Plan With Me: February 29th – March 6th

Welcome to another Plan With Me. I have a lot of fun spreads that are coming this month along with a new schedule. I will have at least 2 spreads a month just to give myself a break and stick to the essence of why I began planning. You will get to see all my spreads in my monthly recap for sure. As for what’s to come for March that’s planner related:

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  • ‘This Month Currently’ Plan With Me
  • Plan With Me | St. Patrick’s Day Theme using Sticky Essentials
  • Plan With Me | Easter Theme using JuJuAllOver

Also don’t forget to check out my Planning for Beginners series:

Let’s get into this week


I kept it really simple this week. I had received donut stickers as a sampler from the Etsy shop Sticky Essentials and I decided to create a sweet treat theme. I liked the layout that I had did from the previous week with my top 3 of the day in the To Do section and then everything else just fell into place.

The huge donut sticky note on the side was from the Target One Spot and the TV stickers were from Etsy shop, JuJuAllOver. I love how open the spread is and I have a lot of space to fill in throughout the week. The bottom section is really for the odds and ends of the week although I do have my blog posts tracked on the bottom.

The newest edition to my weekly layouts is the ‘Habit Tracker.’ I had some extra from a kit I purchased from the Etsy shop Fabulously Planned and the grey just worked in this week. I use it to track whether I’ve posted on Instagram/Twitter. It’s so much easier than adding the icon to each day. I check off if I did or leave it blank if I didn’t.

Going forward this week I need to do better at writing out my list for the next day at night while it’s fresh on my mind and actually checking things off. I can go Monday through Thursday checking things off and while I’m getting done what’s on my To Do list Friday – Sunday, I never mark it.

Below are links to the stickers featured or similar styles. Stay tuned for more plandemonium here on the blog!

Planning For Beginners: What’s Your Style?

Welcome to another edition of my Planning For Beginners series. My first installment was an introduction to planning.The point of planning its to make life easier. Write down what you need to get done and check it off as you complete it. Don’t get overwhelmed by the layouts you see on social media. Don’t go out and just buy a planner just to buy one. The point of this edition will be to find the right type of planner for you to fit your style and your needs. CLICK HERE for my first installment.

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Plan With Me: New Years

Welcome to another plan with me and my last plan with me of 2015. I’ve enjoyed sharing my layouts here on the blog since I began decorative planning in May. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing my favorite and least favorite layouts of the year along with my planning process. In the meantime click HERE to check out my overall experience with the Happy Planner.

Last week was Christmas week and I absolutely loved my Christmas spread. I’ll be doing a recap of December some time next week so I won’t get into too many details. The layout was primarily based around a set from Fabulously Planned on Etsy which is by far one of my favorite Etsy shops. Check out my completed layout below:


For this spread I didn’t have any New Years stickers so I decided to use printables instead. I usually have printed on regular paper, but I wanted this design to pop so I used photo paper. It wasn’t extremely y glossy, but it was a huge difference from regular paper. The printables I used were from:

I didn’t have any glue at the time of this post so I had to use the adhesive tape that I had. I’m not a fan of it and I feel dumb when I use it. I have yet to master the technique of using it. For those that have mastered it, good for you. I’ll stick to my glue sticks. Also when writing on this paper my Sharpie Fine Points did not work, but my Paper Mate Flairs. Check out my spread, before the ink, below:


As usual I filled in the middle section with full boxes. Filling in the middle section, for me, really helps to eliminate white space and tie the spread together. For this week I loved layering stickers in the middle section. I loved the “hello 2016” which is a Heidi Swapp sticker layered on top of a 2016 printable from My Planer Envy.

This is the first full out printable that I did with very limited Etsy stickers. I do have my Steelers sticker (last game of the regular season), but other than that everything was a printable. Be sure to click the links throughout this post for further details on anything mentioned and check out my detailed plan with me below. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Plan With Me: October 12th-18th

It’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK! It’s finally almost October 15th. I meant to get this post up yesterday, October 11th, but I never got around to doing so. It’s been a long yet amazing weekend. I went to a wedding over the weekend and when I got back home, I automatically crashed.

