Dashboards for Any Planner

Cheers to the weekend and another post on the blog. I am no stranger to sharing my planner obsession. I am a strong believer in writing things down and most importantly, getting them done. I use stickers, colorful pens, etc. to draw attention to certain moments of a day. Of course, that’s not needed. I will say that the more decorative my planner is the more I use it. This post is all about making inexpensive dashboards for your planner with materials you may already have.

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Motivational Monday | Lack of Inspiration

Over-preparation is the foe of inspiration

-Napoleon Bonaparte

February has been quite the roller coaster when it comes to my creativity. The main reason I created this Motivational Monday series was to share my experience with my readers, but to also provide inspiration for the week. Reality is, I’m not always inspired.

It’s okay to go through ruts of feeling stuck. It’s normal. Being stuck is not the end of the world since you’re forced to find a way out. You’re forced to step out of your comfort zone. You have to find alternatives that you may have never thought of.

Now being stuck can last a day, weeks, even months. This is the point where your thoughts get jumbled and the area around you is more and likely in a disarray.

My office and bedroom have been a complete mess simply due to my current rut. I’ve tried to clean it up, but that didn’t last long. My energy within always shows through in my personal space. If my space is a mess so am I. If it’s super organized, my creativity is at an all time high. If it’s just decent, then I’m floating through day by day.

That’s just how my brain works. That’s how my energy is. I hate being in ruts, but I can’t avoid them. Sometimes they need to happen for me to collect myself. Sometimes my room and office need to be in a mess for me to just stop and focus just on cleaning them up. Focusing on the cleaning takes me away from everything else and once I’m done cleaning my space, I can then refocus.

I’m all for a clean space equaling a clean mind. I work so much better when my space is clean. I feel so much better when my space is clean. It’s nice to wake up to a clean space and not stumble over what you didn’t pick up the night before.

I’ve found new inspiration simply by cleaning and focusing on what needs to be done over the next week. My anxiety plays a huge role in my lack of inspiration as well and that’s something I need to work on. It’s really a daily struggle. Anyone that knows me knows that I overthink. I get so caught up in every single thing that I have going on that I look too deep into the big picture instead of tackling my list one by one.

The lack of inspiration won’t last forever. You have to push through and you will. Again, it’s normal for it to happen. It doesn’t mean you’re losing it if it does. It just means that you need to take a step back and refocus. Keep your surrounding clear and get back to work.

Motivational Monday | Expectations

 Don’t get discouraged by your list not meeting your expectations.

-Chaotic Critic

The list. We all have one. The list of monthly or yearly goals. The list of where you see yourself in 5, 10, even 15 years. The list of what you want in a mate. The list of the job you ultimately want. The list of your dream home. The list of qualifications for your dream home.

These lists can go on and on, but what do you do when your dreams don’t meet your expectations? What do you do when you don’t accomplish everything on that list? That guy or girl that you thought were “right” actually turned out to be wrong. What do you do after your interview for that dream job goes left?

It doesn’t matter how much you plan. Not everything in life is going to go as you expected it to. No matter how many times we dream of it, the reality is usually the opposite of what we expected.

In high school I interned at a  local newspaper. I was excited to have an internship, but of course nervous and skeptical. I was a Senior and I needed to start figuring out exactly what I wanted to do in my life. Or so I was told.

The experience was definitely not what I expected. Looking back on it I had an amazing opportunity, but in that moment I wanted bigger and better. I expected to walk into what I saw on TV, start writing articles on day 1, and eventually make the front page.

Instead I walked into a cramped office, and I had to do a lot of clerical work and research before I started writing. By the end of the internship I was grateful for the opportunity, but writing at a newspaper was not what I wanted to do.

Did that writing off my list? Did that stop me from pursuing other internships? It didn’t knock me down. I refused to let it. When you’re thrown into a situation that you didn’t expect or makes you uncomfortable, make the best of it.

The atmosphere and daily duties wasn’t what I expected, but I worked hard and I readjusted my goals for my time there. I was determined to get on the front page. I researched to improve my writing skills, read the style of other writers, and kept practicing on my own.

My opportunity came with a huge event that I got to cover and yes, I made the front page.

The key to this time around was that I wasn’t expecting to land the front page. I was excited about being able to cover a high profile event and my goal was to write the best article I could.

When your “list” doesn’t meet your expectations, readjust. Don’t
stop, don’t quit. Make the situation work for you. In the end it can end up being better than you initially expected.

Motivational Monday (V.14) — Self Love Pt. 2

I come across quotes all the time and they are the basis behind my Motivational Monday series. I know that I primarily blog music and that is what I love to do, but sharing my personal experiences is apart of the ‘Forward’ part of ‘MusicMovingForward.’ It’s beyond the music. This is growth for me. Growth for me as a person, writer, etc. I love looking back on my posts just to see how far I’ve come. I’ve come far in a lot of instances and if you look back on any of my ‘Motivational Monday’ posts and rants I share a lot about myself. I put my emotions out there because I know there’s someone who can relate. I know I’m not the only one. I used to hate being judged by others, but now I know it’s a way for others to knock me down and steer me off the path that I need to be on. It’s for others to make themselves feel better by breaking me down completely in the process. I used to be fragile and in some ways I still am. I am learning that in order for me to grow in any aspect of lie I have to always first and foremost love me and everything else will fall into place. You can’t continue to put your all into something if you’re not willing to put time in your own personal growth.

stop-letting-people-who-do-so-little-for-youI’ve always been the one to think I’ve had it all figured out. I’ve always been the ultimate planner. A lot of that has to do with me not wanting to fail and me always wanting to have control.  During my 22 years of life although I’m young I’ve experienced a lot, as have others my age. My biggest problem is always seeking validation. I seek validation from ones I love, ones who I think/thought loved me, and people I don’t even know. Throughout all this I say I’m my worst critic, but then again I’m just trying to impress others. I always want someone to like me, my work, etc. I always want to be ‘that person.’ You know, the people person, the popular one that everyone likes or at least claims to. This quote by Will Smith is spot on to situations I deal with daily in my life. I have to stop letting those that do nothing and I mean NOTHING validate my existence. I have to stop begging for love and in return love myself. There’s no way I’m ever going to be able to become a better me until I begin to love myself endlessly and tirelessly. You let a person treat you the way you allow them to. Having self love does not let that person break you. It does not let that person tear you down. You win and they lose. Their goal is to break you.

images-1Here’s yet another quote that I love from Will Smith. I have a book filled with quotes that I love to refer to daily for a pick me up. Building on the quote above, people go out of their way to break you. I swear some people wake up and think of all the ways they can piss somebody off. People like that aren’t happy with themselves. I always hated when my grandmother said, ‘People that make you mad don’t love themselves.” I never understood it and I didn’t know why she had to be so extreme. What did love have to do with someone picking on you? What did love have to do with someone picking a fight with you?

As I’ve gotten older I start to realize that it is true. Someone who tries to break you sees something in you that’s intimidating. They’re not comfortable with themselves so they nitpick at you, tear you apart, and zone in on your flaws to break you. In reality, people like that aren’t happy within. They don’t love themselves. If they did, they wouldn’t give a crap about you and your life. There’s a difference between genuinely caring about someone and their aspirations versus trying to get close to someone just to rip them to shreds in the long run.With people like that all you can do is pray for them. It’s bigger than Karma. God will handle those who hurt you. You first have to make that step to believe he will and not feed into the craziness of others.

Thanks to all those who read this one. This is an issue I deal with daily, literally. If just one read this that makes all the difference. Until next time …