Sound Off: Workplace Depression, Yes It’s Real

In September it will be a year since I’ve resigned from my full-time, salaried corporate job. While I’m freelancing and doing other things now and my pay fluctuates I don’t regret my decision. Why? Imagine walking into a place everyday that you couldn’t escape because it was your means of survival. You get a sick feeling each and every time you arrive, yet you stick around hoping it’ll change. Could it be workplace depression? Is your job actually a trigger? Is this possible?

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My Wellness Planner | Faith, Mental Health, Self Care

I have been sharing bits and pieces of my 2019 planner lineup all month long. I am pleased with system I have and place and each planner I’m using serves a specific purpose. My wellness planner, aside from my bullet journal, is the only other planner I use on a daily basis. Both my budget and business planner I’ll reference weekly. This post is all about how I set up my wellness planner and how I plan on using it.

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Mental Health Awareness

2018 has been a whirlwind of a year for me and as we prepare ourselves for 2019, I thought I’d reflect on how this year has been for me mentally. As someone that has mental health issues, issues that reached a pinnacle this year, it’s only right that I shared my story. My testimony. This is nothing to shy away from. It’s nothing to ignore or fear being judged. This is real life and the best way to tackle it, is head on. Continue reading “Mental Health Awareness”

Time to Refocus

I’ve been contemplating on whether I wanted to get back into the blogging game or whether I should leave Chaotic Critic as is. I feel like I’ve been reintroducing myself far too much within the past year. I’ve drifted away from why I’ve started this blog to begin with. Chaotic Critic is me. The crazy girl that has something to say about everything. Still, in the midst of it all, I’m still trying to find that drive. I’m like a candle that won’t stay burning.

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Motivational Monday | Whatever Keeps the Anxiety Away!

Life has been absolutely amazing. I can’t complain. Everything finally seems to be falling into place. I’ve shared my journey to finding a career throughout various blog posts. It can be difficult. It’s never been easy. The one thing that’s kept me going is my determination, support from my family, and most importantly my faith in God. Despite the peak of my life right now and how fulfilled I am, one thing that won’t stay away is my anxiety. I’ve had to think outside the box and find ways to keep it away and keep moving forward. Continue reading “Motivational Monday | Whatever Keeps the Anxiety Away!”

Sound Off: Crazy Kanye?

Cheers to a bonus blog post and Happy early Thanksgiving. I haven’t done a Sound Off since the election, but be sure to check that one out here. That’s one of my main goals of 2017 is to make this series more regular. At least a few a month. Ok, realistically, at least one a month. A few would be great though.

From the title you can see that I’ll be talking about Kanye, but on a different level. Let’s get real.

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Motivational Monday | Dealing with Depression (Pt. 3)

When you accept responsibility for other people’s decisions you take on a burden that will only depress you. At best you can influence people but you can’t control them. The final decision is theirs, so don’t let yourself get down over something that you can’t control.

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Motivational Monday | Dealing With Depression (Pt. 2)

Welcome to another Motivational Monday. I wanted to get through my Dealing With Depression series, so here’s part 2. Part 1 focus on Positive Thinking. This edition is all about comparison whether it’s comparison to others or comparison within ourselves.

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Motivational Monday | Dealing with Depression (Pt. 1)

I’ve never been a stranger to sharing my personal experiences here on the blog. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that sharing my story, my life, my journey, has become my purpose. This is a long post, but hopefully it will help someone, even if it’s just one.

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