Album Review: Trigga (Deluxe Edition)

trigga-cover I’m no stranger to reviewing music from Trey Songz and I’ve decided to do a full out album review for this LP. Be sure to click the links below to check out my reviews to some of Trey’s previous works:

Before I get into the review let’s talk pricing of the album. Of course it’s available in stores and online. Via iTunes you can get the standard or deluxe editions. The standard edition comes with and is $8.99 and the deluxe comes with 17 tracks for $10.99. I will say that for an iTunes copy that’s pretty cheap as albums can value up to nearly $15 upon first release. Over on Amazon it’s the same price the perk is when you buy a hard copy you receive the MP3 right along with it. The Target version features three bonus tracks in addition to those on the deluxe edition: ‘Hard to Walk Away’, ‘Serial’, and ‘Sneaky’. Those three bonus tracks are featured in the two-disc set which values for $14.99. All depends on what you want, I just like giving prices. As always though, I recommend the deluxe, more BANG for your BUCK. Now on to the review. (Be sure to click the links the links above.) As for this album I was very hesitant as to how I would like it.


I honestly haven’t loved an entire Trey Songz compilation since Ready. When I heard that he’d be titling his sixth album, Trigga, I figured that he’d be rapping all over it being that Trigga is his alter-ego. I’m so glad when listening that the album didn’t consist of all that. Leading up to the album he released singles: Na Na‘, ‘SmartPhones’, ‘What’s Best for You’,  ‘Foreign’ and ‘Change Your Mind’. The five tracks are the perfect example of what the ‘Trey Songz Formula’ consists of. He has the club bangers, the sexual innuendos, the breakup to makeup, and at times not caring if his female interest has a man or not. (Click the track links above for the reviews I’ve already done.)

My Top 5 —

  • ‘Cake’
  • ‘SmartPhones’
  • ‘Foreign’
  • ‘Love Around The World’
  • ‘Y.A.S’

On this album he’s also teamed up with Nicki Minaj, ‘Touchin, Lovin’, and I must say that I like ‘Bottoms Up’ better. This track could easily make its way to the clubs and have some good airplay the song is just not anything spectacular. It sounds like the the current mesh of music on the radio right now like like ‘Loyal’, ‘Don’t Tell Em’ and ‘Main Chick’. There’s nothing really original, but I do appreciate Nicki getting back to basics with her rhymes and actually rapping with thought and Trey plays up the Notorious B.I.G./R. Kelly classic, ‘F*ck You Tonight’. Decent track, not my favorite though.

As for that ‘Foreign (Remix)’ with Justin Bieber, Trey Songz did NOT need to include that. Biebs did not add anything to the track and it’s just a waste. It should’ve been a version leaked or something. It didn’t need to be on the album. His track with Juicy J, ‘Late Niight’, is a banger. I can see it doing well on the radio and once it gets to the clubs it’ll do great there too.

Overall I love this album WAY more than Chapter V. There were just too many songs on Chapter V that I could do without. I really like this one. Is there anything super special or experimental on this album? No. Trey definitely stuck to what he knows, but it turned out great. I’ll be honest. I’m not completely in LOVE, but I do like this one quite a bit. Congrats on having the #1 album in the country. On another note, I would love another Trey Songz mixtape for old times sake.

Take a listen to the album in its entirety below (via Spotify):

Single Review: Trey Songz x Young Jeezy, ‘Ordinary’

I DO NOT LIKE THIS SONG! Let’s just get that out the way. I am SO SICK of hearing the same basic music about the club, different checks, and hearing n*gga in every other word of a verse/hook. I have nothing against Trey Songz steering away from R&B. He’s an artist and as an artist he has the creativity to do that. At the end of the day he’s an R&B artist, but he went for more of that club / hip hop route since Passion, Pain & Pleasure. Chapter V really touched on that. I am a Trey Songz fan. I have been in love with his music since I first saw the video for ‘Gotta Make It.’ Now it’s just like he’s lazy or something. He just puts music out and the concept is what? Picking up a chick in the club? I’m not impressed and I know that Trey Songz can make better quality music than this. As a fan I’m not expecting him to make love songs all the time. I’m not expecting every song to be a ballad, BUT conceptually he needs to get back to what he started with. Featuring a rapper on the track does not guarantee radio play.

This track is as ‘ORDINARY’ as it gets. Trey Songz sings about a girl. Insinuates a possible threesome. Talks about taking a girl home, his sex game, Jeezy starts rapping, BLAH BLAH BLAH! It’s boring, there’s no story. The song is the typical club type formula. Meet girl, flirt with girl, get another girl, take girl home, have sex, move on to the next. It’s degrading yes, but it’s beyond degrading that gets me about these R&B singers.

To sum it all up, Trey Songz can do better, he’s written better, he’s a better artist, and if THIS is what’s on his next album, I WILL NOT BE PURCHASING!