Single Review: Sevyn Streeter x Chris Brown, ‘Don’t Kill The Fun’

sevyn-dktf-340x330Sevyn Streeter came on to the scene as a solo artist with ‘I Like It’ and followed that with the mellow radio smash ‘It Won’t Stop.’ The version with Chris Brown is what had it all over the airwaves, but her voice is not one to go unnoticed. She can be real smooth, but if a high note is needed she can slay that too.

She’s back with a new single titled ‘Don’t Kill The Fun’ and she’s enlisted the help of CB yet again. When I first heard the track I was not interested at all. It still is just an alright track to me. Being that she doesn’t have an album out, just an EP (Call Me Crazy, But…), I would’ve expected a stronger track. This is not a “Hey, I’m coming with an album soon,” track. I was expecting more.

Despite the title of the track look how FIERCE she looks on the single artwork. That alone made me think it was a dancing track. I mean she didn’t have to dance in the video, but hell Chris could. I absolutely love her look with the blueish¬†grey hair, red nails and lips and caged in. Points for that. It’s more than just the simple words on the artwork. It looks cool.

The song¬†sounds like elevator music with a twang and there is nothing wrong with that. That’s her vibe, that’s her vibe. Based off the title of the track I was expecting more “fun.” Something a little more upbeat. Instead I was bored listening to it. From the beat to the lyrics. I see that she’s trying to do something different with her sound and while ‘It Won’t Stop’ was a smash I don’t see this going the same way. I’m still interested in seeing if this will hit urban radio and maybe the visual will change my mind. For me though, I didn’t have “fun” listening to it.

I’m still waiting on that Sevyn Streeter album plus I’d like to hear more of her range on future tracks. The mellow sound is cool, but I know she can bring more than that. The song gets a 2.5/5 for me (extra .5 for the artwork). Listen to the track below:

Album Review: Think Like a Man Too Soundtrack


I’ve been talking about this soundtrack in numerous posts and now it’s time for another edition of ‘My Top 5’. It’s short and simple so, let’s get right to it (no particular order):

  • ‘A Night to Remember’
  • ‘Moment of Love’
  • ‘Suitcase’
  • ‘I Want You’
  • ‘Propose’

I love the balance on this album of ballads mixed with a modern groove. It starts off upbeat and gradually gets slower as far as tempo. To go from an upbeat song in the beginning, ‘A Night to Remember’, to ending with ‘Propose’, it’s clear to see in tempo the drastic difference. Out of my FIVE my favorite would be ‘Moment of Love’ followed by ‘I Want You’. I was skeptical at first when I initially heard the singles, but I’m so glad I gave it a deep listen. Be sure to click the picture to take you directly to purchasing the album/singles.