Planner Goodies Haul

Welcome to another haul here on the blog. I’ve shared a Michaels home decor haul from goodies I scored on MAJOR clearance. I’ve shared a collective haul from my vacation. I also shared an Etsy sticker haul and this haul is about all the planner goodies that I’ve accumulated over the past month.

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Plan As I Go | Breakfast Theme

Welcome to another Plan As I Go here on the blog. For those unfamiliar with the plan as I go style, or planning at all, the plan as I go style is me pulling out a camera every day and filming my planning. This time around I decided to go with a breakfast theme using sticky nots I found at Five Below.

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Dollar Tree | Michaels | Five Below HAUL

Hey everybody and HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope you all have had an amazing week. I wanted to share some items that I’ve accumulated from Dollar Tree, Michaels, Five Below, and Target. A lot of random nick knacks, but a lot will be featured in upcoming posts for DIYs. So excited to share these items with you all, plus a couple new reads.

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Target, Dollar Tree, Five Below HAUL

I’ve accumulated some amazing finds from Target, Dollar Tree and Five Below over the past few days. All of the items were from 30 cents, yes 30 cents to $5. The items range from gifts to decor and of course, planner goodies.

Target One Spot 


I went into Target for deodorant and pads yet I was sidetracked by the One Spot, as usual, and all of the Easter goodies that were on sale. I ended up purchasing what I went in for, but I was there for a lot loner scanning items. From the new Summer line that’s out I purchased a list pad, page flags, and sticky notes. I will say that Target is getting skimpy with the post-its. Yes they come in a pack of 2 for a $1, but it’s only 30 sheets each compared to what used to be 50 sheets each. As for the Easter goodies I scored the plaid pail for $1.50 (originally $5) and the list pads and the sock were 30 cents each from $1.

Dollar Tree


I haven’t really found much in the Dollar Trees in my area that I have seen online such as the cute sweet treat list pad and sticky note set or any of the emoji list pads / sticky notes. There was a new Dollar Tree that opened in my area and when I walked in I was happy to find some of what I had seen, not the emoji stuff, but the thin washi tape. The store was a mess though. the shelves were in a complete disarray and there were boxes on boxes of stuff everywhere.

I did end up buying Paw Patrol magic towels for my nephews plus a basket to rotate their toys from upstairs to downstairs. For myself I picked up the display eisels, one small and large. The small one will sit on my desk with my business cards and the large one is for my planner. I can always move it to my kitchen as well to hold a cookbook.

Five Below


My nephews absolutely love Five Below, but I’m really all about shopping in the $1-$3 price range. I will say that Five Below is a great place to find value gifts. I purchased a $5 for my 3 year old nephew. The real deal was a 100 piece Minion art set that had stickers, a coloring book, markers, crayons, stencils, and paints. Awesome deal for $5. The only one I saw of that set was for the Minions, but it’d be great if there were more. As for what’s on trend that was available, there’s Frozen of course plus some Paw Patrol and Finding Dory. 



This has to be one of the smallest Black Friday shopping trips ever. Last year I purchased 15 movies for under $30 and this year I knew I had to make a stop at Walmart to see what other movies I could score. I did’t want to spend much as I am trying to put more in the bank instead of our the bank. I ended up with four movies: Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse plus Despicable Me for all under $10. I ended up heading over to F.Y.E to see if I could find the rest of the Twilight series, but I ended up getting Fast 6 for $7. Another collection complete. I headed over to Five Below and saw a cute iPad case for $3, originally $5. Only thing I hate bout the animal cases is that they are really never sized to the iPad. They’re typically too big.

Last stop I made was to the mall. H&M didn’t have anything I wanted and I would’ve stopped in Old Navy (50% off entire store), but I would’ve ended up buying more than necessary. Wet Seal had a Buy 1/Get 1 Free sale and I purchased a pair of boots for $40 and got the plaid shirt free. Expect a future OOTD with those items. I stopped in Charlotte Russe as well which had a buy 1/get 1 for $1 on heels and boots, but of course none would be in my size. They had a better selection that Wet Seal. Anywho, I didn’t break the bank and ended up spending /a little over $50. Not too shabby. Check out my pic below & be sure to follow me on Instagram @MusicMovingForward. HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND!


INSTA HAUL — Target | Five Below



I received a surprise Target gift card and I headed over there this weekend to get some new supplies for my office/makeup organization. I do not have much makeup and as I plan to make a little beauty section in my new room I wanted to store my makeup. I posted my makeup collection here, and yes for the three little drawers I will have to downsize. The spinning/Lazy Susan type pencil holder was on clearance for under $4 and I plan to use that to store everyday makeup & brushes. On my way out I saw a white board which will be perfect for me to write down and pin new blog ideas and what nots once I get my new office set up. The white board was a regular $19.99 and was marked down twice so I paid around $6 for it.

20140302-112749.jpgNext up I headed over to one of my favorite stores, Five Below which as the name states $5 and below. I picked up a few random things, one of which I considered a necessity. The tape deck thingy was what I needed for my car to hear music for my phone since my old one broke. I also saw one of my favorite movies, Troy, I picked up Wanted as well. The exercise stuff is something I’ve been meaning to get. I’m really excited to use the jumprope within the next month since it will (hopefully) get warmer hear in the tri-state. The stretch cord I can use now and I’m ready to get back into some type of workout regimen since I haven’t been doing much. I also picked up some Expo markers for my white board, but already I’ve misplaced them.

Welp, that’s it for my haul. Nothing much, just a few random things that I’ve wanted to share.