New Sia Album Coming Soon!

The 2015 Grammy AwardsI was excited to read that Sia had was working on new music and that her album would be released sometime this year. I had heard of Sia prior to the release of 1000 Forms of Fear, but that album (click HERE for my review) really made me fall in love with her music. What I did not know was that her portfolio was as lengthy as it was.

Sia is not a new artist although her smash ‘Chandelier’ has made her brand new in the United States. Her first album was released first album in 1997 so this claim to fame in the U.S. as an artist was her sixth album. She has worked with artist such as: Beyoncè, Rihanna, Kanye West, Flo Rida, Christina Aguilera, Eminem, and more. Six albums in and it took all this time to really notice just how awesome of an artist she really is. I had heard of her name moreso behind the scenes, but this album that I can’t stop raving about really made me take notice of her career.

In a recent interview with NMESia talked about why she released 1000 Forms of Fear:

“Basically, I put this out to get out of my publishing deal. I was planning to be a pop song writer for other artists. But my publishing deal was as an artist so I had to put one more album out. I didn’t want to get famous so I kept all the songs I wanted and had a lot of fun making it.”

As for her new album?

“I’m super productive. I have a full album ready to go and it’s much more pop,” she said. “I’m calling it This Is Acting because they are songs I was writing for other people, so I didn’t go in thinking ‘this is something I would say’. It’s more like play-acting. It’s fun.”

I love the title of the album because it coincides with what she’s putting out. If she were writing it for other artists clearly it’s not particularly how she feels. I’m curious to see if she’ll spill the tea on who she would actually write each song for. I’m excited that she’s doing something different with the album and I expect more radio hits from this project. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait long for her new release.

2015 Grammy Nominees


It’s been quite the year for music, album sales might not show it, but there’s been a lot of newcomers and the usuals that have topped the charts. The 2015 Grammy nominees were announced by Pharrell and Ed Sheeran LIVE on CBS today (Friday,12/5). Album of the Year will be announced on an hour long special , “A VERY Grammy Christmas” on CBS 9 ET/ 10 PT.

Here’s some of the nominees (from my fav categories):


  • Iggy Azalea x Charlie XCX, ‘Fancy’
  • Sia, ‘Chandelier’
  • Sam Smith, ‘Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)’
  • Taylor Swift, ‘Shake It Off’
  • Meghan Trainor, ‘All About That Bass’


  • ‘All About That Bass’
  • ‘Chandelier’
  • ‘Shake It Off’
  • ‘Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)’
  • ‘Take Me to Church’


  • Iggy Azalea
  • Bastille
  • Brandy Clark
  • Haim
  • Sam Smith


  • Coldplay, Ghost Stories
  • Miley Cyrus, Bangerz
  • Ariana Grande, My Everything
  • Katy Perry, Prism
  • Ed Sheeran, X
  • Sam Smith, In The Lonely Hour 


  • Jhene Aiko, Sail Out
  • Beyoncé, Beyoncé
  • Chris Brown, X
  • Mali Music, Mali Is…
  • Pharrell Williams, Girl


  • Iggy Azalea, The New Classic
  • Childish Gambino, Because The Internet 
  • Common, Nobody’s Smiling
  • Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP2
  • Schoolboy Q, Oxymoron 
  • Wiz Khalifa, Blacc Hollywood 


The 57th Annual Grammy’s will air LIVE on Sunday, February 8, 2015. Check out the full list of nominees HERE.

Stay tuned for a post later featuring the Album of the Year nominees.



Eminem_11-15-2013Happy Birthday to one of the greatest of all time, the real Slim Shady, EMINEM! He has redefined hip hop over the years and is one of the most celebrated rappers.

His first album, Infinite, was released in 1996 and over the course of nearly 20 years he has released 8 studio albums, and starred in a movie about his life that has become quite the classic. For the success of 8 Mile, Em snagged an Oscar for Best Original Song for the track ‘Lose Yourself’. Aside from an Oscar win Em has won other awards including: 14 AMAs, 17 BMAs, 13 VMAs, 10 TCAs, 10 WMAs, and an astounding 13 Grammy’s. Five of those Grammy wins were for Best Rap Album.

It’s amazing what a career Eminem has had and while he’s seasoned in the game his fans are still there and so are his lyrics. Not many rappers can lyrically add comedic relief to their music. Can’t wait to see what else he has in store.

HAPPY HAPPY 42nd BIRTHDAY EM! Listen to some of my favs below:


Single Reviews: Eminem x Usher x Nicole S.

