Low Income Budget Series Update – Let’s Catch Up on All the Things

If you follow me over on YouTube, which I highly suggest you do, I’ve been a roll with content. Most importantly, I’ve been documenting my financial journey in my Low Income Budget series. I’ve dedicated single posts to my pervious episodes in the series, but clearly I’ve fallen off on that. Still, here I am bringing you guys all the details and there’s a full playlist below for you to check out. In the meantime, let’s catch up, shall we?

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert or accountant. I am on the road to financial freedom like many others and decided to document my journey.

What Was Going Right

To say that I have an understanding of what it is to budget would be a lie. I started this journey back in January with the intent to really track every single dollar that I had coming in. No matter where it was coming from (babysitting, freelance, etc.), I needed to know.

I feel like I had the hang of it for the most part. Where I went wrong is falling back into my old ways of poor money management. If I could pay my bill last minute, I would. The late fee wouldn’t really phase me. Here I was in a position to actually be saving more than spending, but I blew that chance.

From January to March, I was on it. I also was saving for WrestleMania so I was being strict with my expenses and paying all my bills on time. WrestleMania was in the beginning of April and once it was over, so were my financial goals.


Where I Went Wrong

Not having something to focus on threw me off. I really went wrong in spending more and not fulfilling my obligations. As a babysitter, I get paid weekly with cash. On top of that, the amount fluctuates from week to week. When I was working corporate I had direct deposit and I was salaried so I knew how much I’d be making a month. My lack of discipline to readjust to this financial situation has not helped.

Furthermore, I stopped using my planner. I also implemented the Dave Ramsey Every Dollar App. Digital planning of any sorts just doesn’t seem to be my thing. Pen and paper for me works because when I’m writing everything out, I’m taking time and thinking through what I’m doing. I’m more attentive.

Current Situation

Right now I am at my wit end. It’s depressing to see that I’m in such a poor position. Literally, poor. I’m at a point where my savings are depleted and I’m not working this Summer so there’s no income. I’ve had to put bills on credit because I had no other choice.

I choose to be transparent in this journey because it’s real life. The whole purpose of Chaotic Critic is me being an advocate to crush the chaos in your life and discuss issues we usually like to sleep under the rug.

What’s Next?

Do I plan on giving up? Absolutely not. I’ll still be documenting this journey. Now I just have to work harder at this. It’s never been easy for me to save money. I have it and I want to spend it how I want to. I know I’m not the only person that feels that way. For me to get to a position to truly spend how I want to, I have to buckle down now and handle my responsibilities.


No Spend

I have been on a “no spend” since June 1st. For one, I can’t spare any frivolous spending. Many people in the planner community do this for a month and then go back to their spending. For me, this is more than just a challenge. It’s a lifestyle change. I’m not saying I’ll never buy planner supplies again. I specify that category because hundreds, at this point, over $1,000 has gone into my hobby. Yet, I have nothing to really show for it. I just have a lavish craft stash.

My no spend will continue on throughout this month and throughout the Summer. I’ve realized that what I want is just a temporary fix to fill a void. When I was younger, I didn’t have the money I do now. Now that I have it, even if it’s not a large bank account, I want to buy what I like. This no spend is giving me direction, more focus on my finances, and most importantly to appreciate what I have now. I’ve accumulated quite a bit. It’s been refreshing to use my stash.

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2 thoughts on “Low Income Budget Series Update – Let’s Catch Up on All the Things

  1. I am terrible with money. I have this impulse to always spend what little money I receive. I enjoyed reading this post. It’s gotten me to thinking about how I need to track my expenses. Maybe I need to go on a “no spend” for awhile.

    1. The no spend actually isn’t that bad. We see it as the end all be all. It’s more of a pause. Look around you, take it all in. Now regroup. Thanks for reading!

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