll be Christmas. Enough of the ramble, let’s get into my favorites of the month. I had quite a few music favorites this month, which is surprising. Check them out below and be sure to click the links to take a listen:

I recently discovered Walk the Moon as I kept hearing ‘Shut Up and Dance’ on the radio and I absolutely LOVE their album, Talking Is Hard. Some of my other favorites from the album are ‘Work This Body,’ ‘Sidekick,’ and ‘Up 2 U.’

As for other favorites of the month I have been obsessed with my planner. I’ve been featuring my planner/etsy purchases along with “Plan With Me” in my Spicy Saturday series. The planner I use is the Me and My Big Ideas, “The Happy Planner.” I’ll be doing an update on the planner in a future post, but it’s really kept me on track with everything I have going on from blogging to grad school. Planning is the best part for sure. Catch up on my planner posts below:

TV, TV, oh TV. Now that all my shows have gone on break I’m excited for the fall, but the BIGGEST disappointment of the month would have to be the Scandal season finale. I’m glad the show has been renewed, but the way it ended left me thinking, “Really Shonda?” Olivia & Fitz end up together. Jake leaves? Melly gets kicked out? Cyrus gets fired? Papa Pope gets locked up? What happens between Huck and Quinn? Those questions alone make it sound like an amazing episode and all of it wasn’t bad, it’s jus that ending. I was really expecting something to happen to the president. I wanted Olivia to chase Jake. I wanted a CLIFFHANGER. Those two ending up together in their never ending love roller coaster is just annoying. I’m over them. I’m ready for a drama filled season. That last minute of the finale just killed me. 

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This Week In Music (V. 33): New Music Overload + More

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. Sorry for my absence last week. Check out my posts below over the course of the past 2 weeks:

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New Music Tuesday: Disclosure, Jason Derulo, Future & More

Disclosure-Holding-On-2015-1200x1200-300x300I’ve decided to keep it simple for  Tuesday post, although I’m off my blogging schedule, and share some new music. First up, Disclosure. Disclosure is best known for their smash ‘Latch’ featuring Sam Smith and this time around they’re back with a  new track titled,’Holding On’ featuring Gregory Porter. I’ve listened to it a few times and I don’t find it as mainstream as ‘Latch,’ but then again not everything needs to be mainstream. Not my fav, but a nice listen. Check it out below:

fuckupsomecommasaTwo remixes have dropped. The first is that of Ariana Grande’s, ‘One Last Time,’ featuring Fedez. This version was re-released for the Italian Market. As for who Fedez is, he’s a singer/rapper. The other remix is that of Future’s gibberish, ‘F*ck Up Some Commas.’ He’s enlisted the help of Big Sean and THE BOSS Rick Ross.  for this one.I still love the song even though it took me a while to decipher what the hell Future was saying. Listen to both tracks below:

Rob Thomas is working on a new album since 2009s,,. The first time I heard Rob Thomas was his smash ‘This Is How a Heart Breaks.’ What could be a super cool song has basic lyrics and melody. Granted that could be catchy, but there’s nothing outstanding about this song. I could hear the music in  a commercial or something, but not constantly on the radio waves. Listen below:

Lastly Jason Derulo is on quite a roll as he’s gearing up to release his new album and follow-up to Talk Dirty, This time he’s teamed up with J. Lo for a track titled ‘Try Me.’ Now I’m not in love with this one as much as I am with ‘Want You To Want Me,’ but I could hear this one the radio simply because J.Lo is featured.Everything is 4 drops June 2nd.  Listen to the track below:

Single Review: Ciara, ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’

ciara-singaporeCiara is back with a new single titled ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’ off her forthcoming sixth studio album, Jackie. Based off the first single, ‘I Bet,’ I expect a few more heart wrenching tracks after her public breakup with ex-fiance and baby father, Future. As for a follow-up single to that track this one is nothing but good vibes.

There’s nothing better than a feel good track and this is definitely one. I love the music and the lyrics are sleek and sexy, but not too much. It’s great to twist and work words to have a particular meaning, but not be vulgar. This song does that. She sings about dancing with her partner and hint here and hint there, but nothing explicit. It’s way more toned down than ‘Body Party.’

Vocally she sounds great as she’s not straining to reach any high notes. There’s been times when she’s sang certain notes and it was a raspy high pitch, but the alto sound works well for her. I really love how she sounds on this track and the hook is amazing. A hook is what makes the song catchy and is likely what you’ll likely remember as a listener. For me I can’t get the hook out of my head. It’s simple, but the way she sings it and stretches out the word “love” adds to the catchiness of it.

The music was not overpowering and again I can’t stress how good of a vibe it was. This is definitely a track that’s on my current rotation and a sure favorite. There’s not many current songs that I can listen to on rotation, but this one is amazing. The video for this is what I’m looking most forward to. She could do the story line vibe or keep the simple silhouette and dance around. Either way, I’m excited to see it. Kudos to Ciara on this one. I hope it makes its way to the airwaves sooner rather than later.

I’m looking forward to Ciara’s upcoming album as opposed to her last self-titled effort. The problem with that album was that ‘Body Party’ had put such high standards on the project along with her public relationship to Future that anything released after that didn’t match that buzz. Her relationship really overshadowed her album, but her she is with another buzz worthy single, a breakup that can lead to great music, and a beautiful baby boy. Her album drops this Monday (5/4) so I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Listen to the track below:

This Week In Music (V.9): BBMA x Ciara x The Wests & More

I’m a day late in posting my weekly music recap, BUT let’s get right to it.

Nicki Minaj has released a new track off her upcoming album, The Pink Print, titled ‘Pills and Potions’. The track is a reflection of her career thus far in terms of the people that come and go and her growth as an artist. I really like this one although sometimes I don’t catch on to her music conceptually. I’m still interested in seeing where she’s going with this project since she’s stated in numerous interviews that she’s getting back to the basics.


In other new music, John Mayer has officially released a studio version to his cover of Beyonce’s ‘XO’. It’s a great rendition and I discussed in an edition of Original v. Cover. Take a listen below:


The Billboard Music Awards aired last Sunday and no I did not do a full review, shame on me. I did want to take not of the big winners of the night. As I’ve mentioned before, Jennifer Lopez was honored with the Icon Award, Justin Timberlake was a big winner as he took 7 awards including Top Artist. For the full list of winners click here.


The lineups for the Made In America music festival have been announced. This will be the first year that the festival will be expanding. The shows will be happening simultaneously August 30-31st. Click here for more details and check out the lineups below:





Ciara gave birth to her baby boy this week, Future Zahir Willburn. She instagramed:

Photo Cred: @Ciara

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West officially tied the knot yesterday (5.24.14) in Florence, Italy. Celebs in attendance included: Common, Big Sean, LaLa Anthony, John Legend, Tyga and of course the Kardashian/Jenner gang was there (minus a couple). The dress code was all black minus family and the bride being in white.



Future [Double Play]

UntitledHonest hits stores this Tuesday (4.22) and I thought it would be fitting to do a Future Double Play. Future has released his collab with Andre 3000 and the video for his track with Kanye West. It wasn’t that hard to pick my favorite of the two being that he collaborated with two of my favorite rappers. There was just one song I was feeling more than the other.

First off the Andre 3000 track. It’s titled, ‘Benz Friendz (WHATCHTOLA)’. Interesting title for a song, very ATL. The vibe of the track is ok, I would’ve preferred a better beat, but as the song played on it grew on me. Not an instant love, but not a bad collab. Lyrically I was expecting more, but the song has really grown on me.

Listen to the track below:

Next up is his collab with Kanye. When I first heard about it I didn’t bother to listen. I don’t know why the visual made me change my mind, I guess I was just curious. I really like the vibe of this song. I had to do a double take in the beginning of the video when the girl was getting her Beyonce baby boy beach scene on. Future had a crisp cardigan on and Kanye kept it basic, but of course he couldn’t talk about winning without mentioning his soon-to-be wife, Kim K. How sweet of him to shout out his soon-to-be sisters as well. Really like this track although I have to listen closely to understand all of what Future was saying while he was rapping. Check out the video below:


March Favorites

It’s another month and it’s time for my MONTHLY favorites. I do this just about every month. Click HERE for January & February incase you missed it. I’ve fallen in love with some songs this month that have been on the radio for a while, but I’ve been sucked in to enjoying them. Here’s my picks & be sure to click the links:




NEW MUSIC — Nick Cannon x Keyshia Cole

It’s been a while since Nick Cannon or Keyshia Cole have put out music. More so longer for Cannon than cole. Despite that, the two are back with new project. Nick Cannon has a new album coming out titled, White People Party Music, and Keyshia Cole has been posting all over Instagram sneak peaks at her new album.

Check out Cannon’s, ‘Pajama Pants’ (feat. Future/Migos/Traphik) and Cole’s, ‘Rick James’ (feat. Juicy J) below:

Not really interested in anything that Nick Cannon has to put out, but his album will hit stores April 1st. No name or release date for Keyshia Cole’s album, but it’s set to be released sometime this year and feature tracks ‘Next Time’, ‘Believer’ and ‘Love Letter’ (feat. Future).