PicMonkey Collage

I mentioned in a previous post that Eminem would be teaming up with Sia for a new track off the soundtrack of the new Denzel movie, Equalizer. The two previously collaborated on ‘Beautiful Pain‘ (Marshal Mathers LP 2). Their latest collab, ‘Guts Over Fear’. The beat is not my favorite, but I just love to hear Eminem rap. He’s a storyteller and to me that’s rap. Then add one of my favs Sia and it’s great. He could’ve used any singer for this track actually, but Sia’s vocals plus her accent work. Overall it’s alright. I was expecting more. I liked their first collab better.

The track is set to be featured on ShadyXV which is a 2-disc compilation album of Shady Records over the course of the past 15 years including D12, 50 Cent, Yelawulf, and new Eminem material (of course). The album is set to be released November 24th (Black Friday). Take a listen to ‘Guts Over Fear’ below:

Usher has released the third single of his upcoming, yet to be titled album. He’s done ‘Good Kisser’ (CLICK HERE for video review) and he just released the visual for ‘She Came To Give It To You’ featuring Nicki Minaj (CLICK HERE for the video review). I absolutely love the direction that Usher is going with this project. He’s giving R&B, groove, yet keeping it modern. I know before I’ve semi-bashed Usher for going ‘Pop’ on his previous albums. I love how he’s doing R&B with a twist. It’s nothing wrong with R&B with some bass. I’m just not a fan of Pop Usher regardless of how much a buzz the track gets. PLUS his dancing skills are back in full effect and he doesn’t look winded/tired when he dances now. Love the track and I’m anticipating new music. Usher has announced the UR Experience will be coming to a city near you this fall. Take a listen to the track below:

Nicole Scherzinger is back with another single off her upcoming album titled, ‘On The Rocks’. This is a ballad compared to her first single, ‘Your Love’ (CLICK HERE for video review). The song is cute, but there it doesn’t really grasp my attention. It’s mediocre and it’s as if Nicole doesn’t really have a sound. She’s done pop, takes a stab at Pop & B (R&B meets Pop), and even tries Hip Hop features. Overall I’ve never understood her sound. I’m not sure what direction she’s going. The auto tune is never needed for her because she can sing. It doesn’t add any elements or layer to the song. The song isn’t horrible, but it’s also not something that will storm the airwaves. For Nicole to have had her best music with The Pussycat Dolls it makes me wonder should they just rejoin and make another album.

Take a listen to the track below:

Eminem Makes History + Collabs with Sia

Recovery_Album_CoverEminem is known for being in his own lane and has yet another accomplishment to add to the books. He has become the FIRST artist to earn TWO RIAA Digital Diamond Awards. ‘Love The Way You Lie’ (feat. Rihanna) was his first track to receive that award as it surpassed 11 million in sales. [Be sure to check out the duo for The Monster Tour in August.]’Not Afraid’ (2010) has become his second track and another single from Recovery to receive the honor as it has surpassed 10 million in sales. RIAAs Chairman & CEO, Cary Sherman, stated:

“We are delighted to recognize Eminem as the first artist to earn two RIAA Digital Diamond Awards. This singular achievement—earning a Diamond Award on two separate digital songs—is unparalleled, and we congratulate him on forever etching a mark inGold & Platinum Program history.”


Take a listen to both tracks below:

As for his collab with Sia, they will be teaming up yet again for a track off the upcoming Denzel movie, Equalizer. Take a listen to their collab ‘Beautiful Pain’ (The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and the snippet of the latest collab in the Equalizer trailer below:

Video Review: Eminem x Nate Ruess, ‘Headlights’

eminem-spike-lee-instagram-650It’s been a lot of talk about Eminem’s latest video ‘Headlights’ and the production by Spike Lee. The new song about his mom does not bash her for her problems as he’s done in other songs. It’s more a retrospect and sounds like closure. The video was not shot from Em’s point of view, but instead that of his mother Debbie Mathers.

On directing the video Spike Lee stated:

“It’s a great, great story. It’s heartfelt, some pain in it, but that’s life. So that’s why we’re here, back in the ‘hood, 8 Mile Detroit, shooting where all this took place.”

Throughout the video there’s home photos, his ‘mom’ trying to get into the gated community countless times and in the end Em sees her. Not much is said as he gets out the car and hugs her as he drives his way and she drives hers. The simplicity of the video is what I enjoyed. Lyrically it’s so heart felt.

A lot of people have daddy issues as their fathers were not there and mothers had to pick up the slack. This song does talk about the trials and tribulations that he went through with his mother, but it’s more a tribute. It’s more of him realizing that she was sick and that it was hard to change her ways. The video ended with a  letter in the mailbox addressed ‘Mom’ and a penned letter signed, Marshall. So fitting to be released on Mother’s Day.

So Mom, please accept this as a tribute I wrote this on the jet
I guess I had to get this off my chest
I hope I get the chance to lay it before I’m dead
The stewardess said to fasten my seatbelt, I guess we’re crashing
So if I’m not dreaming, I hope you get this message
That I’ll always love you from afar, cause you’re my mama…

Check out the video below:

Eminem to Headline Wembley Stadium

Eminem to Headline Wembley Stadium

Eminem makes history this week as it was announced that he would be headlining Wembley Stadium. Why so important? Simply because he is the first rapper to do so. The show will take place July 11th as he will be joined by special guests and play to a crowed of 90,000.

In addition to this show he will be launching his competitive rap battle league,”Total Slaughter”, July 12th at NYCs Hammerstine Ballroom. He will thenl kick of the  “Monster Tour” with Rihanna in August and he has also announced that he Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf projects are on the way.

Listen to the full details below in his interview with Zane Lowe:

iHeartRadio Awards 2014 Nominees: Song of the Year

This is my second to last post in this impromptu series that I’ve started on the iHeart Radio Awards. The show will air LIVE on NBC May 1st. This category I’ll be discussing this time will be, Song of the Year. Click here to check out my other posts.

Here were the 10 nominees in the category:

  • “Royals” – Lorde
  • “Mirrors” – Justin Timberlake
  • “Roar” – Katy Perry
  • “Wake Me Up” – Avicii f/Aloe Blacc
  • “The Monster” – Eminem f/Rihanna
  • “When I Was Your Man” – Bruno Mars
  • “Hold On We’re Going Home” – Drake f/Majid Jordan
  • “Stay” – Rihanna f/Mikky Ekko
  • “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke f/T.I. & Pharrell
  • “Radioactive” – Imagine Dragons

Here are the 5 finalists:



The five songs nominated goes hand in hand with previous posts I’ve done especially Hip Hop/R&B Song of the Year. I’m surprised to see Lorde’s ‘Royals’ didn’t make it to the final 5 as well as ‘Blurred Lines.’ As for the 5 finalists and my picks I could easily go with my favorite song from the list and for me it would break down to Mirrors v. Stay. As much as I love Imagine Dragons I’m not the biggest fan of ‘Radioactive’ although their Grammy performance with Kendrick gave a whole new life to the song. Anyway, I’m going to have to go with ‘Mirrors.’ I think out of the 5 songs aside from ‘The Monster’, ‘Mirrors’ is the song that I’ve heard in rotation.

Listen to the 5 finalists below:

iHeartRadio Awards 2014 Nominees: Best Collaboration

Another day & another category. The iHeart Radio Awards are less than a month away & there’s still time to vote for your favorite artists in a  span of 10 categories. I’ve discussed Best Lyrics & Hip Hop/R&B Song of the Year, This time around I’m discussing Best Collaboration.

Here were the 10 nominees:

  • Wake Me Up – Avicii f/Aloe Blacc
  • The Monster – Eminem f/Rihanna
  • Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke f/T.I. & Pharrell
  • Stay – Rihanna f/Mikky Ekko
  • Suit & Tie – Justin Timberlake f/Jay-Z
  • Get Lucky – Daft Punk f/Pharrell
  • Just Give Me A Reason – P!nk f/Nate Ruess
  • Holy Grail – Jay-Z f/Justin Timberlake
  • Hold On We’re Going Home – Drake f/Majid Jordan
  • Timber – Pitbull f/Ke$ha

Here are the 5 finalists:


Yet another interesting category. The odds of winning in this one is between Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, & Rihanna. ‘Timber’ could take the trophy home for this one with the amount of airplay it’s had. My least favorite songs are ‘The Monster’ and ‘Timber’. Just never could get into either of those. My pick is going to go to Rihanna’s ‘Stay.’ The other 4 songs are ok for me, but Rihanna’s, Unapologetic, is her best work to date in my opinion and I absolutely love the track. It could go any way with this category though. Interested in seeing who will win.

Click here to vote. Voting is through Twitter & Facebook. Voting is not limited & you can vote every day!

Listen to the nominees below: