Back to School | College Commuter Tips

Welcome to day 5 and the final post of my back to school week here on the blog. I had a post every day this week with tips & tricks to crush the clutter early in the school year. Each post was geared for the little ones to those in college.

Day 1 was a back to school supplies haul, day 2 was a portable homework station, day 3 featured tips on how to effectively use a planner, and day 4 was all about lazy organization hacks. Today I’ll be sharing my college commuter tips.

As always, click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items featured.

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Declutter 101: Car Organization Tips

I spend around 2 hours a day in my car commuting to and from work. My car can become a dumping ground from receipts, to loose change everywhere, and a closet in my trunk. Why take it inside when I have the space? Who cares if my back seat has the scarf and flats I meant to take in a week ago? Yes, those candy wrappers are still there.

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