Memory Planning 101

I’ve decided to switch things up on my blog when it comes to sharing the videos that go along with my posts. Each week will have a different theme and one blog post that covers everything mentioned. This will include links, tips, and of course videos. Think of it as a mini course.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Memory Planning Essentials

We all have our basics when it comes to certain areas. Makeup lovers have their holy grails so it’s not that odd that us planner lovers have ours. My general planner favorites overlap with that of my memory planning, but there are some differences.

  • Writing Utensils – Sharpie Pens / Crayola Supertip Markers
  • Adhesive – Double Stick / Transparent Tape, Glue sticks
  • Sticky Notes
  • Photos
  • Let’s Decorate – Washi Tape / Stickers

Tip: Don’t overthink this step. It really comes down to needing the planner or notebook, some adhesive for photos, and a pen. Everything else is extra. The key difference between standard journaling and memory planning is the addition of photos. 

While the list seems pretty basic, I wanted to further explain the purpose of sticky notes. They are not only great to add to the pages, but they are ideal place markers. You can use them to jot down ideas for a particular page. For me they’re great for pages I want to annotate where photos are going.

Creating a Memory Planner from Start to Finish

There’s many events that happen in life that deserve their own shine when you go back to reflect down the line. For me, that event was WrestleMania. Yes, I’m a wrestling fan and I wanted to document the entire weekend of WrestleMania 35.

To create this planner I used a hardbound Mini Happy Planner cover and white card stock. I created each layout myself. It was pretty simple. In my bullet journal I had made a list of pages that I wanted inside of the planner. This included, but not limited to:

  • Weekend of events
  • Match cards for each
  • Basics of WrestleMania (when, where, with who, etc.
  • What We Bought/Ate

Tip: You can create a memory planner out of a planner you find for $1 or upwards of $50+ (an Erin Condren). It’s all about customization and you can do that with an inexpensive planner.

Using the white card stock gave me a clean canvas to add whatever I wanted, to use whatever color sharpies/markers, and clearly see what was written. This card stock in particular was a little bit thicker, but it still worked with my Levenger discbound punch.

Let’s Talk Photos

When it comes to adding photos, memory planning just isn’t the same without them. For my WrestleMania planner I wanted a mix of personal photos I took and professional ones I found online. As for my personal photos it was more of the atmosphere and behind the scenes shots that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

Some photos weren’t worth adding due to the quality, and that was fine. For the photos I found online and decided to print, I went with the matches that stood out to me. Plus, there were other events that weekend that I added to my memory planner so I added those I found pictures of those and printed them in.

As for how I print them, I have an HP Envy 5055. I decided to switch from an Epson to an HP because of the HP Instant Ink. Plus, even if I decided not to go with Instant Ink it was the HP ink was cheaper.

Tip: You don’t need a fancy printer. You can also have photos printed at your local drugstore or via online sites such as Shutterfly.

I then use the Pic Collage app on my phone and use the Freestyle setting and collage all my pictures. Within this app I am able to resize the pictures and print as many as I’d like on one page. To print from my phone I use the HP Smart App. I also decided to print on thick cardstock since it’s what I have on hand versus photo paper. I would suggest thicker paper in general because regular printing paper ruins the quality.

Memory Keeping in a Bullet Journal

I love being able to journal in my everyday planner. It’s great to log gratitude, scriptures, notes in general, and any projects that I’m working on. The bullet journal that I’m using now has a separate notes section where I dump all my ideas.

Before I decided on making an entire WrestleMania memory planner, I had journaled about it in my bullet journal. I left a separate page for each of the events of the earlier part of the weekend. Then for the main event itself, I had cut some of the pages down for a staggered effect. I listed the 411 of the event, the match card, and then left pages for additional notes.

Literally the day of I decided that I wanted to make a project out of this experience, so I had notes pages of the following:

  • Photos I Wanted to Take
  • Don’t Forget (day of)
  • Pages I Want In My Memory Planner

While my bullet journal served as the rough draft for this project, it’s the perfect spot for me to write all my ideas, in the moment.

Tip: Have something in your bullet journal that you don’t want on display? Cover that section with either a piece of vellum or scrapbook paper. This signals that this page is private for anyone that you allow to flip through your planner. 

Journaling Ideas | How I Journal

I had to add some journaling in here for you guys for those that are looking to get into memory planning, but want to start small. I have various notebooks for just about everything at this point, but each has a specific intent.

I love music and TV so I decided to put my notebook collection to use and devote two to those areas. Within the music one I list all of my favorite albums, songs. It’s the soundtrack to my life. Who knows if I’ll get every song I’ve ever loved into this one book, but I’ll definitely be filling it cover to cover.

Take that notebook that’s collecting dust and use it to list out your goals, your favorite music, what you love watching, a hobby, etc.

Tip: Just start writing! Do not let the pages of a new notebook discourage you from writing in it. Don’t rip out the page if you mess something up. Keep going. 

We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.

-Bob Ross

The planning fun doesn’t stop here!

Check out more ideas to get you started here.

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