Motivational Monday |Passion VS. What’s Trending

It’s very easy as a blogger to lose sight of why you began blogging in the first place. Typically you begin blogging to share what you love or to fill a void of what you think is missing in the blogosphere. Regardless of why you began, as a beginner blogger, you have that fire for your content. You’re passionate about what you write about and it reads through your work.

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Splitsville: Why Celebrity Relationships Don’t Last

The world of a celebrity is a gratifying yet invasive lifestyle. It’s great to have people screaming and cheering your name, but there’s also no privacy at all. It’s clear with the latest leaking of celeb nude pics that there is no privacy, but that one just takes the cake. Social media has evolved into this world that sucks you in and you can’t get enough. Everyone has an opinion. People leave filthy comments to celebs whether it be on Twitter or Instagram. Everyone has something to say. That was one of the reasons of why I started my blog, to voice my opinion. There’s also a way to do it and not be malicious.

FullSizeRenderIn the latest of celeb breakups, one of my fav couples was rumored to be getting a divorce, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. I absolutely love the two of them together, but as much as I do I do not know their life. Fans and social media creepers know what is presented. They know what is glorified whether it be Wiz in a picture with a bong or another chick or Amber twerking. There’s always something wrong, always. Well as much as I hate for them to be over, Amber did release a statement via Twitter confirming that the TMZ rumors were true.

This leads to the topic and question, why can’t celebrity relationships last? There are two types of extremes of the relationships. There are the ones that get together really fast and they either take the step of getting married or they can’t get past the engagement before breaking up. Then there are those that stay together for 10+ years before breaking up. For instance, take Kris and Bruce Jenner. Most might say that the power and fame of KUWTK is what drove the two apart, but again we don’t know their lives. They could’ve been headed for divorce ages ago, but now that their youngest Kylie is 17 and she’s old enough to understand, they could just be going their separate ways.

As for the couples that get together without getting to really know each other is what baffles me. No, it’s true, we (as in social media stalkers) might not know how long people have known each other. Take Ciara and Future, he stated in an interview with Wendy Williams that they had met years ago, he just never pursued. Now here it is they have a gorgeous son, they were engaged, now they’re not engaged, they’re working things out. Who the hell knows.

Then you can take Tyga and his baby mother/ex-fiance, Blac Chyna. I though there relationship was cute, but when you look at how long they had known each other, along with how young each of them are, it’s no surprise that they’re no longer together. To make that situation any stickier they’re linking Tyga to Kylie Jenner and it’s even shadier if that story were true as Chyna & Kim K are “friends”.

Moving on and getting back to the question, it really all boils down to TIME spent together. I think in order for a relationship to grow and flourish there needs to be a strong foundation before jumping into marriage or kids. yes, there are relationships that have lasted with getting to know each other along the way, but Hollywood divorce has a track record. Does anything really last? Granted, blogs add fuel to the fire, but time is of the essence and these celebs do not waste time shacking up.

Putting time aside, fame and power really switch up a person and can turn a relationship that was great into something else. Take Robin Thicke & Paula Patton. They had been together since they were teenagers and while Robin was doing pretty well in the music scene, ‘Blurred Lines’ took it to another level. I knew that the ship was about to sink after that scandalous performance with Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMAs. With success comes more time on the road, more exposure, and it can change a person. Look at Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo. This is another case of fame possibly being taken to the head as Jason Derulo has been riding high with the success of ‘Talk Dirty’ and ‘Wiggle’.It was just announced that the two had broken up after 3 years of what the public deemed, pure bliss. They were just coupled up at the VMAs, but again WE DON’T KNOW (Kanye voice) their lives.

Hopefully fans will stop gawking over these celebrities and thinking that everything is perfect. The only thing a celebrity has over the next person is a bigger connect and (depending on who the celeb is) an even larger income. Other than that they’re regular people. Regular people love and leave on a daily basis. No surprise celebs do too.

What’s In My Beach Bag | Summer 2014

I took my first beach trip of the season today with my family. It was just what I needed to wind down from a hectic week and to have a day of relaxation. I spent most of the time reading The Fault In Our Stars on my iPad. Well, let’s get to it. Be sure to click the links!

Bag - Victoria Secret's Towel - Target iPad 3; Chargers; Bag - Target Change of Clothes Snacks - Pretzel Chips;  Wallet - Betsey Johnson
Bag – Victoria’s Secret
Towel – Target
iPad 3; Chargers; Bag – Target
Change of Clothes
Snacks – Pretzel Crisps; Archer Farms Sweet & Spicy chips
Wallet – Betsey Johnson

And for a look at what’s in the floral bag. It just holds everything and anything that I’d need to freshen up when I’m on the go and I swap this into any bag that I’m carrying at the moment.






Sell/Swap Clothing Items on VINTED!


I came across an awesome site that allows you to sell/swap clothes with other people called Vinted. After watching one of my favorite YouTubers, Akaydoll, I decided to post some items of my own to sell, but in the future I plan to swap here and there. Check out what I’m selling so far:

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 7.06.57 PM


Sign up for Vinted HERE. It’s easy and a great way to sell/swap your clothing/shoes/accessories at the click of  a button. No hassle in trying to decide the shipping costs as its included in the quote that you set. All you do is upload the pic, describe the item, select up to two colors, set a price (you can even ) and click one of the three shipping options. Click here for my shop.

Unsolved Mysteries: Solange v. Jay Z

PicMonkey Collage
Photo Credit: Google

I usually try NOT to blog about all the celeb scandal & rumors, but there’s no denying that there is some beef between Solange and her sister Beyonce’s husband Jay Z. Here’s a few of the headlines:

There were countless others, but the premise under every one was that Solange had attacked Jay Z. My personal favorite (the philosophical approach):

Beyonce, Solange and the Insane Complexity of Sisters and Marriage 

So before I go into any comment check out the video below. There was a longer version (via TMZ), but has since been deleted. I fill in details, but the video below sums up everything.

So this altercation took place after the Met Gala (May 5) and there’s no denying that Solange did in fact attack Jay Z yet no one knows why. There was a ‘fake’ tweet, and I say fake due to how many likes/retweets, that was supposedly from Solange.


Had that been an ACTUAL tweet it surely would have gotten more retweets, not just 18. Of course the ‘tweet’ is no longer on Solange’s page.

When it comes to the personal lives of celebrities, fans can become so engrossed and think that they personally know they person enough to judge. Regardless of how much MONEY a celeb has that does not make them any less human than the average person that works 9-5.

First off one wouldn’t think that these two are having problems as they are sitting court side at the Nets playoff games, vacationing, and preparing for their first tour (‘On The Run‘) together. What made this so ‘newsworthy’ was that the lives of Jay Z and Beyoncé are so private that all you see is the perfection and supposed sexual innuendoes when the paparazzi catches them on vacation. There’s no problems between them. He loves her, she loves him, the family gets along, they have a beautiful daughter, etc. People IDOLIZE them as individuals and as a couple and from what I’ve seen, based on what they present to fans, it’s worth the admiration. The question is, what would make Solange tick to the point that she’s slapping, kicking, and supposedly spiting at her brother-in-law?

PicMonkey Collage
Photo Credit: MTO / Google

Rumor has it that Jay Z is supposedly hitting on Beyoncé  which is where the tweet stemmed from and the other is that a close ‘insider’ stated that Solange doesn’t like how controlling Jay Z is over her sisters life. Another one is that Beyoncé and Jay Z are set to be getting a divorce and that Beyoncé has had the ‘IV’ tattoo on her ring finger removed. In many pictures it’s there and then it’s not there. At the Met Ball it was there, but on the cover of Time it was not. Could be Photoshop, makeup, airbrush, a combination of the 3, who knows. If you look closely at the pic from the Nets game it doesn’t seem to be that way although another picture surfaced and she had tape around her finger. Two things there, touchup or it could be removal. I think she just uses makeup to do what she wants with it.

I mean as close as Bey and her sister are I’m not surprised that Solange would step up to defend, if necessary, her big sis. Was Jay Z’s ‘controlling’ ways worth all the drama in the elevator?

