2019 Planner Lineup + How I’m Using Them

Cheers to a new year. I wish you all 365 days of consistent striving and thriving. Throughout the month of December, I shared a variety of planner styles. I want to be of service to my fellow readers and help you find a tool that works best to manage your day to day lives and crush the chaos.

Per usual, I wanted to share my planner lineup for 2019. If you’re trying to decide which planner to use be sure to check out my planning series for more information.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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M By Staples Arc System Review / Planner Update

I have been completely in love with my M By Staples planner. I blogged about it back in January in my Getting Organized post. I had a typical planner from Target, but it wasn’t as customizable as I wanted it to be. I also had been checking out the Filofax planners, but I wasn’t a huge fan. I also checked out the Erin Condren planner, but despite how amazing that looked the price point was not worth it for me. I finally found the M By Staples Arc System collection and being that I had points at Staples I decided to use them towards the planner. My total before using the points was under $30 and I was able to spend half that,

IMG_0603-1As stated in my initial post I purchased the 8.5″x5.5″ customizable notebook system, the 2014 weekly & monthly refill, the to do refill paper, and the poly tab dividers. .The to-do paper I never used and I just started to use the notebook paper that came with the planner. I divided my planner into 3 sections: Blog, Planner, & Notes. The blog section holds all of my blog ideas and features that I’m working on. The Planner logs my entire blog schedule. The Notes section holds my miscellaneous things I want to remember and anything else I want to jot down that’s not blog related.

IMG_0605-1Let’s take a closer look at my planner. When you initially open it I have a binder clip that holds my daily devotional. On the first page I have post-its that have upcoming pets I want to do and as I do them I check them off my list.

Next up is the planner section where I log all my blogs and I absolutely love doing that. It helps me plan and I use post-its for the days that I blog more than the daily space given. In my old planner I was logging everything as well, I just love my new system so much more. I’m not afraid to cross out anything. I don’t mind it looking a bit messy at times. I also don’t cross of the posts. It’s mainly marking down the posts I’ve done. If I don’t do it, I just scribble it out.

IMG_0610-1As far as my ‘mini’ organization of the planner, I just use a binder clip to hold my devotional and I have post-it tabs to mark the month and week.

photo-2My favorite feature of the planner  would be the planning section of each month following the monthly layout. On one side I put my monthly bills and my work schedule and on the other side I put miscellaneous bills such as credit card, hospital, and any other bill that is ‘temporary.’ I absolutely love having his because I do not have to lug around my Home Management Binder which has gone under MAJOR changes. I just hold all my bills there are add post-its for the days I paid and the amount paid. It’s so much easier and convenient having it in my planner.

I will say that this collection overall is a bland version of the Martha Stewart Collection: Discbound NotebooksAs stated in my initial post if you want something cuter or with more of a design definitely go with the Martha Stewart Collection. You can also mix and match being that the sizes of both collections are nearly identical. My only con with the notebook overall is that the pages do not stand the test of wear and tear. As I’m planning out posts, which I do in advance, I’m constantly flipping pages, leaning on them, etc. and they fall out from time to time. Being that the holes cannot be reinforced similar to that of Filofax pages, they get bent, but not bent to the point that you cannot fix them. Another flaw is the stickers for the dividers. I currently do not have any on my planner because they basically fell off. Overall I’m pleased with my system and just wanted to share my updated planner organization.

NEW MUSIC — Marsha Ambrosius, FVCK & LOVE EP


Marsha Ambrosius is giving fans a sneak peak of what to expect from her upcoming sophomore album, Lovers & Friends with her EP, FVCK & Love. She tweeted:

PARENTAL ADVISORY #FVCKANDLOVE Don’t come at me all crazy 9 Months from now!!!

Here’s the track listing:

  1. ‘So Good’
  2. ‘Take It’
  3. ‘Seduction Interlude’
  4. ‘Come’
  5. ’69’
  6. ‘Friends & Lovers’

Click here to download the EP

Spicy Saturday (V.7): Book Collection

books I am a huge book junkie and I love the different ways that I can organize them on my shelf. I used to organize them by alphabetically by author and title, but it looked boring after a while and I switched it up to a different layout. I love the way that the books aren’t stacked to perfection, but that I can still see everything that I have. I mentioned in a previous post that I enjoy reading urban novels which is what a majority of my collection consists of, but I have a different type of obsession that I developed in college which is all about the history or just about anything.

During College I studied Broadcast Journalism and  we had to know the history of media and radio which are two of the books I kept because they were full of information that I needed to known and facts that would never change. During college I also became fascinated with makeup and the application, thanks to YouTube, and I got the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual along with Lauren Conrad’s Style book. she later released the Beauty edition which was all things, you guessed it, Beauty. Lauren Conrad’s style book was a great take on fashion, staples for the wardrobe along with beauty tips and using the pieces you have. That book especially transformed my style and helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to wear and to not just buy so much on trend.

IMG_0600-1Being a music blogger of course I had to have some music history books and to get them on sale is a STEAL! The Soul Train book was half off when I purchased it along with the Chart Toppers book being my best purchase to date coming in for a grand total of $2 + tax.

Being a STEELERS fan I have to know the history of my team for all those who like to challenge my knowledge of the franchise during football season so I purchased 2 books a while back just to keep me on my toes.

Lastly my latest obsession, as far as books, are crime books. Being in the Law Academy during high school always made me interested in all aspects of law and I snagged the crime book displayed for under $10.

Although I do not buy books as much as I used to thanks to my iPad and apps such as Kindle/Nook, there’s NOTHING like having a book in your hands. I’m slowly getting back into reading, but instead of reading so much for leisure I’m reading to lear and gain knowledge. To think at one point I hated non-fiction and now I’m obsessed.

Sunday Rant (V.8): Allen Iverson

20140302-002627.jpgI was never the type of girl to really be into sports of any kind as a child whether I was actually playing or watching. My house was a football house. My mom a Cowboys fan and my grandfather a Jets fan. I on the other hand ended up a Steelers fan. That’s neither here nor there. I started watching basketball due to one player, and I’m not talking Jordan, or at the time I started watching Kobe, or Shaq. The only reason I began watching basketball was because of Allen Iverson, #3 on the Philadelphia 76ers. I was mesmerized by his physical ability, his entire demeanor, his good looks, and the fact that he was from my moms home state of Virginia. Regardless of his issues in and out of the league there’s no denying that he was the greatest at his size. He was going against big dudes being that he was under 6 feet and while he was not the FIRST ‘little man’ in the game, he damn sure was the best.

20140302-001333.jpgHis stats are not to go unnoticed even though he’s never won a ring, BUT  there’s no denying that Allen Iverson was a BALLER! I was upset to see him leave the 76ers and go to the Nuggets, but I still got a Jersey. Then he went to the Pistons and that was like a dream because I loved that team and while that was short lived I was ready for him to retire at his peak instead of being shoves around from team to team. Eventually he did just that. A piece of my childhood was solidified last night (3.1.14) as Allen Iverson’s #3 was retired and raised into the rafters and officially 76er royalty, although he already was.

I may not have understood all his plays then, I may not be able to tell all his rivals, but I do know that Allen Iverson is the reason I got into basketball. He’s the 20140302-001349.jpgreason that at one point I dreamt of being a sports reporter just so I could meet him. I realized that he’d probably be retired by the time I got there, but I would meet him during like an All-Star weekend or something. Hence why I pursued Broadcast Journalism in college. I could go on and on about how obsessed I was, but Allen Iverson will always be someone I’ll never forget. In the meantime, I’ll still hold on to my Jerseys and magazine covers. Regardless of what anyone thinks he’s definitely one of the GOATs and will forever be my favorite basketball player.

WWE Network [Review]

UnknownThe WWE Network launched this past Monday, 2.24.14, and along with millions (and Millions) of fans I jumped right on the bandwagon and went on to download the app. It took me over an hour to do so and I ran into a lot of connection issues which was to be expected. First off, I had not signed up on WWE.COM which I should have done initially. Having already signed up would have made the process a lot faster. I had the WWE app on my iPad, but I never really needed to sign up. So, not having been a member of the WWE community slowed down the process. Plus I was in an area where the WiFi wasn’t all that great and I think that added to the connection issues. Upon signing up, I did NOT receive the free trial. Again, I suppose, due to connection issues, my billing went through PayPal and not my debit, which I had preferred. The money was instantly deducted and there went my free trial. After that, I had no problems. I logged in via my iPad and browsed to see what the network had to offer.

So the basic layout of the homepage is the daily schedule, below that shows, PPV, and recommended. When you click on ‘All Shows’ / ‘All PPV’ i’ll take you to the shows menu which is divided into 4 categories: PPV, In-Ring, Originals, and Vault. The PPV section is set-up two ways. You can pick by year which has the recommended PPV or you can click on the PPV by brand (WWE/ECW/WCW) and slide left to see PPV by years. Under In-Ring, you can sleet Raw/Smackdown, Main Event, NXT, or Superstar replays. Not every episode is available for Raw & Smackdown. For Raw the replays go back to 1993, 1998, 2012-2014. Smackdown is 1999 and 2012-2014 and the episodes for both brands are title along with the episodes available of Main Event. The episodes for NXT and and Superstars are not titled, only labeled by episode. The ‘Orginials’ section is divided by WWE Beyond the Ring, WWE Countdown & Wrestlemania Rewind. This is a section that needs work and I’m sure more will be added. The Vault section has ECW Hardcore TV, Legends of Wrestling (my favorite), Old School, and WCCW. Again another section that is build able.

Overall I’m pleased with the Network and see that there are rooms for improvement. It works on 3/4 of my devices: iPad/iPhone/Macbook, but due to connection issues I have yet to set it up on my Xbox 360. With the email sent out by WWE that issue is set to be resolved by Monday, 3.3.14. Only time will tell.

Here’s my 3 main questions regarding the network:

  1. Will the documentaries featured on Netflix be added to the Network?
  2. Will Raw/Smackdown ever be aired live?
  3. Will the Raw/Smackdown replay archives include all episodes or stay as is?

The archive of the WWE is very large and I could not expect for everything to be up at once. That’s just not practical. There is room for growth on the network which is exciting because who knows what other original content is coming. I suppose when Total Divas and WWE Legend’s House begins that they will be added as well. I wonder if Total Divas will be streamed live to coincide with that of E! or if it will be archived. Also I wonder if past episodes of Total Divas will be added as well.

Again only time will tell, but minus the initial connection issues and not getting the free trial, I’m pleased with the setup and programming offered. I’m even more interested to see where this is going to go and anticipating that all connection issues will be solved by Wrestlemania. I’m pretty definite they will.

MMF Celebrates Black History in Music, Feb. 18

On March 5, 2006, hip hop group & Tennessee natives, Three 6 Mafia made history by being the first hip hop group to take home an Oscar. The trio won Best Original Song at the 78th Academy Awards for their song, It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp, from the movie Hustle & Flow.

Three 6 Mafia consisted of frontman Juicy J, DJ Paul, and Lord Infamous (now deceased) along with Koopsta Knicca, Crunchy Black, and Gangsta Boo. Although the Oscar win was the highlight of the groups career they had been making music since 1991. Over the span of their 15 year career, at the time of Oscar win, they had released 8 albums. Their most commercial success came in 2005 with their album, Most Known Unknown which featured hits, ‘Poppin’ My Collar,’ ‘Stay Flay,’ and ‘Side 2 Side.’ The album peaked a #1 on the Billboard 200 and #3 on the Top R&B Hip Hop Albums.

See below for their performance of ‘It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp’ at the Oscars along with their acceptance speech: