Then & Now Thursday (V.6) — Rihanna


In celebration of Rihanna’s birthday this Then & Now Thursday will highlight Rihanna’s career through music and fashion. I’ve discussed a little bit about the progress of her career in my _ post, but I wanted to take it a step further.

Over the course of nearly a decade Rihanna has consistently released albums and has steadily climbed the charts with 53 singles released. Since her debut in 2005 with Music of the Sun, Rihanna has released a studio album every year except 2008. She has 7 studio albums under her belt along with 2 compilation albums and 2 remix albums.

Throughout her first two albums she stayed true to the Caribbean sound. Her first #1 single, S.O.S. (A Girl Like Me) really took her mainstream on the radio waves beyond the urban market.

Rihanna’s performances early in her career needed work as far as the repetitive choreography and the set not being as tight as one would expect on a live show. Yet with growth and popularity Rihanna kept rising to stardom and is on the fast track to even bigger success beyond music. She’s become a trend setter and even has her hands in the beauty industry with the deal with MAC Cosmetics and her own perfume.

Never on million years did I expect Rihanna’s career to be at the peak it is. The turning point was her track ‘Umbrella.’ If she was not known globally by then that track took her there. From there on Rihanna has continued to put out radio hits, ballads and dominate the charts solo and through collaborations.

One of her early collaborations was with Sean Paul for the track ‘Break It Off.’ Now she has long list of collaborators including: Jay Z, Shakira, Eminem, Drake, Maroon 5, Kanye West, Coldplay, David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Wale, and more.

Unapologetic revealed Rihanna’s life as an artist: the growth, pain, and insecurities. She put a little but of everything which describes what she’s prostrated throughout her career. At 25 years old Rihanna received a well deserved Icon Award at the American Music Awards. Her work ethic is not to go unnoticed and she gives her all and has worked hard to be where she is. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store musically and beyond.

Video Review: Shakira x Rihanna, ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’

This song was one that was a little iffy for me at first, but over time it has grown on me although it is not played over the radio as much as I thought it would be. This video to me doesn’t really have a story line being that there’s no guy in the video. The beauty of Shakira and Rihanna in this video shows that they really compliment each other. I went and looked at the collab, ‘Beautiful Liar,’ between Shakira and Beyonce because I did recognize some similarities, but the videos are completely different. The belly dancing scenes which goes into the mirror imaging. I absolutely love the fashion and Shakira playing the drums AND the guitar in the lace body suit, or whatever that was, she just amazes me every time. Her voice over any beat just works. Her self-titled album, ‘Shakira,’ will be her 10th studio album and will hit stores 3.25.14. Expect a review!

Rihanna ‘Viva Glam’

Rihanna 'Viva Glam'

Rihanna and Mac team up again this time for ‘Viva Glam.’ She follows behind other celebs with this campaign such as Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin, and Nicki Minaj.

Just like the previous Viva Glam campaigns all portions will be going toward the Mac Aids Fund which supports people directly supported by HIV/Aids.As for the lipstick / lip gloss the color is nothing spectacular. The packaging for the new campaign is not different than that of the others either, which is a good thing. You can purchase the lip pies NOW before they sell out.

Rihanna’s, RiRi Hearts Mac, collection has been selling out left and right with popular lipsticks, ‘RiRi Woo,’ ‘Heaux,’ and ‘Talk That Talk’. The collection spans beyond lipsticks/lip glosses to mascara lip/brow liners, eyeshadow, blushes and brushes PLUS the AMAZING packaging.Click to see what you can snag out of the RiRi Hearts Mac Collection for the Fall and Holiday. [You can also check Ebay/Amazon, BUT they are way overpriced.]

To learn more about the ‘Viva Glam’ campaign, click here.