Album Review: Paperwork


T.I. released his 9th studio album, Paperworkon October 21st. Within the first week the album went on to sell 80,000 copies in the first week landing him at #2 on the Billboard 200 and #1 atop both Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and Rap Albums charts. He landed at #2 on the Billboard 200 with his 2013 album, Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head (CLICK HERE for that review).

I absolutely love the opener of the album. It wouldn’t be a T.I. album without him proclaiming and reminding everyone that he is ‘King’, hence the title of the track. I absolutely love his flow on that one.

My Top 5 —

  • ‘King’
  • ‘New National Anthem’
  • ‘No Mediocre’
  • ‘I Don’t Know’
  • ‘You Can Tell How I Walk’ (feat. Rick Ross) *

Pros: I love the fact that T.I. did whatever he wanted to do on this one and featured a showcase of artists. It’s a very heavily featured album compared to his other albums. I also like how he touched a variety of topics from politics, to his usual flaunting of money, getting down and dirty with the ladies, and even shining light on his high profile relationship issues.

Cons: While the album touched base on a variety of topics, it was all over the place. I like albums that flow and have some type of storyline. Not a storyline as in every track connecting, but better transitions.

The album overall has a very soulful sound to it compared to T.I.’s previous works. That’s a sound that T.I. loves and embraces so it’s not a real surprise there, but I honestly didn’t like it. Overall, I’d still give the album a 3/5. There were great songs on the album, but the complete package didn’t make me go crazy. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to. I commend T.I. for releasing his 9th album and of course I can’t wait on the 10th. This album was just alright. As a fan I’ll stay tuned for more.

Listen to the album below:


Well, well, well. It’s my FAVORITE time of year and time for me to begin my #LibraSeasonTakeover celebrating the birthdays of some of my FAVORITE artists. As a libra myself, 10.15, I thought it’d be cool to celebrate my faves. Up first is my most FAVORITE artist of all.

PicMonkey Collage

Today marks the 34th birthday of my FAVORITE rapper, T.I. Anyone in my inner circle knows how much of a fan I am. When I first saw T.I. in 24s then ‘I Aint Never Scared’, there was something about him that made me a fan. What really solidified my love for his music was ‘Bring Em Out’; well the whole Urban Legend album. Now he’s set to release his . Despite his setbacks, no need to discuss his prison stints, T.I. is not only the King of the South, but the King of bouncing back as well. Aside from being a rapper T.I. has made connections far beyond the rap game. With nine albums under his belt, Paperwork in stores 10.21.14, T.I. has a clothing line (Akoo), crew (Hustle Gang), reality TV, and film under his belt.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle has been on TV for nearly 3 years and even before then T.I. had made his way to the big screen. Debuting in the film, ATL, the world was introduced to T.I.’s acting chops along with the intro to Ms. New New, Lauren London. From there he’s appeared in American Gangster and Takers and is set to appear in two movies in 2015. It won’t stop there either.

T.I. has shown that he is BIGGER than just music and that’s it’s really about branding yourself. He’s known as the ‘gangster rapper’ outside of ATL, but with ‘Family Hustle’ he’s become more of a 30+year old Huxtable. T.I. has a lot to be thankful and grateful for with a large catalogue of music along with awards including: 2 AMAs, 3 BET Awards, 9 BET Hip Hop Awards, 11 BMAs, 1 VMA, 2 Soul Train Awards, 3 Grammy’s, PLUS MORE!

Happy, Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my all time fave, T.I.P.! Listen to 10 of my favorite T.I. songs below: