Collective Haul | Forever 21, Value Village, & More!

Hey everyone and welcome to another post here on the blog. I recently went on vacay to visit family and I couldn’t resist shopping a little. Plus, I finished grad school the week I was away, with an A in my last class, so that’s justification to TREAT MYSELF!

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Flashback to NYE 2014

0101150011a~2With 2016 less than  a week away, I look back on NYE of 2014. What I wore, who I was with, and my resolution/goals for 2015. Well as for what I wore, I kept it pretty simple with an all black ensemble. Since I had a small party at home with family I ditched the heels and opted for boots. Then again, I had on fuzzy socks. The boots were for picture purposes only.

So here it is, another year has come and gone and I thought now would be a great time to reflect and see if I’ve accomplished any goals I set for 2015. Check out my Happy New Year post HERE. Here’s a glimpse of my list:

  • No soda; drinking more water
  • Daily devotions & tithing bi-weekly
  • Daily blogging / at LEAST every other day !

Of those three things that I wanted to stay consistent with, I didn’t fully stick to my guns. That’s why I don’t really make resolutions, more like yearly goals. I was pretty consistent with my blog, blogging every other day and for the month of December daily. My daily devotions I definitely need to make a priority along with tithing in 2016. I started out the first 3 months of the year not drinking soda and then in March when I fell ill, I drank some to settle my stomach and it sparked my craving again. I will say that I was better at tracking my water intake this year, but I definitely want to cut back on the soda. If I have one occasionally fine, but I definitely want to up my water intake.

I’ll be sharing my goals for 2016 in the new year, but I wanted to reflect on my top 3 goals of 2015 to see if I really did what I planned to. Life can easily get in the way, but one thing I learned this year was that I need to stop overthinking and take life day by day. I can get so wrapped up in the bigger picture that I overlook the current moment and get off track too easily. It’s great to look ahead, but it’s also nothing wrong with living in the moment.

Fashion Lookbook | The Jumpsuit

I absolutely love jumpsuits. I love how they can be casual or dressy. You can pair them with heels, sneakers, Uggs. The possibilities are really endless. The great thing about jumpsuits are that you don’t have to figure out the top or the bottom. It’s one piece that you can accessorize to your liking. I’ve created four looks that would be great, whether you’re going shopping with friends or going to parties.


The first look is one that can go from the office to a night out on the town. I love the periwinkle color and with a  nude heel you can’t go wrong. You could add a blazer or even a faux fur jacket with this. For the night out a clear bag would be super cute or even a simple nude clutch. For the office a nice long coat with a tote bag would be great. You could even pair this with flats; pointed toe preferably. Links to recreate the look below:

Look #2 is definitely for a night out with your girls or for a date night. The romper is super simple yet adding the thigh high boot makes it work for the winter as well. If you’re wearing it in the winter, I highly suggest a longer coat. For date night or girls night you could add a leather jacket with a chunky scarf. The boots are the real main attraction of this look. Click the links to recreate the look below:

On to look #3, this look is great for the moms out there, the college girl on-the-go, or if you’re just going out to run errands. The denim romper is not only on trend, but you could even go further and pair a denim jacket along with it. A leather jacket would go with this as well. This is another look that you could dress up with a  pair of heels, but the converse really amp up the casual look. The neon yellow bag could be a splurge, but you could pair any tote you want. Whether it’s a baby bag, school bag, or a cross body bag, it’ll work with the look. Links to recreate it below:

The last look is a look I’d wear casually or even dress it up. I really, really, really love the shoes. I know these mimic the Timberland style, but what I love more about these is the chunky heel. The chunky heel is really my fav and with the ripped jumpsuit it works. A cargo type jacket would go great with this or you could always pair the wardrobe staple, the faux leather jacket. I’d personally layer this with the cargo jacket, a chunky scarf and the book bag type purse would work great. Links to recreate the look are below:

OOTD #17: Cozy Holidays

IMG_2498The holiday season is in full swing. I wanted to share my outfit from Thanksgiving. I was thankful that I was able to spend it with my siblings, my grandmother, and my nephews. The holidays are a time to reflect on not only what you’re thankful for, but to spend it with the people you love. Being 1 of 5, to spend any holiday with my four siblings is a major plus.

I think of all the traditions my mom started such as the Christmas tree going up the day before Thanksgiving. My sister went for a white tree this year with gold decorations and I’m in love. Of course I had to snag a picture next to it.

My outfit was based around my shoes that I purchased from ShoeDazzle. I got semi-dressed for family photos, but adding my Banana Republic cardigan really added a ‘cozy’ feel to the look. By the time I got to my sisters I ditched the heels for fuzzy socks and curled on the couch and watched football. My jeans were high-waisted from Forever 21 and my shirt is one of my ultimate favs from H&M.

I didn’t wear any jewelry, but if I wanted to dress this look up even more I’d switch the cardigan for my leather jacket. In keeping the cardigan I could’ve added a statement necklace and a pair of studs. Ditching the heels I could easily pair this with ankle boots or a pair of Uggs, grey preferably. I’m really loving black & stripes. Also my grey cardigan has become a staple and I can pair it with just about anything.

I’ve linked below items to recreate the look.Be sure to click the links bolded above for related posts!

Fall Haul

In no way am I a fashionista yet when I go shopping there’s no mistake as to what I want. I used to be an indecisive shopper simply because I didn’t know my style. I was shopping through the eyes of others. What other people were wearing, what they purchased, and those infamous YouTube hauls. I’d end up buying something, wearing it once, and placing it in the back of my closet.  I’m not a huge fan of trends and these when i purchase pieces, thrifted or not, I’m looking for staples for my wardrobe. I really love neutral tones and you can never have two much black/grey in your closet.



PicMonkey Collage


The first three items are from Banana Republic and Gap. The Banana Republic cardigan is definitely one of my favorites. It’s grey, long, and it has pockets. I have a few cardigans that don’t have pockets and I don’t wear them often simply because of that. I also have a jacket that has elbow pads from Gap. I like the contrast in material, but the elbow pads really sold me. Lastly is the windbreaker from Gap. It has plaid on the inside, a hood which is essential, and it just works. I’ve notice that I can wear a Medium from places like this yet other times I have to go up to an XL just to get it to zip. Very pleased with the quality.




I love the blush tone color and who doesn’t love a flowy t-shirt. Both items are from Banana Republic. The blush tone sweater is great to dress up or down and the saying is not so teeny bopper that I won’t be able to wear it for years to come. The grey t-shirt reminds me of the Sex & The City movie (part 1) with Jennifer Hudson’s ‘All Dressed In Love.’ I’d style the t-shirt with the grey Cardigan above with a pair of jeans and ankle boots. To dress it up it would look great with a leather jacket, high-waist jeans, and a pair of boots.

I’ll be featuring these items in future OOTDs. In the meantime, be sure to click the links below to purchase similar items!

What’s In My Bag: Fall Edition

I love watching videos on what people have in their bags and here on my blog, every now and then, I like to share. The bag that I used last season was either my cobalt blue or orange ‘Savant’ bag from JustFab. I’ve featured those bags in previous posts which you can find HERE. While I love those bags, I’ve decided to use one of my newer handbags that I purchased from H&M.

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Fall Essentials

I’ve been wanting to do a fall post for quite some time, I just really haven’t gotten around to doing so. I thought of doing a look book, even a fall wishlist, but I thought sharing my fall essentials would be fun as well. My essentials are those items that I frequent the most and the ones that I’ve been obsessed with over the past couple of years. First up, shoes.


I’ve shared these shoes in previous posts whether it was when I hauled them or in Outfit of the Days. The black ankle boots which I scored for 50% off from H&M two years ago ($60 to $30) are my staple for the fall and winter. I love the gold detail and it really dresses up any outfit. What’s great about these shoes is that they could be worn with a short romper, a skirt, or boyfriend jeans. The pointed toe makes them sort of like witch boots, but I love them. Similar styles HERE.

The second pair I purchased from GoJane.Com. I really love the style of DocMartens, but not only are they trendy, but they’re not cheap either. For a trendy shoe I’d rather pay for a similar style. I had a pair in black as well, but unfortunately they scuffed a few times after I wore them. The maroon/burgundy pair held up with no problem and I love pairing them with dark wash jeans, a flannel, or even a hoodie. Similar styles HERE.


Moving on to my purses for the fall, I’ve been loving my olive green tote from H&M and small satchel that my grandmother gave to me nearly a year ago. With whatever bag I use, since most of my bags are huge, I throw the brown one in which holds my wallet, keys, etc. I won’t give too much away since I’ll be doing a What’s in My Bag soon. Find similar styles to the H&M tote HERE.


I’m not a candle hoarder as I see from some people on YouTube, nor do I burn the ones I have a lot, but the ones I do burn are AMAZING! I’m all for the Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles, when they’re on sale. For the fall I’ve been burning ‘Autumn Sky’ and ‘Apple Orchard.’ ‘Autumn Sky’ has a fresh manly scent while ‘Apple Orchard’ would be great for the kitchen. Don’t let the price fool you, these candles are amazing and you can always reuse the jar once you’re done. To purchase, click HERE.


Lastly are the beauty products that I love oh so much. From nail polish to my favorite scent and who doesn’t love lipstick. My all time favorite neutral is Revlon Lip Butter in ‘Fig Jam.’ I stumbled across it accidentally and it’s been my favorite ever since. It’s the perfect cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss. You can apply as much or as little as you want. Be sure to click the links below to purchase the items that could be found.

OOTD #16: Flashback to Vacay + Mini Haul

Over the Summer I headed to Atlanta for a long weekend vacation. I went from a Thursday to a Sunday plus I took off that Wednesday before I left and Monday after my return from work. Being in Atlanta for 3 1/2 days was more than enough time and I was able to see and do a lot while I was there. The first day I enjoyed the luxury of the hotel in the pent house suite and took full advantage of the gym. That Friday I went took a tour of the Center for Civil and Human Rights and visited the gift shops of the Coca-Cola Factory and the College Football Hall of Fame. Although we did not rent a car, thankfully everything was in walking distance. Saturday I met with a friend that lives in the area and we went out for drinks and Mexican food. Talk about AMAZING!

I wanted to share my outfit and goodies that I purchased while I was away. The outfit that I wore during the day I went sightseeing was a pair of shorts from JCPenny that I purchased nearly 3 years ago that I barely wear and a new top that has a slit in the back from Forever 21. The top I featured in a haul which you can check out HERE.


The accessories that I wore were a pair of sandals from Charlotte Russe. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to style them when I purchased them, but they worked well with the outfit. My purse I had purchased from Aldo a while back and it looks like a camera and fits my Canon T4i PERFECTLY. I did take the lens off for it to fit, but most of the time it was around my neck. I loved the look. Simple, yet super cute. Check out my sandals in my Spring haul HERE.


As for what I purchased while on vacation, it wasn’t much. The College Football Hall of Fame didn’t have a great selection so I ended up with a wristband and a mousepad, yes a mousepad. From the Center for Civil and Human Rights the tour was amazing, but I only picked up a few post cards. From the Coca-Cola factory I was tempted to buy everything. Anything you could imagine from shirts to laptop cases, hats, etc. were covered in the Coca-Cola logo. I just purchased a surprise pack after buying gifts for my sisters. Lastly, it would be a touristy trip if I didn’t get a shirt that said Atlanta. Great trip, only downside, the never ending traffic. Beautiful airport as well.


Fashion Forward Friday [V.22]: Accessories Haul

I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to shop before I went on vacation, yet I walked into H&M and they were having a sale. I didn’t pick up much and all items that I will show were under $100, but seriously, no more shopping until vacation.

From H&M I picked up 2 necklaces, 2 sets of midi rings, a purse, and the best buy of all, a scarf. The two necklaces I purchased were a total of $10, if purchased full price I would have spent $24.95. Awesome savings. As for the midi rings one set was $3.95 which I purchased of $1 and the other was $5.95 which I purchased for $3. The scarf was my favorite purchase of all as it was only $1. Yes, $1. It was originally $12.95, marked down to $7, then $3, and then $1. I couldn’t leave it behind and I can’t wait to style it in the fall. The only item I purchased full price was a purse that was $40. There was a similar style on sale for $20, but the olive green color I could not pass up. Hey, it’s okay to treat yourself every now and then and I’d rather purchase a bag I love then to settle for one I like. Check out the items below:



From Forever 21 I purchased a shirt, in one of my favorite colors, and I like to call it business in the front, party in the back. The shirt is so chic and although it has a huge slit in the back, it’s not much and it’s kind of a high-low, very slightly. Love, love, love this and it was only $12.95.


Lastly I picked up a pair of earrings from Aldo (pictured above). I went in to purchase my sister some things for her 8th Grade Dinner Dance and they were having a sale, buy 3 get 25% off. I picked up a pair of gold aztec type earring for $8.50, with the 25% off. In total I spent a little over $50 which was great considering one of the items I purchased was $40.

I can’t wait to style the pieces that I purchased and be on the lookout for future posts featuring these items. Check out my YouTube, LakiaBTV, and follow me on Instagram @ChaoticCritic.

Fashion Forward Friday [V.26]: Sandal Collection

Welcome to another edition of Fashion Forward Friday and we’re nearing the end of my shoe collection posts. Check out previous installments below:

In this edition, as stated in the title, I wanted to showcase my sandal collection. Now the thing about sandals is that I wear the hell out of them in the Summer. I buy some that are on trend, but some I’ve had for years and other than the inside sole having wear and tear, the sandals are still in great condition. As for sandals I still want to purchase, I want a pair of gladiators that come to about the knee and a pair of cognac sandals. I never realized just how much I love the cognac color.

As for how I store my sandals, being that I only bring them out in late Spring I store them in a bin. Nothing fancy. I do keep the sandals that I frequently wear on top and eventually they end up straggled around my room. When it comes to comfortability, I would say majority of them are comfortable.

The one that irks me the most are the ones from Forever 21, which you can see below. the sole is not a soft bottom and makes a click clack sound similar to a heel. It’s also very slippery so I don’t wear them often. I had a black pair that I absolutely loved, but they ended up breaking, so I was lucky to find a similar style at Old Navy which I featured in a haul (click HERE for that).

My favorite pairs would have to be the ones I purchased from Easy Pickins, Traffic, and the flip flops from Target. The ones from Easy Pickins have a tassel that’s still not trend and I purchased them 3 years ago. The ones from Traffic are so beautiful and I get compliments every time I wear them. The flip flops from Target have the most wear and tear on the inside sole, which is to be expected since I’ve worn them like no tomorrow. They were the best impulse buy and I purchased them about 3 or 4 years ago after watching an Akaydoll video. I typically don’t like to spend over $25 on a pair of sandals simply because there are so many variations and I don’t wear them year round like other shoes. The ones that I purchased from Traffic were the most expensive, nearly $40, but I expected that due to the design of them.

Check out the pics below, be sure to check out my YouTube channel, LakiaBTV, and follow me on Intstagram @ChaoticCritic.

IMG_20150621_201257 IMG_20150621_201647 IMG_20150621_202009