Sound Off: Gun Violence is Out Of Control

I’m writing this with a heavy heart. News just broke that rapper Nipsey Hussle, 33, was gunned down outside of his store today. Gunned down in broad daylight. A son, a father, a friend, gunned down – and for what? For what? Why is everyone so trigger happy these days yet there are no solutions to gun control?

As an African American in the United States of America, I have seen my share of gun violence throughout my whole life on TV. Hell, there’s fun violence in my neighborhood that doesn’t even make it on the local news. Yet here we are, another man gunned down, and for what?

There is no reason, really, no reason for these senseless murders to continue. As a community, we cannot get upset if a white cop shoots one of us yet we kill our own. Why does black on black crime get a pass? Why is this not glorified as much as the others?

Murder is Murder

It will NEVER be okay for a loved one to get that call saying that their child, sibling, relative, friend, husband/wife were shot to death. It will never be okay!

It will NEVER be okay for parents to be afraid of to send their children to school in fear of them being shot.

It will NEVER be okay for families to continue to suffer when a relative commutes suicide out of guilt as a result of gun violence.

Murder is Murder

I am sick of turning on my TV or scrolling through social media to see something about about a mass shooting or someone being killed over differences, money, power, lack of respect, whatever the case may be.

Even with their being gun control, at this point, what will it solve? What difference will it really make? People can get their hands on a weapon so easily. It’s as easy as a click of a button to get one.

There’s so many layers to this that it’s hard for me to put in words what’s going through my head. I’ve tried writing this post before, but I couldn’t bring myself to do so.

Here I am, at 10:41pm posting this here on my platform. It’s not all about productivity and getting your life right here on Chaotic Critic. It’s about looking at the bigger picture.

We live in a scary world. There’s no other way to describe how hurt I feel. My heart is heavy. Another senseless murder. Another life lost.

Repurpose a Happy Planner | DIY Planner

Often times we accumulate things and before we know it, time goes on and we never used it. For my planner addicts out there, I know this is an issue. There are so many planners, sizes, brands, accessories, etc. that you want a little bit of everything. This post is all about taking the first step to taking that extra planner you have lying around and put it to use. I repurposed a mini Happy Planner as my faith planner. Let’s get right to it!

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The Basics

The planner I’m using is a 12-month, 2019 dated mini Happy Planner. I set it up with just the first 6 months and began using it on a month by month basis. It wasn’t working for me that way, which is why I decided to transform the pages to work for me.

What I Added

This planner came with gold discs which was one of the first things I replaced. I swapped them for Arc discs from staples. I will note that with larger discs, it can be more difficult to turn the pages, but I manage. I also added adhesive pockets to the front and back covers, dividers, and tabs.

The tabs are what I used to divide the planner into chunks versus months. For the books that I read, I use the months as a section for notes. I break the reading into chapters into each of the day sections. It’s working out well. While the horizontal space may not seem like much, it’s perfect to write in highlights from the reading and then add additional notes on other notes pages I added in between each of the weeks.

To cover up the tabs and the dates I used labels and washi tape. The labels I used to cover the months are removable if I ever change my mind, plus they were a quick fix with what I had n my stash. The washi tape, what better way to use it than now instead of letting it dry up.

Planner Tip: A quick and easy solution to any planner mishap whether it’s writing or something you don’t want on the page, break out your washi tape. You don’t need white out for everything, plus you get add a decorative touch.

Lastly, I added in a few of the Happy Planner Page Protectors. I used it to create a DIY Bible Study Guide. I took the material from one of my readings and created a study page of what stood out to me the most.

Planner Tip: Use the page protectors to highlight important topics in your reading or bible verses to help with memorization. Also with the bible versus, you can put a topic it the verse it relates to (i.e. Anxiety) and put the verse on the back.

Monthly Pages

Although I’m not using this planner for day to day, I still didn’t want the monthly pages to go to waste. I was first using it to track my readings, yeah that wasn’t going to work. Instead, I used it as a scripture chart. I found various topics via Horacio Printing with a related scripture. Topics included: Anxiety, Failure, Depression, and more.

Planner Tip: When faith planning, you can reuse the monthly a variety of ways. As noted, there are topics with plenty of related scriptures; create a scripture chart. You can also use it as a gratitude log or a bible study chart.

Weekly Pages

I noted above that I would be using the weekly pages for notes from my readings. Simply use the space as a highlight for that particular chapter. Add notes pages if additional space is needed.

I then thought, how else could these pages be used? I was inspired by the Happy Planner Faith Warrior notes pages and I made a replica. One of the sheets had the SOAP bible study method which is as follows:

  • Study: As you read, write out the verses that stood out to you.
  • Observation: What stood out to you from this verse? How would you reexplain it in your own words?
  • Application: What does it mean to you? How would you apply it to your life right now?
  • Prayer: Ask God to help you understand the reading of his word.

I covered the dates with my favorite Avery labels, wrote the title of each section, and done. That simple, that easy.

Planner Tip: As you’re studying and reading, print out whatever stands out to you and hole punch/tape it right into your planner.

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How I’m Using My Happy Planner Micro Happy Notes

Happy Planner rolls out new items left and right, it’s as if their planner sizes keep getting smaller. It started out with the classic, then the BIG Happy Planner, the mini, now there’s the half size and the baby- the micro. I told myself that I wouldn’t buy the micro notes since it’s just an easy DIY, but the design that I chose stood out to me and I couldn’t leave it behind. I have a specific purpose for it and I’m happy (pun intended) to share.

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New Happy Planner Haul

I try not to go down the planner rabbit hole of awesomeness, but the Happy Planner always lures me in. Now, I don’t watch their release videos, yes they have those. I just see pictures all over my Instagram feed and I decide from there what I want. There were two new sticker books that I wanted that I got my hands on. Still, there were some other goodies I came across that were fairly new that I decided to get as well.

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Episode 8: Low Income Budget Series – Cash Envelope Fail

Welcome to another edition of my Low Income Budget series. This edition is my first time trying out cash envelopes. While I’ve been able to accomplish a few goals in this budgeting journey, I am still slacking when it comes to overspending. I’m not holding myself accountable for every dollar. I’m going to try incorporating cash envelopes, but will it be a success of a failure?

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert or accountant. I am on the road to financial freedom like many others and decided to document my journey.

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Bullet Journal Plan With Me | March One Planner Challenge

Cheers to all the love in the planner community and the challenge I’m taking on. Shay Budgets and E. Michelle, both budget and beyond YouTubers, created a one planner challenge. In other words, use the same planner all month long. I couldn’t resist and I had to get in on the action.

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New Happy Planner Sticker Books – Flip Throughs + Review

Happy Planner releases stickers and planners  like clockwork and I get sucked in every time. There are some items I can do without, like a bazillion planners, but I’m a sucker for a good sticker book. Out of all the sticker books they released there were two that stood out to me. So instead of just showing you the sticker books, I had to give a full review.

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