This Week In Music (V. 34): Top of the Charts, Baby News, & More!

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. Before we get into this weeks recap, check out my posts of the week below:

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This Week In Music (V.3): Ed Sheeran x Miguel x Keyshia Cole

I haven’t been doing much of track/video/album reviews this week or lately simply because I haven’t been interested in much. Well there’s quite a bit of new music that’s been released this week and a sneak peak at albums to come. Let’s get into the 3rd edition of This Week In Music.

I’ve written 2 posts so far about Ed Sheeran. I reviewed his track, ‘SING’, off his upcoming album, X and I wanted to share his cover of Beyonce’s, ‘Drunk In Love.’ He performed his rendition on the Elvis Durran & The Morning Show (NYC, Z100).

As many times as this song has been remixed/covered I actually like this one. I love acoustic ANYTHING, for the most part, and his voice worked well with it.

Moving right along to new music I came across Miguel’s, ‘How Many Drinks’ remix with Rick Ross. Again things that should just be left alone. There was no need for this remix to surface being that Kendrick already slayed when the remix was initially released. I just feel it’s too late whether it was meant to get buzz or just give the song to the public. Not interested. Still a fan of the song, just not interested in this remix. I could go for some new Miguel music; hopefully soon. Take a listen below:


keyshia-cole-rick-jamesNext up is Keyshia Cole. I heard her track ‘Rick James’ roughly a month or so ago and I was like WTF is this. I’m still trying to figure out what she’s doing, musically. I know that the BEST music comes out through heartbreak, but I can’t say the same about Keyshia Cole and this direction she’s taking with this new project. I’ve been a fan of Keyshia’s music and I just feel that with everything going on personally in her life that she’s not into the music the way that a fan would expect her to be. Creatively she’s entitled to do whatever she pleases it’s just that I don’t feel anything with the music. I don’t feel any passion behind it. Lyrically you can tell where she’s coming from due to her broadcasted marital issues, but still I just don’t feel the vibe of this new project. As for her video for ‘Rick James’ featuring Juicy J, it’s eh. Lyrically it’s eh. I get what she’s saying then I don’t get what she’s saying. Check out the video below:

Lastly is a new track from August Alsina as he gears up to release his debut, Testimony, on Tuesday (4.15.14). I’m really liking his music and I will be doing a ‘My Top 5′ on the album so stay tuned for that. This track is titled,, and features Fabolous. Take a listen below:


Lastly for new music news, Elle Varner has released another track off her upcoming sophomore project titled,’Little Do You Know’. This isn’t my favorites out of the two she’s previously released, ‘Cold Case‘ & ‘See Me Tonight‘, but I can’t wait to hear more from her and I’m excited for her new album. Check out the track below:


NEW MUSIC — August Alsina x Rick Ross, ‘Benediction’

20140220-130213.jpgAs it leads up to his debut album release, R&B newcomer August Alsina, has teamed up with Rick Ross for the second single off his upcoming album, Testimony. The track is very heart felt and from the track listing I am interested in hearing the compilation that he’s bringing forth. He reminds me of a more raw Trey Songz (coincidentally they have ‘beef’) as far as song concepts. So far we’ve heard the ‘sex’ song, ‘struggle’ song and from the looks of the track listing maybe the makeup/breakup track.

Listen to ‘Benediction’ below as well as check out the official tracklisting. Testify in stores 4.22.14

Here’s the tracklisting for his album:

  1. ‘Testify’
  2. ‘Make It Home’ (feat. Jeezy)
  3. ‘Right Here’
  4. ‘You Deserve’
  5. ‘No Love’
  6. ‘Porn Star’
  7. ‘FML’ (feat. Pusha T)
  8. ‘Grind & Pay/Get Ya Money’ (feat. Fabolous)
  9. ‘Ghetto’ (feat. Yo Gotti)
  10. ‘Kissin’ On My Tattoos’
  11. ‘Ah Yeah’
  12. ‘Mama’
  13. ‘Benediction’ (feat. Rick Ross)
  14. *’I Luv This Shit’ (feat. Trinidad James)
  15. *’Numb’ (feat. B.o.B. & Yo Gotti)