So goals for this week,

  • uploading my finished posts
  • drinking more water
  • staying positive

A lot of more content is coming such as the renewal of my Motivational Monday series, of course more planner overload, but also a few fashion posts along with holiday decor & organization. Also, my series Sound OFF is starting back up. Lots of hot topics to discuss.

Getting back to this post, here’s my layout from last week, October 5th-11th, completely filled out. Also, be sure to check out my September Recap HERE!


When it came to planning my layout for this week, I was going for a sweet treat theme. There’s a macaron set that I had purchased from xoMamaPlans on Etsy (check her YouTube HERE) and I wanted the layout to be centered around that, but the colors are pretty muted. So, I went into my sticker stash and used up the full boxes I had from the obsolete Etsy shop, Pixels & Poppies and put those in the middle section.

I didn’t do the typical sidebar that I have done for the past 3 weeks with my TV shows, instead I used the TV icon from RorysSweetAddictions layered with an Erin Condren sticker and I wrote in my shows. I’ll probably go back to the TV show sidebar next week. In place of my typical sidebar, I added hydrate stickers from TwoKraftyChicks which also helped to cover the pen marks from last week.

Another challenge I had this week was to mark off my Instagram posts being that I’ve basically run out of the Instagram stickers that I love from AStickyMonster. To maximize the stickers I have left, I took the MDN headers from LillieHenry and put an instagram sticker on Monday to indicate that the labels were specifically for those posts. To fill in the remainder empty spaces, i added Erin Condren quotes and cupcake washi tape.

I blocked off my entire birthday with the full boxes I mentioned and I layered that with a sticker from Erin Condren and cute kawaii cupcake. I left the day pretty empty other than that to add anything else. Also, I couldn’t forget to add my Steelers stickers. We play two games this week. Oh the joy (and added stress.. lol) of my birthday week.

Overall I absolutely love how this layout turned out. I add throughout the week as well. Below are links to stickers used along with my weekly plan with me video. ENJOY!


Washi Tape / Stickers Used:

Plan With Me: September 28th-October 4th

Welcome to another edition of “Plan With Me”here on the blog. This post is quite delayed due to late filming and editing thanks to Grad School. I’m so glad to be nearing the end of the program, but that’s a post for another time. This time around with planning I wanted to do a pink themed layout for Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I ended up doing yet another football theme except this time it was all about my PITTSBURGH STEELERS.

Last week I did my first fall theme. I’m not going to be doing a lot of fall themes in October simply because I wanted to have fun with Halloween themes so all throughout November there will be a lot of fall themes. The layout was based around a fall set from ImagineThatByLori on Etsy and I love how it turned out. It’s a lot of orange, but being that fall began on September 23rd, it SCREAMS fall. Here’s how last weeks layout turned out, fully decorated:

Point Blur_Sep292015_043513

When I decided on doing my Steelers theme I went ahead and used the set I had purchased from Pixels & Poppies on Etsy. I am currently trying to figure out how to file a claim to get a refund on this shop since I purchased through PayPal. I had initially waited a month for the stickers that I have used from the shop, yet I placed another order. It’s been over a month since I’ve placed my second order and nothing has been received so I’ll be taking further action for a refund. While I love the stickers, I can’t recommend them to my readers or YouTube viewers when the quality isn’t what I completely expected and the customer service is horrible.

I decided to prolong the video since it was requested by a viewer. I’m trying to cut down my planning time because right now it takes me nearly an hour to plan, but it’s therapeutic for me. I’m not in a rush and I can get sidetracked while doing so. Enjoy the video below:

This is by far my longest video, but I absolutely love how the layout turned out. You’ll have to wait until next week to see how everything turned out because I do plan on adding stickers especially in the weekend section. If you’d like to see frequent planner updates, follow my Instagram, ChaoticCritic. Below is a close-up of my spread along with stickers/washi used and similar sticker styles.

Point Blur_Sep292015_043221

Stickers/Washi Used:

As for posts to come, next week I will be taking that pink theme that I’ve wanted to do and incorporate silver for a wedding theme. The week after is my birthday week (HURRAY FOR OCTOBER 15th) and then the last two weeks I plan to do Halloween themes. Be sure to click the links for stickers or in this case, related stickers and enjoy my Plandemonium playlist below. Happy Planning!

Plan With Me: September 7th-13th

Welcome to another edition of Plan With Me. This week is all about football since the season officially starts September 10th. Yes! Football season is finally, OFFICIALLY here. Before I get into this weeks layout, I wanted to share some planner goodies that I received in a swap as a member of the Happy Planner Facebook group and the real inspiration behind this weeks layout.

IMG_2073IMG_2065I love the borders that are football themed and they are from the Recollections line at Michaels. I was really excited to receive them and since they’re adhesive, no glue was really required for me to use them. Well, I still had to use glue since I peeled up the banners to apply my washi. I also layered the banners and I love the way it turned out. It took me longer than usual to plan since I had no stickers laid out like I usually do. Below are close-ups of the layout along with direct links to stickers used. Be sure to give this plan with me a thumbs up, follow my YouTube channel if you haven’t already, and enjoy my planner playlist. Enjoy!

IMG_2074IMG_2075IMG_2077Stickers Used:

Plan With Me: September Spread

I wanted to begin to share with you guys how I plan my monthly calendar.  For those who are new readers or viewers to my videos, I use the Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner which you can purchase HERE. I see a lot of people using it to track bills, events of the month, or not using it at all. I use mine to mark appointments, days off, bills, and my football games. Since my brothers football season is starting up I found a creative way to mark his as well. Here’s a close up of items I used:


I didn’t go to crazy and I pretty much have a system of how I like my month to look The two main things I added to my planner this time around were my brothers football games and when the fall TV shows would be coming back on. Most of those are in late September and I wanted to have a them all marked so I could remember. I love how it turned out.

I also ran out of my Michaels calendar stickers from the Recollections line. I’ve used a lot of them in my monthly and weekly spread so since I ran out I used one of the neon dots I purchased from Target (purchase HERE). Although I’d like to have another set of those stickers, the neon dots work fine and you can get the set for under $2.

Take a look at the whole planning process below plus enjoy my rambling. As always links to stickers used will be linked below plus a close up of the layout and my planner playlist. ENJOY!


Stickers Used:

Plan With Me: August 31st – September 6th

I’ve really been enjoying sharing my planner obsession here on my blog. I went into this week not really knowing how I wanted to plan. I also did not want to use a lot of stickers so that I could have more room to write. Well, I ended up going with a jungle theme and the stickers are huge. Yet, I left plenty of space to write. I usually share what my planner looks like filled in, but to see that be sure to check out my blog for mid week and end of week updates. I’ll also be sharing my blog post completely filled in with each new plan with me.

As noted, the stickers are huge. With them being so big I tried to space them sa evenly as I could. With them being so big the layout looks even brighter than I expected. I kept my to do lists simple using a printable so that the focus could really be on the stickers. I’ll fill everything in with colorful sharpies/pens for sure. I have a little bit of space left in my sidebar which I might use for a “to clean” list.

Before the month is over, I’ll be “Going Gold” in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness month. I’ll also be doing a layout in support of Breast Cancer Awareness (October) and Lung Cancer Awareness (November). Planning is a great way to not only keep track of your daily to-dos/events, but it also serves as a journal. For those that are not even into decorating, looking back at your planner really shows just how far you’ve come overtime. View it as an on the go scrapbook. Also, at the end of the year I’ll be sharing a video of every single spread that I’ve done since May.

As always, direct links to stickers are listed below along with a full video. I’ve also added my planner playlist. To keep up with all the additions to my layout throughout the week, follow me on instagram @ChaoticCritic. Enjoy!




Stickers Used: