Fall Haul Pt. 2

Last week I posted my Fall Haul Pt. 1 (click HERE for that). I had a couple more items that came in and I wanted to share. In shopping for fall pieces I knew that I had a lot of clothes already in my closet and I’ve even (forced myself) to downsize what I’m not wearing.

Sidebar, for the items that I have given away they are brand new or only worn a couple times. I have a few listed on Vinted (click HERE), but a majority is donated to my church’s clothes closet.

Back to the haul, I am currently buying pieces that will become staples in my wardrobe more so than be trendy. I found a pair of shoes that I love and a lippie set that I couldn’t pass up.

First up are my new shoes from ShoeDazzle. I do not want to give too much away because I will be doing a full review sometime this month on my experience with ShoeDazzle. I’ve always wanted a pair of maroon/oxblood shoe booties and I have a pair from GoJane (click HERE for that review), but these have a heel. I absolutely love them! Again stay tuned for the review. To see if the shoe is still available, click HERE. The shoe is called the ‘Jasleen’ by Leila Stone.


Next up was a lippie set from Sephora that I came across last year, but it was sold out. The set is ‘Give Me More Lip’ and there is ‘Give Me Some Lip’. I received a $50 Sephora gift card for my birthday (so sweet) and I treated myself to the “Give Me More Lip” set which cost a whopping $69. Thankfully out of pocket all I had to pay was a little over $13. A full review will be given on this product from hits and misses and of course swatches, so stay tuned for that. Be sure to click all links above to get to the product, if it is still available.


We are now in November, HAPPY NOVEMBER, and I will be accumulating a few more pieces here and there. The lippie set was a sure splurge, but as for future purchases I’m thinking longterm and versatile. Thanks for reading. (All photos are that of my own.)

First Impression #7: Urban Decay, The Electric Palette

Although I’m not a big makeup junkie I will say that I could not pass up the new installment from Urban Decay. After I passed on purchased the “Naked” palettes, except “Naked Basics”, but the “Electric Palette” stood out to me. For me to spend $40+ on a palette one thing has to be in tact, the packaging. The packaging of this palette is what really sold me. Once I swatched the colors I knew that I had made a great purchase. I will be giving swatches without primer as well as tutorials of looks with this palette, and dupes that are on the market. So, let’s get to it.

urban decay

First let me rant a little bit about the packaging. The packaging is very similar to that of the Naked 2 & Naked 3 cases as far as the similar closure. The tops of those cases are tin unlinks this one which is plastic. The magnetic closure makes it effortless to open and the design on the palette is amazing. It’s the effect of food coloring initially being dropped into water. Great idea to match the name of the palette.

The palette is not that of eyeshadows except it is pressed pigments. Before I get into the colors, swatches, and other details let’s briefly discuss pressed pigments. Pressed pigments can be applied with a sponge, brush, or fingertips. They also come in a variety of finishes including matte, shimmer, satin, and glitter. As they work for all skin types they work great with oily eyelids. The best thing about pigments compared to eyeshadows are the color payoff you get instantly with just one swatch.

urban decay

This palette features 10 eyeshadows (with descriptions from the site:

  • Revolt (Silver Shimmer)
  • Gonzo (Aqua Blue)
  • Slowburn (Orange)
  • Savage (Hot Pink)
  • Fringe (Teal)
  • Chaos (Royal Blue)
  • Jilted (Fuchsia w/ Blue Shift)
  • Urban (Metallic Purple)
  • Freak (Neon Green)
  • Thrash (Neon Yellow)

All of the colors are original exempt for ‘Chaos’ which was featured in the “Vice Palette’. The palette touches base with all bright colors and the darker ones do have a metallic finish. On the back of the package it states:

WARNING: Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban are not intended for the immediate eye area

Neon pigments are not approved by the FDA and that is a warning to use at your discretion, not that you can’t use them at all.

As for the brush that came with the palette it’s ok, not the best brush I own, but I do like the double sided. Recommendation on the site:

Use the compact precision brush to line, blend and smudge. Use the small pigment brush to apply color all over the lid or in the crease.

In my opinion the larger side of the brush isn’t as stiff as I would like it but it does the job.

Here are the swatches (no primer was used):

Left to Right: Revolt | Gonzo | Slowburn | Savage | Fringe
Left to Right (Top Row):
Revolt | Gonzo | Slowburn | Savage | Fringe
Left to Right (bottom row): Chaos | Jilted | Urban | Freak | Thrash
Left to Right (Bottom Row):
Chaos | Jilted | Urban | Freak | Thrash

My top 3 from the palette are: Gonzo, Savage, and Urban. Urban would be my #1 pick as I am a sucker for metallic purple. I did also try these colors out on my lips and there was no irritation at all. What can I say? I love experimenting.

The palette retails for $49 on Urban Decay, Sephora, and Ulta sites. You might luck up and find it on eBay (with free shipping) for under $50. I purchased mine for $42. Overall I am happy with my purchase. I love all the colors and the payoff is so worth it. I have read issues of the colors staining the skin, but I have applied it to my hand for swatches, my eyes, and lips and I had no issues with staining on my skin. All was applied in my first impression without primer and removed with baby wipes with no issue.

There are cheaper alternatives if you do not want to break the bank with this palette. Colors are not exactly the same, but similar as far as total package. Be sure to click the links to take you directly to the items mentioned.

Check out some of my favorite YouTube tutorials below. They are a range from subtle to ‘electric’ (pun intended). ENJOY!



First Impression #4: Jordana Twist & Shine

First Impression: Jordana Twist & Shine

Out of all the lip crayons I have purchased and tested out these are by far my favorite. I love the pigmentation and I can kick myself for only purchasing two. At the time I was more set on seeing what the rave was about the Wet n Wild Balm Stains. I love the pigmentation. I love the texture. They are not as slippery as the Wet n Wild Ones making them easier to build upon. The swatches really do the pigmentation no justice but here it is:


Out of the two my favorite is ‘Rock n Rouge.’ I can’t get over how great these feel on my lips and that it’s moisturizing but the texture does not seem slippery. There is a shine to these hence the name ‘Twist and Shine.’ Similar to that of the Wet n Wild’s, ‘Lady and the Vamp’ / ‘Red-dy Or Not,’ Jordana’s ‘Cranberry Crush’ is not as pigmented as I thought it would be, but I do think I could build it up more than ‘Lady and the Vamp.’ ‘Rock n Rouge’ is just the perfect red and you can easily build it up or keep it simple with one or two coats.

I definitely need to go back and collect all the colors. I’m in love with the pigmentation, the texture, and the price. I have yet to snag and try out Revlon’s Balm Stains, but once I do I’d be able to do a thorough review of which ones are necessities in a collection. These are winners and out of the ones I’ve tried, my fav balm stains so far.

Have you tried Jordana’s Twist and Shine Balm Stains? If so, what’s your fav?

First Impression #3: Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain

First Impression: Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain

The Wet n Wild Balm Statins were ones that I have been on the hunt for since their release. I had been to countless Walgreens but could not find them. I came across Jordana’s balm stains and on my way to check out I spotted Wet n Wild’s and snagged 3. On top of that I had a $1 off each balm stain bringing the price from each down from $2.99 to $1.99. Upon doing a swatch I realized that I had to press down more on the product to really get the true color pigmentation.


‘A Stiff Pink’ was the color I thought I’d like least being that some pinks on my skin tone are not the most  complimenting and can look tacky. The packaging makes it look more of a hot pink but upon application it’s more of a deeper pink. ‘Lady And the Vamp’ did not seem as pigmented on my lips as I thought it would be. There’s pigmentation, I was just expecting the color to be deeper. It’s a nice color for the daytime. Lastly, ‘Red-dy Or Not,’ is faint similar to that of ‘Lady And The Vamp.’

Overall I absolutely love the texture of the balm stains upon applying. The application was easy, not messy which is a plus. My personal favorite out of the three I purchased is, ‘A Stiff Pink.’ I’m not accustomed to wearing pink on my lips, but the color was perfect on me. I’m more accustomed to deeper colors which is why I picked the purple and the red, but they did not give me the pigmentation I expected. I would recommend buying if  you want to try them out being that they are moisturizing. I will not be going back to hunt down anymore colors being that they did not interest me.

Have you tried any of the Wet n Wild Balm Stains? What’s your favorite?

First Impression #1: NYC Expert Last & City Proof Twistable


I came across this line as I walked in Rite Aide to pick up something OTHER than makeup. I’ve been wanting to try out the lip crayons from different brands so I decided to pick up two that caught my eye. I also picked up 2 of the lipsticks.

I have recently become a fan of NYC products. I have two palettes in my makeup collection along with 5 of their 99 cent lipsticks and I wanted to try out their other products. I know that there’s better stuff out there, but I think that for the price it’s worth a try.

Let’s start out with the Expert Last Lip Color.


The lipsticks are very creamy and easy to put on. In a way they’re a little too slick for me as in they’re a bit messy to put on. I will say that the colors are very pigmented.

Moving on to the lip crayons:


I was a little disappointed in the pigmentation of these. Based of what the packaging says, ‘Intense Lip Color,’ I do not think they are as INTENSE as they claim to be. I wished ‘Gramercy Park Plum’ has more color. The colors are a bit faded for me, but they glide on very nicely. I love the consistency of them; very moisturizing. When further looking at the swatches ‘South Berry Ferry’ was very similar, if not identical to that of the lipstick, ‘Traffic Jam.’

Worth buying? If you are interested in trying out some cheaper than Revlon lip crayons then I would recommend. Despite the colors not being as intense as suggested the color selection is nice and the texture of the product is amazing. They retail for $2.99. As for the lipsticks, the constancy is very similar to that of the lip crayons and I guess it all depends on what you want. They retail for $1.99. The color selection is not all that great, it’s pretty decent (pink, purple, nude). For a second purchase I would go back for the lip crayons.

Spicy Saturday (V.2) — Insta Target Beauty Haul

Spicy Saturday --- Insta Target Haul

I cannot count how many times I go in and out of Target a week. Depending on the area you live you may frequent Walmart more, but in my area there are about a 3 Targets within 25-30 minutes from my house that I frequent often.

I was on a mission this time being that I wanted to relax my hair. I knew I could have gotten the relaxer a bit cheaper else where, but there were other things I needed to pick up and I knew Target would half majority, if not all.

As I passed by the clearance makeup and stayed upon my mission I found a moisturizer I wanted to try out from Target’s brand, Up & Up. Yes, I know it might have been right next to Cetaphil, but my skin isn’t horrible, I just needed something for daily use, and it was cheaper by $3 ($6.99) then that of Cetaphil. I don’t like to splurge unless I know it works.

I moved on to the hair section and got my relaxer, heat tamer, and some hair spray. I haven’t had my hair relaxed in nearly 2 years, but to me hair is hair and if I want to go natural again, I’ll cut it off.

Lastly, I picked up some Irish Spring for my babe and an extra toothbrush that I like to keep in my travel bag in my car.

Welp, I spent less than $25 and got everything I needed without buying anything extra or stopping at the dollar section. In and out of Target in less than 30 minutes after work is a win for me!