This Week In Music (V.27): Destiny’s Child Reunion & More

Here’s another edition of This Week In Music. Click HERE for the previous edition and click the links below for other news this week: other news, Destiny’s Child has reunited, yet again, this time at the 30th annual Stellar Awards for a performance of Michelle’s ‘Say Yes’ (click HERE for that video review). From the Instagram clips Beyoncé was feeling herself last night (pun intended), but it was great to see all three on stage. Every artist has a zone and it was clear that Michelle was comfortable on stage, they all sounded great, and they were having fun. The show will air on TV One, April 5th. In the meantime, check out a snippet of the performance HERE.

Rihanna, Jim Parsons Plano Home premiere_Photo Credit Thomas Garza for OhSoCynthia.comIt’s been a big week for Rihanna as she’s released a new single off her upcoming album (link above) and her animation debut, ‘Home’, has topped the box office with $54 million in its opening. She’s featured not only in the movie, but 3 songs on the soundtrack. Other artists featured include Jennifer Lopez and Charlie XCX.  Click HERE to purchase soundtrack and be sure to check out the movie in theaters.

Moving on to chart news, congrats to Kendrick Lamar for having the #1 album in the country. To Pimp a Butterfly tops the Billboard 200 with 324,000 copies sold in its first week, The album was released a week prior to its scheduled date, but that didn’t stop it from topping the charts. In at #2 is last weeks #1 album, the Empire Soudntrack. Over on the Hot 100, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars are sitting comfortably with ‘Uptown Funk’ (check out the remix HERE). So far the track has been on the chart for 17 weeks.

The iHeartRadio Music awards air tonight (3/29) so be on the lookout this week for a review of the performances.

MMF Flashback — Ne-Yo, Because of You

Ne-Yo_CD_-_Because_Of_YouIn celebration of Ne-Yo’s 32nd birthday, I thought I’d highlight my favorite album of his, Because of YouThe album was released May 1, 2007 and four singles were released: ‘Because of You’, ‘Do You’, ‘Can We Chill’, and ‘Go On Girl.’ It debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and became his second #1 album. In My Own Words debuted at #1 as well. The album sold 251,000 copies in its first week which was about 50,000 less than his debut. The album went on to win Best Contemporary R&B Album at the 2008 Grammy’s.

Out of the 12 tracks my top 5 would be (in no particular order):

  • ‘Because of You’
  • ‘Leaving Tonight’ (feat. Jennifer Hudson)
  • ‘Make It Work’
  • ‘Do You’
  • ‘Say It’
  • BONUS – ‘Go On Girl’

My friend was so obsessed with Ne-Yo that anytime I would be with her this album would be playing in rotation. At the time I was about sick of hearing it, but there’s no denying that this is every bit of R&B classic, to this generation at least. I love an R&B album that does not have many features and this one only features two: ‘Crazy’ with Jay-Z and one of my favorites, ‘Leaving Tonight’, with Jennifer Hudson. The album touches on just about everything and hones on his skillful writing of love songs. There’s the breakup tracks (‘Go On Girl’/’Leaving Tonight’/’Ain’t Thinking Bout You’), let’s hold on tracks (‘Do You’/’Make It Work’/’Angel’), the love songs (‘Crazy’/’Because of You’/’Can We Chill’) and he wouldn’t be an R&B crooner without singing about sex (‘Say It’/’Addicted’/’Sex With My Ex’).

While I’m not the biggest fan of his latest music, this is definitely one for the books and even seven years later I can still listen to it from beginning to end, reverse, and on shuffle. I would love another Ne-Yo album like this. His music stands alone to not have to keep up with what’s currently on the radio.

CLICK HERE to purchase and listen below (via Spotify):

This Week In Music [V.20] — Musical Beef

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music (#TWIM). As always be sure to click the links. First up, let’s recap what’s been covered so far this week:

kim8As for what else has been happening this week, Lil’ Kim has sure been adding more fuel to the fire with her never ending beef with Nicki Minaj. Being that Remy Ma has been released you’d think we’d be hearing more and more from her. Well, ever since that ‘Flawless (Remix)’ dropped with Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim has been dropping something ever day. The question is not as far as does she still have the talent. The question is, “Is Lil’ Kim of any relevance?” It’s very hard for females in general to empower each other. It’s always some form of competition. Fans have been wanting Nicki & Kim on a track for ages. With the beef between the two I doubt that will ever happen. She’s done her ‘Flawless’ Remix, but she didn’t stop there. She went on to do ‘Identity Theft’ with Nicki’s face as the artwork. With pictures provided via Kim’s instagram, it’s true, Nicki Minaj did swagger jack. The only difference is that Nicki Minaj took it to a whole different level. Her looking like a CLOWN majority of the time is what got her noticed. Who knows how this whole Lil’ Kim thing is gonna go down. Any other time she’s gone at Nicki, it’s been swept under the rug. I honestly see this time no different. For those interested, her mixtape, Hardcore 2K14, drops 9/11 and she’ll be going on a MIXTAPE TOUR! A mixtape tour, if anyone was interested.


dkThe beef doesn’t stop there this week. For anyone that were fans of Danity Kane, you’ll have to live in the memories of the Bad Boy days because they have officially broken up, again. It all started with five to be put back together without D. Woods bringing them down to four. Then Aundrea dropped out to start her family leaving Dawn, Aubrey, and Shannon. They dropped their single ‘Lemondade’ and while I was excited to hear they were joining together again the buzz around their reunion was short-lived. Just shy of year after announcing their reunion, t’s all over. What ended it? Well rumor has it that Shannon and Aubrey were recording and having private meetings behind Dawn’s back. Dawn walked into one of those private sessions and yeah, everything went downhill. There was a statement released via the DK website by Aubrey and Shannon that Danity Kane was indeed over. This is also after Shannon and Aubrey made a video saying happy birthday to Dawn and saying they had made it through the “storm.” Here’s a snippet of the joint statement between Shannon and Aubrey via the DK site.

“We know it must be devastating for our fans to have spent the last twelve months supporting our every move, and for that we cannot apologize enough.  We share your frustration and anger!  We spent a year living on each other’s couches, sacrificing any solo opportunity that came our way, finally finished our comeback album, and were days away from filming three music videos for you that would have played out as a short movie.  We lived on calls, traded endless e-mails, and sat in meeting after meeting to bring together an amazing team of producers, agents, directors, and styling teams with no manager in place.  We were at the finish line.  We wish, more than anything, that our time, our team’s time, and most importantly your time as fans, was not taken for granted and carelessly disregarded.  If this ending was in our control, please understand that we would have done everything in our power to move things forward.  You have become our family, and regardless of these unfortunate circumstances, we hope all of you treat one another as family, as we have built connections that cannot possibly be conveyed in words.  Our journey, and the love we have built together as fans and artists, is a truth that all of us will forever hold close to our hearts. ”


No statement has been released from Dawn regarding the situation and who knows if fans will ever get one. Maybe one day the album that’s “completed” will be released. Clearly Dawn is deemed to be ‘selfish’ according to the other two. To read their full statements CLICK HERE.

Until next time..


Beyoncé to Receive Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award


Beyoncé will be joining the likes Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake as she will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at this years VMAs and YES she will be performing. Her last performance was in 2011 when she announced her pregnancy after performing ‘Love on Top.’ CLICK HERE for my review of that performance. Check out the announcement of her to receive the award below:

Beyoncé leads the list of nominees this year with 8 nominations. Overall she’s won 15 VMAs. Be sure to check her out Sunday, August 24th, at 8pm LIVE on MTV.

Check out Queen Bey’s previous VMA performances below:

‘Baby Boy’/’Crazy In Love’ – 2003

‘Ring The Alarm’ – 2006

‘Single Ladies’ – 2009

‘Love on Top’ – 2011

Jhene Aiko Reveals Artwork & Release Date for Debut


I remember hearing Jhene Aiko for the firs time on B2K’s, ‘Tease’ (Pandemonium! and here she is nearly 12 years later ready to release her official studio debut and has really become one with her sound. Her debut Souled Out is the followup to her 2011 mixtape, Sailing Soul(s)and her 2013 EP, Sail Out which spawned the radio smash ‘The Worst’. Souled Out will feature tracks ‘To Love & Die’ and ‘The Pressure’ both featuring Cocaine 80s. The album hits stores/online September 9th.

Video Review: Keyshia Cole, ‘She’

The artwork has been revealed for Keyshia Cole‘s, Point of No Return, and she’s back with the video for her track ‘She’. While it has been said that Keyshia is talking about a female lover she talked about the concept of the song on 106 & Park.

“It’s about self love to me, and going through my divorce, you have to give yourself a little self love because you’re used to somebody being there every night and they’re not.”

The video features a different side of Keyshia Cole which really isn’t displayed. She’s in lingerie dancing for someone whose in a suit, hat and lounging in a chair. As the video goes on its clear to see that she’s dancing for herself. It’s interesting to see that side of Keyshia. The gold ensemble that she had on at 1:50 was gorgeous. The video overall was way better than the others she’s released. I understood the concept of it and I hope that from here on out they only get better.

Check out the video below:

Video Review: Ne-Yo, ‘Money Can’t Buy’

Ne-Yo has released the visual for his latest collab with Jeezy, ‘Money Can’t Buy.’ Ne-Yo explains the track as:

“‘Money Can’t Buy’ is about a woman that represents all those qualities that money can’t buy—integrity, class, style, a woman who knows her worth. I needed the video to kinda represent moments that money can’t buy with a woman that money can’t buy.

Let’s get into the review of the video. While I understand the concept of the song the video is just bland. It does stick to the point of the song, which is a plus, but there’s nothing spectacular about it. It begins with a few sexual scenes which could lead to a concept for another video. It then flips to Ne-Yo on top of a roof standing in front of a beautiful all white Maybach while his lady pulls up in a drop top Chevy Camaro. Jeezy is in all black rapping elsewhere and then back to the concept. His girl rides out instead of Ne-Yo driving. They go to a corner store and then a kiddie birthday party. Overall the video is just boring. The concept could’ve been built on. Again, nothing spectacular.

The track is the lead single off Ne-Yo’s upcoming album, Non Fiction, expected to be released sometime this fall. In a recent interview with NYCs, “The Breakfast Club”, he discussed the vibe of the album.

“I came on home with this one. This album is 99.999998% R&B, meaning I can’t completely abandon that fanbase ’cause they kept the lights on for a very long time. I still got some stuff that can live in that [pop] world, but there’s so much R&B on this album.”

I haven’t really enjoyed a Ne-Yo album since Because of You and that was released in 2007. Hopefully this is all R&B. Ne-Yo is pretty boring to me now, but I won’t knock the fact that he’s talented and can make radio hits. Only time will tell how this turns out.

Check out the video below:

Keyshia Cole Reveals Point of No Return Artwork


Keyshia Cole is currently on tour promoting her upcoming album, Point of No Return, and the artwork for the project has surfaced. In an interview with Fuse, Keyshia discussed the concept of the album:

“There’s definitely more sexy songs on this album than I’ve ever done. I’m excited to see what the people think about that, so we’ll see how receptive they are to the album. I think it’s a great album and I feel like it’s one of my best albums to date.”

So far she’s released tracks ‘Rick James’ featuring Juicy J and ‘Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away), and ‘She’. Pictures from a video shoot have surfaced of a new single featuring 2 Chainz, ‘Ni**as Like You’. Click the links below to see my video reviews of two of the tracks:

Keyshia finishes up the promo tour, August 25th, and theres a rumored release date of September 2nd. More updates to come in future posts.

Video Review: Tameka Tiny Harris, ‘#WTFYGD’

Tameka Harris, better known as Tiny to the world, has been in the headlines of blogs/tabloids for her marital problems with husband T.I. I mean who’s to deny that there were issues between the two from Instagram pictures/comments to the whole Floyd Mayweather/T.I. altercation.

Well, Tiny seems to finally be addressing the situation in a low budget, yet straight to the point song titled, ‘What The Fuk You Gon Do’. When I saw this on Instagram I didn’t really take it seriously and didn’t expect it to be a ballad after the track she released with Shekinah, ‘Cut It Off’. I guess that was fun and games and this is REAL and I love it.

The video starts off with Tiny in the bed with ‘T.I.’, that’s the same set from their show T.I. & Tiny: A Family Hustle. Throughout the video it shows her talking to her girls which includes Shekinah, her BFF Shamra, and T.I.’s niece, plus another person. She’s then in the car driving to someplace that was later revealed in a Mary J. ‘Not Gon Cry’ ensemble. She ends up at a jail talking to her man behind the glass. All I wanna do is stay down for you. The lyrics get no realer because there’s no denying that Tiny has held it down for T.I.with him being in and out of  prison over the years.

I really like this and regardless of all the hate that she’s getting for whatever surgery she did get, she has owned up to it and she’s comfortable in her skin. Why care what others think? I really do like her with the blonde hair.  Also, I’ve been reading a lot of her being compared to other singers. Tiny is NOT NEW to the R&B game. She’s always had a voice. She’s a singer and songwriter. Google her!

I like the song, the video was eh, but it did the job. Hopefully her next video has better production. I mean, I hope there’s a more to come soon as the video ended with, “To Be Continued…” Check out the video below: