Hobby Lobby + Dollar Tree Haul | Under $20

Welcome to yet another haul here on my channel. I’ve been accumulating quite a bit since I’m in the process of redecorating my room and reorganizing my office. Spring just screams DIY for me. The weather is warmer, the sun stays up longer, and I just have more energy. This haul is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Stay tuned for future posts to see how it all comes together. Check out my previous hauls below:


I went into Dollar Tree to see if I could score more frames with quotes, but I also wanted to see what books were available. After watching all the books that BronzeGoddess01 shared in her hauls, I decided to go hunting again. After searching the shelves, I found two with a combined retail price of nearly $50. To score them for $2 is amazing. The titles are below plus the cheapest if interested.


I also picked up some planner goodies. In my last haul, I purchased the Jot Brand dots which are perfect for to-dos in any spread. I also picked up the correction tape, which I have yet to try out, plus the mini adhesives tapes. For them to be just $1 they work a hell of a lot better than the pack I purchased from Michaels. Amazing quality and I definitely need to pick up a few more.



I took another trip to yet another Dollar Tree in my area. They’re everywhere now which is great yet bad for my pockets. I was able to find their infamous “washi” tapes. I also picked up a mini tackle box to further organize all the trinkets I have in little baggies and nails for my gallery wall. How fun.


I went to Hobby Lobby since it was close to the initial Dollar Tree I went to. I ended up getting a piece of scrapbook paper to revamp my May divider plus some baseball stickers to mark my nephews games. I’ll have to suck up my dislike of the sport for my little guy.

My favorite find was for my gallery wall that I’m creating  in my bedroom. I thought it was a heart, but it’s clearly a diamond. I wanted to use the 40% off coupon they had available and I stumbled across it. It was only $9.99 and with the coupon I ended up paying $6. Now I plan on going back to see if I can find something similar or maybe I’ll try thrifting. Once the wall is done, I’ll definitely share.

$20 can go quite a long way, but I really need to curb my spending. Time to shop my home more.

Until next time …