5 Dollar Tree Last Minute Gift Ideas

It’s Day 23 of Blogmas (yes I know I’m behind) and I know there’s some people still out there trying to figure out last minute gifts. I searched high and low for a quick and easy solutions and Pinterest has plenty of ideas that will work with items from the Dollar Tree. I thought I’d pick a few key items and share some that I found that will take you minutes to create. These ideas are great especially if you have limited time to whip something together, are on a budget, or have multiples to give out. Let’s get to it.

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Cheesy Netflix Christmas Movies

Blogmas Day 16? Check! I hope everyone is having great week and thanks to all those regularly reading and hello to all those that just stumbled across Chaotic Critic. Today’s post is all about Netflix Christmas movies. You know, the cheesy ones with the same. We’ll get to that. What better time to binge watch than Christmas, right. Right.

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Favorite Songs of 2017

We are just about halfway through Blogmas (Day 12 to be exact) and I appreciate every single one of you that has kept up with daily posts and even left comments along the way. I’ll continuously thank you all. Anytime someone reads what I write, I still get excited like a little kid. Alright, enough sappy stuff, let’s get into today’s blog post. I’m sharing all my music favs of 2017. Let’s get into it.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! To all those that have been following my blog since I’ve moved it to WordPress and for all those that are stumbling upon MusicMovingForward, thank you for reading and cheers to a productive 2015.

It’s the start to a new year and I have spent most of it in bed doing nothing on my day off. Its not the most productive, but my body appreciates the rest. I’ve begun to watch CSI:NY on Netflix since I’ve gone through all 9 seasons of Criminal Minds. I’ve made a list of what I want to accomplish in 2015 and making time for myself was a priority. I get so sidetracked by work, grad school, and daily blogging that I don’t make time for me. Well today I did just that.

I didn’t want to start the year off without a post so this is just a semi-ramble, but most importantly what’s to come on the blog in 2015.

In a couple months it’ll be 5 years since I’ve created MusicMovingForward and I’m ready to take it to the next level. At the top of 2014 I moved from Tumblr to WordPress to reach a larger audience. In that year I was able to build a decent following, but I want bigger and better in 2015.

While the blog is called MusicMovingForward, I have additional content than just music. Since I created my blog I have been able to integrate fashion and beauty and share advice from my personal experiences. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the year and I am working hard to celebrate my 5th anniversary of being a blogger.

I also want to journalize my monthly goals so here’s the perfect place to do it. Here’s my goals for January:

  • No soda; drinking more water
  • Daily devotions & tithing bi-weekly
  • Daily blogging / at LEAST every other day !

I’m pretty sure I can achieve all these. The key is consistency. Again, cheers to a healthy and productive new year.

Splitsville: Why Celebrity Relationships Don’t Last

The world of a celebrity is a gratifying yet invasive lifestyle. It’s great to have people screaming and cheering your name, but there’s also no privacy at all. It’s clear with the latest leaking of celeb nude pics that there is no privacy, but that one just takes the cake. Social media has evolved into this world that sucks you in and you can’t get enough. Everyone has an opinion. People leave filthy comments to celebs whether it be on Twitter or Instagram. Everyone has something to say. That was one of the reasons of why I started my blog, to voice my opinion. There’s also a way to do it and not be malicious.

FullSizeRenderIn the latest of celeb breakups, one of my fav couples was rumored to be getting a divorce, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. I absolutely love the two of them together, but as much as I do I do not know their life. Fans and social media creepers know what is presented. They know what is glorified whether it be Wiz in a picture with a bong or another chick or Amber twerking. There’s always something wrong, always. Well as much as I hate for them to be over, Amber did release a statement via Twitter confirming that the TMZ rumors were true.

This leads to the topic and question, why can’t celebrity relationships last? There are two types of extremes of the relationships. There are the ones that get together really fast and they either take the step of getting married or they can’t get past the engagement before breaking up. Then there are those that stay together for 10+ years before breaking up. For instance, take Kris and Bruce Jenner. Most might say that the power and fame of KUWTK is what drove the two apart, but again we don’t know their lives. They could’ve been headed for divorce ages ago, but now that their youngest Kylie is 17 and she’s old enough to understand, they could just be going their separate ways.

As for the couples that get together without getting to really know each other is what baffles me. No, it’s true, we (as in social media stalkers) might not know how long people have known each other. Take Ciara and Future, he stated in an interview with Wendy Williams that they had met years ago, he just never pursued. Now here it is they have a gorgeous son, they were engaged, now they’re not engaged, they’re working things out. Who the hell knows.

Then you can take Tyga and his baby mother/ex-fiance, Blac Chyna. I though there relationship was cute, but when you look at how long they had known each other, along with how young each of them are, it’s no surprise that they’re no longer together. To make that situation any stickier they’re linking Tyga to Kylie Jenner and it’s even shadier if that story were true as Chyna & Kim K are “friends”.

Moving on and getting back to the question, it really all boils down to TIME spent together. I think in order for a relationship to grow and flourish there needs to be a strong foundation before jumping into marriage or kids. yes, there are relationships that have lasted with getting to know each other along the way, but Hollywood divorce has a track record. Does anything really last? Granted, blogs add fuel to the fire, but time is of the essence and these celebs do not waste time shacking up.

Putting time aside, fame and power really switch up a person and can turn a relationship that was great into something else. Take Robin Thicke & Paula Patton. They had been together since they were teenagers and while Robin was doing pretty well in the music scene, ‘Blurred Lines’ took it to another level. I knew that the ship was about to sink after that scandalous performance with Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMAs. With success comes more time on the road, more exposure, and it can change a person. Look at Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo. This is another case of fame possibly being taken to the head as Jason Derulo has been riding high with the success of ‘Talk Dirty’ and ‘Wiggle’.It was just announced that the two had broken up after 3 years of what the public deemed, pure bliss. They were just coupled up at the VMAs, but again WE DON’T KNOW (Kanye voice) their lives.

Hopefully fans will stop gawking over these celebrities and thinking that everything is perfect. The only thing a celebrity has over the next person is a bigger connect and (depending on who the celeb is) an even larger income. Other than that they’re regular people. Regular people love and leave on a daily basis. No surprise celebs do too.

Single Review: Beyoncé x Nicki Minaj, ‘Flawless (Remix)’

flawless-remixAfter weeks of speculation, it gets no more official than this ‘Flawless [Remix]’ dropping at midnight (8.3). Beyonce teams up with Nicki Minaj on this one and speaks out about the elevator incident, real fast.

“Of course sometimes shit goes down
When it’s a billion dollars on the elevator”

Now as for the overall track, of course as most Queen Bey fans I was waiting in anticipation. Now the original had a deeper message and for the remix, knowing that it would feature Nicki Minaj, I was ready for the punchlines and shit talking. Sure enough, that’s what I got. I’m not really impressed with the overall track though. I know Queen Bey Stans, slay me now. The track is just alright to me. For one I don’t like how it ended. Beyonce wasn’t horrible rapping. It’s just when Nicki, Onika, came in that she did this crazy rap thing that threw me off. Nicki threw a jab at Michael Jackson, it was more so for rhyming purposes I would hope.

“Like MJ’s doctor, they’re killing me: propofol. I know they hope I fall, but tell them winning is my motherf***ing protocol”

This track will more and likely go hard on the radio waves, BUT the way it ended was so sudden. It did leave me wanting more. It has to grow on me, but the PUNCHLINES were there.

CLICK HERE to listen to the track on rotation via Queen Bey’s site.

What’s In My Beach Bag | Summer 2014

I took my first beach trip of the season today with my family. It was just what I needed to wind down from a hectic week and to have a day of relaxation. I spent most of the time reading The Fault In Our Stars on my iPad. Well, let’s get to it. Be sure to click the links!

Bag - Victoria Secret's Towel - Target iPad 3; Chargers; Bag - Target Change of Clothes Snacks - Pretzel Chips;  Wallet - Betsey Johnson
Bag – Victoria’s Secret
Towel – Target
iPad 3; Chargers; Bag – Target
Change of Clothes
Snacks – Pretzel Crisps; Archer Farms Sweet & Spicy chips
Wallet – Betsey Johnson

And for a look at what’s in the floral bag. It just holds everything and anything that I’d need to freshen up when I’m on the go and I swap this into any bag that I’m carrying at the moment.