Happy Mail | Fabulously Planned

I recently placed an order with the Etsy shop Fabulously Planned. This is my third with the shop and the quality never ceases to amaze me. I placed my order on October 26th during the 50% off sale, but it took 3 weeks for me to get it. I never had a problem receiving stickers from this shop, but the process did take a bit longer than I expected.


I ordered two weekly kits, a Christmas countdown, gas stickers, and received a Thanksgiving sampler sheet. The two weekly kits I will be using throughout December. One is a traditional Christmas set which I’ll be using the week of Christmas. The second set was roses with the color scheme. My mother’s birthday was December 10th and I decided to dedicate a layout to her. Roses for Rosa. I was debating on whether I wanted to use the Christmas countdown in the monthly spread or my weekly view, but it’ll fit nicely at the bottom of each day throughout my weekly spreads for the month.

The gas sticker sheet was a huge surprise based off how big the sheet was. I also like that these gas stickers had the dollar sign already on them. The size plus the variety of colors will make them easy to use in any spread in both my monthly and weekly views. As for the bonus sheet, I’ll be using the Thanksgiving sampler during Thanksgiving week.

Fabulously Planned reopens on Black Friday. Be sure to  follow Fabulously Planned on Instagram for latest updates & sales.