Video Review: Ne-Yo, ‘Money Can’t Buy’

Ne-Yo has released the visual for his latest collab with Jeezy, ‘Money Can’t Buy.’ Ne-Yo explains the track as:

“‘Money Can’t Buy’ is about a woman that represents all those qualities that money can’t buy—integrity, class, style, a woman who knows her worth. I needed the video to kinda represent moments that money can’t buy with a woman that money can’t buy.

Let’s get into the review of the video. While I understand the concept of the song the video is just bland. It does stick to the point of the song, which is a plus, but there’s nothing spectacular about it. It begins with a few sexual scenes which could lead to a concept for another video. It then flips to Ne-Yo on top of a roof standing in front of a beautiful all white Maybach while his lady pulls up in a drop top Chevy Camaro. Jeezy is in all black rapping elsewhere and then back to the concept. His girl rides out instead of Ne-Yo driving. They go to a corner store and then a kiddie birthday party. Overall the video is just boring. The concept could’ve been built on. Again, nothing spectacular.

The track is the lead single off Ne-Yo’s upcoming album, Non Fiction, expected to be released sometime this fall. In a recent interview with NYCs, “The Breakfast Club”, he discussed the vibe of the album.

“I came on home with this one. This album is 99.999998% R&B, meaning I can’t completely abandon that fanbase ’cause they kept the lights on for a very long time. I still got some stuff that can live in that [pop] world, but there’s so much R&B on this album.”

I haven’t really enjoyed a Ne-Yo album since Because of You and that was released in 2007. Hopefully this is all R&B. Ne-Yo is pretty boring to me now, but I won’t knock the fact that he’s talented and can make radio hits. Only time will tell how this turns out.

Check out the video below:

Video Review: Ashanti x Rick Ross ‘I Got It’

I reviewed this song (while still on Tumblr) in November of last year and the video is just now surfacing. Before then I hadn’t reviewed any Ashanti music since March of 2013 and that track was titled ‘Never Should Have.’ Ashanti’s catalogue has been one filled with ballads more than club songs. When I heard ‘Never Should Have’ I was excited to hear more. After initially listening to ‘I Got It’ I was not impressed at all. The song is a great marketing approach for Ashanti to get more radio play, but the vocals & concept is just boring and the same old thing every one else is doing. The video happens to be the same.

First off, this video is one of the most provocative that Ashanti’s ever released. The lyrics to the song I’m not a fan of. There’s nothing special about them. I’m not a fan of Rick Ross. I’d have to say my favorite scene was the choreo routine in and out of the ‘plot’ of the video. The plot you ask? She has whatever a guy needs, no need to emphasize hence the title ‘I Got It.’ The choreo that she was doing was basic as well. Ashanti’s never been a dancer in my eyes, but she looked FAB doing whatever she was doing and that asymmetrical cut is PERFECT on her.

The song is catchy and I could see it getting played on the radio. Had Ashanti not added Rick Ross, eh, not so much. I’m interested in seeing what else is on this album. From the two different tracks released it could be a mixture of ballads and a few club bangers. Braveheart hits stores March 4th. Check out the track listing here.