Etsy Sticker Haul + Tips

Welcome to another post here on the blog. I’m all over the place with posts and what not. It’s December. Christmas overload! I’m talking planner spreads, DIYs, gift guides, and more! PLUS I’m hosting a giveaway on my Instagram (@ChaoticCritic) #ChaoticXMASGiveaway. It’s 12 Days of Giveaways. I’ll have the rules listed below.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Etsy Sticker Haul Ft. LibbieandCo., RakPaperStickers, & More!

Welcome to the second installment of my collective hauls. My first one featured my super clearance Michaels Haul full of home decor. This one is all about the Etsy stickers I ordered while I was on vacation. It was like coming home to Christmas with all the packages at my door. I ordered from six shops: Libbie & Co,  xoSimplyKish, RakPaperStickers, PinkSunshineSupplies, EmmasCorner1, ItsPlanningTime, and ArtBoxStickers.

Be sure to stay tuned for my upcoming collective hauls with fashion and planner goodies.

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Etsy Sticker Haul Featuring JuJuAllOver & Sticky Essentials

I haven’t posted an Etsy sticker haul in quite some time. I’ve featured shops here and there that I’ve ordered from, but this is the largest order I’ve placed in a while. Click the link below to see my other Etsy Hauls:

I ordered from two shops over Valentine’s Day weekend, JuJuAllOver and Sticky Essentials. Both shops were having a sale and I don’t like ordering from shops unless there is one. I’m not talking the usual 10% off your order. I like to wait around for coupon codes for 40% or more. I typically go for the 50% off. It’s great when shops have no minimum with their coupon code. Be sure to search around on Instagram or even Facebook groups, but Instagram is the fastest and esisest way to find the latest sales.

Starting with Sticky Essentials, she was having a sale where you spend $25 you get 6 sheets free. Her usual deal is spend $15, get 1 sheet free or spend $25 get 3 sheets free. I ordered two kits: the March monthly kit and mystery kit, plus a sheet of TV stickers. The March monthly kit was $14, which I got for free since it’s 6 sheets and the mystery kit was $22.95. I ended up paying $28.70 (including shipping) for my order.


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I really like the stickers from Sticky Essentials and her price point is great. For 6 sheets you pay $14 which breaks down to $2.33 a sheet. Plus with the mystery kit you get 10 sheets plus 2 extras. She sent a Le Pen plus a cute paperclip. A lot of mystery kits start at $25 so for what she’s sending, it’s a great price point. Links to purchase below:

Moving onto JuJuAllOver, her sale was spend $50 and get 50% off. I purchased 3 kits plus some cute little extras. With her kits all sheets are sold separately for $3.50 each. I love that her shop offered the Happy Planner version. While the Happy Planner and the Erin Condren Life Planner have a nearly identical layout, the Happy Planner boxes are definitely taller. I have the “Good Things Are Going to Happen” edition so my boxes are even taller. I love that the kits were offered with wash strips which really helps to fill inane white spaces in the spread.



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Pastel & Beyond

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Links to purchase below:

Etsy Haul #1

I have gone absolutely planner crazy and in this “Spicy Saturday” series on my blog I’ve really been showing my new found love for planners. Check out  my previous posts below:

In this post I wanted to share my recent Etsy purchases along with a video going more into detail. Check out the pics below and when you click them it will take you directly to each Etsy shops.










All of the stickers were affordable and the most I spent on a set was $5. You can follow these shops, for the most part, on Instagram as well and being that it’s Memorial Day weekend you’re sure to get a discount. Most shops offer at least 10% off your order and shipping wasn’t bad at all either. For what I’ve purchased thus far I haven’t had to pay over $4 for shipping. For a more detailed look at the stickers check out the video below.