Kohl’s Clearance Finds

I’m a sucker for clearance finds and it’s that time of year when I add a few new additions to my wardrobe. Fall is officially here! Then again, we have a heatwave coming in my area so not so much just yet. Anywho, I was amazing to find some amazing pieces at Kohl’s in the clearance section all for around $50.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Planner Recap | November 2015

November is officially over and the holiday season is in full swing. I wanted to share my planner recap for November and further discuss what I liked and disliked about my process. Stay tuned to the end for my talk through video! Below are links to my September & October recaps.

Monthly Spread


I won’t spend too much time on this spread since I’ve talked about my monthly planner process before. I have used credit cards from OneOrangeSnowflake to mark my bills before, but this time around I used washi. The solid colored washi made it easy for me to write in my bills which I did with a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point. I accented it with a sticker from the ‘Give Thanks’ sticker book. To mark off my appointments I used washi once again. When it doubt, washi it out.

Stickers/Washi Used:

Week 1: November 2nd-8th


For this layout I used the PineapplePaperCo October Monthly kit. I am apart of the PR team for the Etsy shop so feel free to use my coupon code “LAKIA” for $1 off any purchase. I really liked using the boxes for the middle section. The boxes were made for the Erin Condren Life Planner so I took the full boxes and crossed the colors with half boxes. I wish the kit would’ve come with headers so I just wrote them in an used the checklist. The full boxes are great to layer other stickers and I used the half boxes wot write in my TV shows. The weekend banner I had left over from an ImagineThatByLori kit and all other stickers I’ve used in various other posts.

Stickers/Washi Used:

Week 2: November 9th-15th


This layout is my least favorite of the month. What really threw it off was the black washi tape layered in the sidebar. From now on I will definitely be leaving it blank or putting scrapbook paper. This week was the first week I switched my layout from blog   and personal on top and bottom to the inverse. I was initially going for a black and grey color scheme, but that didn’t work. I tried to salvage it with pops of blue, but it still didn’t work. Sometimes there’s just those weeks where it didn’t work. This happened to be one of them.

Stickers/Washi used:

Week 3: November 16th-November 22nd | Superhero Theme 


This week was created with my nephew in mind. He turned 6 on the 17th so the Superhero theme was for him. I hate kits that don’t come with 8 full boxes. Only having six limited me to just putting the full boxes on Monday through Friday. I like to put them for the full 7 days. I could have mixed and matched them, but I prefer to just cover the entire middle section. Other than that I think the layout turned out pretty cute. An extra box or two would have would have filled it out.

Stickers/washi used / similar styles:

Week 4: November 23rd-29th | Thanksgiving Week


I really loved this spread and it was based around a sampler I received in my order from FabulouslyPlanned. I used adhesive craft paper for the middle section similar to what I’ve done before. I put scrapbook paper on the side. Not much really went on this week so I was able to play around with the stickers. Unlike the first week I took computer paper to cover the bottom and layered the washi tape on top. I had a lot of cleaning and reorganization to do since I had a four day weekend so the checklists worked out great. Cheers to actually getting things done.

Stickers/Washi Used:

Frequently Used Stickers/Washi of the Month: 

Check out my video below where I further discuss my layouts and planning process from the month. Enjoy!

What’s In My Bag: Fall Edition

I love watching videos on what people have in their bags and here on my blog, every now and then, I like to share. The bag that I used last season was either my cobalt blue or orange ‘Savant’ bag from JustFab. I’ve featured those bags in previous posts which you can find HERE. While I love those bags, I’ve decided to use one of my newer handbags that I purchased from H&M.

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Plan With Me: November 2nd-8th

October has come and November is in full swing. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and  Last week (October 26th – November 1st) I created a Halloween spread that I absolutely loved. Check out the full layout below:


For this current week I wanted to create a spread using the stickers I received from Pineapple Paper Co. along with the Darice sticker book ‘Give Thanks.’ The stickers from Pineapple Paper Co. were sent to me as I was chosen to be a part of the PR team. You can see what else was sent in my welcome package HERE.  I knew with the set I’d be able to make a complete layout without having to pick through my other Etsy stickers.


I decided to use the full box sticker across the entire middle section and interchange the colors. The boxes were made for an Erin Condren planner, but being that I use a MAMBI Happy Planner, the boxes were too short. To make up the space I used the half boxes underneath, alternating the colors again. To mark off my blog posts I used the orange flags.

I need to purchase the whiteout tape so that I can clear the morning / afternoon / night in the corners along with the design at the bottom. I had to layer the washi tape and it still isn’t the best as the design peaked through, but it’ll do. My first fall design was for the week of September 21st-27th and I wasn’t sure if this one would turn out the same or different due to the orange/brown color scheme. I’m happy with the result and I can’t wait to add and layer stickers throughout the week.

I used the Darice stickers in my November monthly layout, coming soon, but the splashes throughout this layout really worked well. I also added scrapbook paper that I used in my last weeks spread to the sidebar and I plan to do that for the upcoming weeks. I’m not a huge fan of the lines and I can always improvise if I need a longer to-do list. Although I covered the sidebar I added the fall sticker from the sampler sheet and put it in the corner.

Again, I love how this layout turned out. The added chevron makes it fall chic. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@ChaoticCritic) to see how I add to it throughout the week. For the full spread check back next week. Next week will be a Lung Cancer Awareness themed spread which I’m really excited about. Direct links to stickers are below along with my plan with me video. Enjoy!

IMG_2351Stickers/Washi Used:

PineapplePaperCo Stickers (FINAL STOCK!):

For Pineapple Paper Co purchases in the month of November, use coupon code Thankful15 for 15% off your order. 

Plan With Me: October 12th-18th

It’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK! It’s finally almost October 15th. I meant to get this post up yesterday, October 11th, but I never got around to doing so. It’s been a long yet amazing weekend. I went to a wedding over the weekend and when I got back home, I automatically crashed.

So goals for this week,

  • uploading my finished posts
  • drinking more water
  • staying positive

A lot of more content is coming such as the renewal of my Motivational Monday series, of course more planner overload, but also a few fashion posts along with holiday decor & organization. Also, my series Sound OFF is starting back up. Lots of hot topics to discuss.

Getting back to this post, here’s my layout from last week, October 5th-11th, completely filled out. Also, be sure to check out my September Recap HERE!


When it came to planning my layout for this week, I was going for a sweet treat theme. There’s a macaron set that I had purchased from xoMamaPlans on Etsy (check her YouTube HERE) and I wanted the layout to be centered around that, but the colors are pretty muted. So, I went into my sticker stash and used up the full boxes I had from the obsolete Etsy shop, Pixels & Poppies and put those in the middle section.

I didn’t do the typical sidebar that I have done for the past 3 weeks with my TV shows, instead I used the TV icon from RorysSweetAddictions layered with an Erin Condren sticker and I wrote in my shows. I’ll probably go back to the TV show sidebar next week. In place of my typical sidebar, I added hydrate stickers from TwoKraftyChicks which also helped to cover the pen marks from last week.

Another challenge I had this week was to mark off my Instagram posts being that I’ve basically run out of the Instagram stickers that I love from AStickyMonster. To maximize the stickers I have left, I took the MDN headers from LillieHenry and put an instagram sticker on Monday to indicate that the labels were specifically for those posts. To fill in the remainder empty spaces, i added Erin Condren quotes and cupcake washi tape.

I blocked off my entire birthday with the full boxes I mentioned and I layered that with a sticker from Erin Condren and cute kawaii cupcake. I left the day pretty empty other than that to add anything else. Also, I couldn’t forget to add my Steelers stickers. We play two games this week. Oh the joy (and added stress.. lol) of my birthday week.

Overall I absolutely love how this layout turned out. I add throughout the week as well. Below are links to stickers used along with my weekly plan with me video. ENJOY!


Washi Tape / Stickers Used:

Planner Recap | September 2015

If you haven’t been able to tell, I am completely obsessed with planning. It’s become quite therapeutic to decorate and I have found that in writing things down I am holding myself accountable to get things done. I’ve always had a love for writing in my planner and I love finding new ways to get the most out of my planning.

I’ve been planning since May of this year in my Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner and I absolutely love it. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Erin Condren Life Planner, the Happy Planner is a great option. I haven’t really recapped what’s been working and what I need to improve which is the purpose of this post. So, let’s get to it.

Monthly Spread


I use the monthly spread to pinpoint my bills, but I really do not use it other than that. I don’t go back and fill things in. I use it more as a guide for the upcoming week when planning so I can mark what bill is due or if I have someplace to go. For this month I marked the TV show premieres and if there is a PPV, I mark that as well. Other than that it’s really to just mark pay days, my bills, appointments, and the weekends I have my nephews. Oh, and of course, BIRTHDAYS!

For the weeks to follow, there’s no color theme sets that are sold on Etsy similar to that of the Erin Condren. I really don’t want to limit myself to a color scheme any way so I just plan however I plan.

Week 1 | Safari/Jungle Theme 

I really wanted to get back into using my Darice sticker books for this week and I used the Safari/Jungle one. I was skeptical in using the stickers, but I really love how it turned out. I didn’t use many of my Etsy stickers in this spread and I used a printable from Wendaful.Com that worked well.

Week 2 | Football Theme 

I received football borders in a Swap from a Facebook group I’m in and with the start of football season I was inspired to do a football spread. Out of the entire month, it’s my absolute favorite. I loved the wash I use and again I used the printable to-do list from Wendaful, but the adhesive borders really made this spread amazing. Also the football stickers from Hobby Lobby added to it as well. Love, love LOVE this spread.


Week 3 | Back to School Theme 

I wanted to do this spread at the beginning of September, but my stickers from TheHappyDoodle had not arrived so I had to wait. I still loved how this spread turned out and the Alphabet stickers I had purchased from the Target dollar spot and they worked great at the bottom. I also used the Target colored pencil list pad to fill in the boxes. Great way to use those if you don’t have any printable to-do lists or Etsy stickers. Make use of what you have.

Point Blur_Sep202015_173253-2

Week 4 | Fall Theme

Cheers to the first of many Fall themes to come, in November at least. I used a set from ImagineThatbyLori along with stickers I had purchased from the Target dollar spot. It turned out amazing. This was the week of TV premieres and I put them in the sidebar. Lots of orange in this one.

Point Blur_Sep292015_043513

I love how this month turned out and this will be a monthly feature here on the blog. I’ve seen some of my favorites, MandaPhenom and PrettyNeatLiving, do planner recaps so I thought I’d give it a try. Check out my latest posts for October below:

Plan With Me | October Layout

HELLO OCTOBER! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, aside from Christmas, because it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH. This year is flying by and it’s time for another monthly plan with me. You can click HERE to see how I planned in September.

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