Valentine’s Day Craft Stash

I have been enjoying rummaging through my craft stash and using what I’ve accumulated whether it was given to me or I scored it on clearance. I thought that I could start somewhat of a mini series sharing what I have for specific holidays or more seasonal items. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I have found a new YouTuber that I love, CraftingwithLiller, and she has amazing DIYs. On top of that I am now planning daily to use more of my stash (I was inspired to try that out by KeyKreates on Instagram). So with me back in my zone of creating, I wanted to share what I have in my stash.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Project Pre-K | Superhero Father’s Day Card

The school year is ending and I’m pretty sure this is my last project of the year. I may do one in the summer, not sure about that yet. It’s Father’s Day so I had to do a card for the dads. For Mother’s day I did a quick & easy card that said:

Mom you are oFISHally … the best.

The kids colored two fish, one to represent their mom and one to represent them. I grabbed some blue construction paper, glued them on, and voila. Really quick & easy, but super cute. For Father’s Day, I was having trouble finding ideas and with 16 students, it had to be something cheap and of course, quick & easy.

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Craft Closet Tour + Repurposed Organization

I’m in the process of revamping my office and I had a built in closet that I had my shoes in. As for my craft stash, everything had been on a shelf and I kept accumulating product. It was all crammed and I knew I needed to create a better system. So, I moved my shoes into my bedroom closet and I started to design my craft closet. As always, be sure to click the highlighted links throughout the post!


I had previously purchased containers from Michaels. Some the size of shoe boxes and others half the size of that. All were purchased on sale. The smaller ones retail for $7.99, I paid around $3.50. I can’t remember the price of the larger ones, but I know I purchased them on clearance as well. I took those containers and repurposed some other boxes I had to work in the space. I did not go out and purchase any product or containers for the sake of this post. This is my craft stash in one central location which will make it easier for  me to complete projects in the future. Check out my previous system HERE.


Let’s start from the bottom up. The bottom stores all of my scrapbook paper and in the accordion file, I have various colors of card stock. I also have my wireless Apple keyboard which I use with my iPad and the MAMBI paper sheets which I used for my vision board along with covering my old HP computer box. My old computer box houses frame that I’d like to use for future projects. I also took an old Erin Condren box and covered it with duct tape from Dollar Tree and it has extra stationery. The MacBook Pro box is there for the time being until I find what I want to store inside of it.

bottom shelf .jpg

The bottom shelf has extra supplies along with my tool kit. I purchased my tool kit from KMart. The bin holds extra frames and nick nacks to use for future DIYs. I also have a bin that holds gift bags and tissue paper. My favorite bin would have to be my extra storage. I save all cellophane bags from Etsy orders and other packages I’ve received. I also save the containers stickers have come in, washi tubes, and the Dollar Tree washi tape packaging. The cellophane bags have been used for storage in other containers and I also use them to create pockets in my planner dashboards.


The shelf above that is pretty empty for now as I’m still trying to figure out what I want to go there. Off to one side are extra pencils, markets, pens. Then in the bin I scored for $1.50 from Target after Easter, I have extra fabric from my DIY Ninja Turtle costume. The polk a dot box has extra stuff in it, like cords, so that’ll be moving elsewhere. Then I repurposed my converse box to store the empty cards that I have. I make cards for various occasions and this happened to be the box that fit my stash perfectly. Use what you have, don’t buy storage just to buy it. Shop your home first!

top 2 shelves .jpg


The two top shelves hold extra supplies. The first of the two hold foam and scrapbook stickers. I also have two pencil cases that I previously had on my Ikea Raskog and I separated my Sharpies from my Sharpie pens. The three drawers I had in my bedroom storing makeup I didn’t use so I moved it here. On top of that and inside I used photo boxes for further organization. On top there are two photo boxes and a tackle box from Dollar Tree to store my embellishments that I can’t wait to use in future DIYs. There’s also my paints. I only buy paint as needed and it accumulates that way. I also have spray paint from a previous project. The container in front of that has my marker I like to use on labels and glitter so that it doesn’t get everywhere.

Lastly, I have a tools box, not to be confused with my tool kit, that holds: tape, glue, a smaller paper cutter, and magnets. That box can easily be pulled out and taken to my workspace whenever I’m working on a project.


The top shelf holds my overflow of products. I love these smaller containers from Michaels. I would love to purchase another set of these, when they go back on sale, because they fit perfectly in this space. Each stack can stack up to 5, but I currently have them stacked as 3. The labels I used on these containers are a combination of chalkboard labels from Dollar Tree and Target layered with blank labels from Target. Off to the side I have my mini notebooks and photo albums. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the photo albums just yet. As for the mini notebooks, I like to use them as on the go blog books to plan out my posts.

I love how the closet it set up. There are some changes that I’ll be making here and there as I continue to go through other sections of my house that has more craft stuff, but for now this works.


Project Pre-K | “Hello Spring” | 3 DIYs

Welcome to another edition of my “Project Pre-K series. This one is all about Spring projects, which is long overdue, but I though I’d share anyway. For those that are new to the blog, I work at a daycare center with children ages 1-5 with the projects being centered around those 3-5. Below are three DIYs for the project, but click HERE for other installments in this series.

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Project Pre-K: 5 Easy Holiday Projects

Happy Happy Holidays! This time of year I love to create projects with the kids at my job as well as my nephews because the possibilities are endless. In this ‘Project Pre-K’ I’ll be sharing 5 super easy projects for the holidays.

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Project Pre-K: Monster Window

Aside from blogging which would be an ideal dream job in my head, my full-time job is working with preschoolers. My favorite part of my job is definitely the projects. I’ve also helped decorating other rooms in the daycare and I’ll be sharing those during this new series on my blog, Project Pre-K. These projects are target towards Pre-K students, but could be simplified for toddlers as well.

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