Well whatever happened in that elevator only 4 people know: Beyoncé , Jay Z, Solange, and the bodyguard Julius. There’s no audio on the video and as much as I dislike TMZ this right here is pretty accurate. This is no spoof. It’s clear of who was in the video. It’s clear that Beyoncé stood on the sidelines and watched the fight happen. It’s clear that Jay Z refrained from any further altercation with her although in the beginning he was pushing Solange back and grabbed her leg before she could land anymore kicks.  In the end of the video he was pointing to his head as in a motion for Solange to ‘think’ about what she was saying. Beyoncé was on her way out the elevator with Julius in front with Jay Z behind her and Solange took that as an opportunity to throw another hit.

Deep down people root on Beyoncé  and Jay Z yet at the same time would love to see their demise. There’s no such thing as couple in love, successful, and happy. It’s just too good to be true. Granted I’m not saying there relationship is perfect, but there’s people that have seen this video and are thinking one of two things:

  1. ‘Oh no! Not Jay & Bey!’ (Insert sad emoji)
  2. ‘I knew it was too good to be true. Looks like trouble in paradise.’ (insert laughing emojis)

Then there’s the people that claim they don’t care and that it’s their business, but even I find this story interesting and yes I’m interested in some type of update. Specifically the audio.

My personal opinion is that no matter how mad Solange was that was no reason for her to attack Jay Z like she did because that’s exactly what she did. No this is not me standing up for #TeamJayonce v. #Team Solange. It’s clearly what’s right and what’s wrong. Had Jay Z put his hands on her, although he was provoked, not only would his entire image be tarnished, but he would be hypocritical of his dislike towards Chris Brown after his altercation with Rihanna. Just stating facts. No situation should ever result in violence and Solange could have handled the situation differently, but clearly it was anger that caused her to do what she did. A whole lot of anger. Was the video entertaining to watch? Yes. Were Solange’s actions justified? Who knows. Did she have a right to put hands on Jay Z? Regardless of what he did, said, etc., no she did not.

The only way to clear up the rumor and to not make accusations would be to HEAR what was said. We can hope that maybe a statement would be released. Yeah, who knows if that will happen either. Only time will tell if that will happen, but in the meantime you can re-watch the video and guess the dialogue based off the body language or take the comedic approach and like all the memes on Instagram.

Fashion Forward Friday [V.10]: Spring Haul (Pt.3)

This is my final installment in my Spring haul series. Be sure to check out parts 1 & 2. In this haul I will be featuring items purchased from Wet Seal, JCPenny, and eBay.

I have an OOTD coming up that will be featuring items from my previous spring hauls. I took advantage of the 5/20 deal and ordered 2 pairs of cropped leggings and 3 crop tops which I can’t wait to style. I did order a white one instead of the fuchsia pink one I received, but I guess it was out of stock. I’ll purchase it elsewhere. Click the links to get to the item.

Overalls Cropped Leggings Crop Tops: Black, Blue
Cropped Leggings
Crop Scoop Neck Tees: Black, Blue, Pink

During Easter weekend I headed over to JCPenny and took advantage of the sale they were having. I knew I wanted a pair of converse, either blue or grey, so with a $10 off $25+ coupon I knew it’d be the perfect time to get them. These were $50, low tops are $45, so i ended up paying $40 for the sneakers which wasn’t a bad deal. I also purchased these with the dress featured in my OOTD #3.

Converse High Tops, Charcoal
Converse High Tops, Charcoal

Last but not least I have been eyeing the new palette from Urban Decay. The ‘Electric Pressed Pigment Palette’ is way out of my comfort zone and I won’t go into too much detail as I will be doing a ‘First Impression’ on the palette. Be on the lookout for that. I snagged this on eBay for $42 (+free shipping), regular price $49.

OOTD #3: White/Gold/Purple [4.27.14]

Happy Sunday everyone! I wanted to share my OOTD from church earlier today. I’m not one to wear white, but I snagged this dress from JCPenny on s great steal. It was a regular $70 and I got it for $32.

Not pictured is my jewelry. I work a NY&CO watch that was featured in my Easter OOTD & I wore gold hoop earring that were featured in my Spring Haul (Pt. 2).

Check out the details on the outfit below & be sure to click the links.

Coat: JCPenny Dress: JCPenny Shoes: Target Purse: Forever 21
Coat: JCPenny – ‘Liz Claiborne
Dress: JCPenny – ‘Worthington Peplum Dress’
Shoes: Target – ‘Merona Emily Braided Strap’
Purse: Forever 21

My Beauty Corner (Vanity Tour)

IMG_0638Since I’ve moved rooms in my house recently and have had to downsize since I was moving into somewhat of a smaller space. I now have an office and I have downsized from having an entire room as my closet. My bedroom now houses my clothes, accessories, and my beauty corner which I’ve been wanting to share. It’s to my liking after finding the right, practical organization over the past week and I’m in love with it.

I’ve never really wanted a vanity because I know I’m not going to sit down and do makeup every day. It’s very rare that I wear makeup and I’m more of a lipstick girl. Anyway the drawer system was something I knew I needed and the system I have is the South Shore Chocolate 5-Drawer Dresser from Walmart.

Time to zoom in on the organization & decor.


First up in this built in shelf that’s been  in this room for as long as I can remember. It’s an older house and a lot of things are pretty permanent, but I used this shelf to add a bit of spring and to display my academic achievements. I have my college graduation book that I made on Shutterfly. (My phone is covering my name.) I also have my graduation picture which is right next to my Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume that is empty, but I love the packaging so much I don’t want to throw it away. On the other end I have a flower pot from an Edible Arrangement filled with fake flowers from Dollar Tree.


As for the top of the dresser I tried to keep it as minimal as possible. I do have two organizers that I purchased from Target. The desk organizer holds mascara, a few eyeshadow palettes, and eye pencils. The drawers hold my surplus of eyeshadows and a couple blushes. Both containers cost me no more than $6. The lipstick holder I purchased on Ebay and it holds my Mac lipsticks, Revlon, Wet n Wild and one RImmel. The bottom container holds the rest of my lippies and it was in a Color Workshop set I received. The rest of the stuff on my dresser are the lotion and body spray I use daily along with my mini perfume collection, hand sanitizer, and mirror.


Time to move on to the drawers. My first drawer holds everyday products such as body wash, fascial scrub, brush cleanser, razors, etc. I organized the drawers by the frequency I would reach for something.


The next drawer holds all of my surplus lotions and body sprays. I’ve purchased most of those on sale and I am currently on a NO BUY of those products no matter how much of a sale because I want to use what I have.


The 3rd drawer has like nothing inside of it. It’s my candle collection that I’m working on. I will say that the next time a candle sale happens at Bath & Body Works I do want to stock up on my favorite scent Pineapple Mango.


The 4th Drawer holds my nail polish and hair stuff. Nothing really major. I’ve recently downsized on my nail polish and I hope to downsize some more. One container is a great size compared to me once having 3 full containers of that size.


The last drawer just holds some of my blankets which I’ll use more in the summer & football seasons. The purple one is crocheted and a birthday gift from my grandmother. The leopard one was a Christmas gift from a friend. The other side of the drawer is my Steelers section which has 2 blankets & my Terrible Towel.

Well that’s my beauty corner and I really couldn’t be happier. I do not plan on downsizing anymore or purchasing, unless it’s candles ^_^!

Spicy Saturday (V.8) — Dollar Tree |Organizational| Haul

I have been in the midst of MAJOR Spring cleaning & downsizing that my posts haven’t been what they usually are. I have been so busy trying to organize and set up my new office that I haven’t been working on my content. I’m almost done so expect more regular posts starting mid-week.

Today I headed over to Dollar Tree and for weeks I’ve been meaning to go because I’ve been inspired to get organized by YouTubers, Do It On A Dime and OrganizedClutterbug. Here’s what I picked up and was a dollar shy of $20:


I purchased the flowers to add a bit of color to my room. My decor will be along the lines of yellow & lavender which will remain probably into summer. I picked up some more hand soaps got my kitchen & bathroom. I also picked up a few baskets. The ‘fabric’ are for my closet and the plastic white ones are to organize my kitchen pantry. The frames are pretty much self explanatory.

Stay tuned for pics on how I decorated/organized with my new purchases!