How I’m Using My Happy Planner Micro Happy Notes

Happy Planner rolls out new items left and right, it’s as if their planner sizes keep getting smaller. It started out with the classic, then the BIG Happy Planner, the mini, now there’s the half size and the baby- the micro. I told myself that I wouldn’t buy the micro notes since it’s just an easy DIY, but the design that I chose stood out to me and I couldn’t leave it behind. I have a specific purpose for it and I’m happy (pun intended) to share.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Micro Happy Notes I Chose

Trying to get my hands on anything new from Happy Planner is always a challenge. The planner community has no problem emptying the shelves. Some us, some share, some resell. It is what it is. I went to Hobby Lobby and found that all things planner related were 40% off.

Note: Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon for one regular priced item.

Being that the entire selection was on sale, I couldn’t pass up what I wanted. There were only two selections left, the one I chose, and the other – a unicorn. I’m over the unicorn, dreamland wave in planner land. I’m good on that. I chose the latter without even realizing what it said.

Keep on crushin’ it girl. 

This cover spoke to me for the simple fact that it’s Chaotic Critic. My motto is crush the chaos. I’ve created an entire collection around it and it’s what this platform is. A place to talk about any and everything with tips and tricks to crush everyday life along the way.

How I Plan on Using It

This notebook is going to house all things Crush the Chaos. I have a collection with three signature items – the shirt, the tote, and the mug. I also have buttons which can go on anything. Whether it’s your planner bag or apparel, the sleek design is a perfect match.

Crush the Chaos Collection

I filled the notebook so far with images of the collection. I printed, cut them out, and glued them right to the paper. I should’ve used double stick tape to keep the paper from folding, but oh well. On the back of the page I wrote in the information of the product on the back. That simple.

As for what I plan on adding, anything I add to the collection, I’ll add it in. Purchases made, I’ll add those as well. Being that I just created this design, all initial purchases mean more than you’ll ever know. Having this with me on the go also gives me a physical copy to easily show what’s available and to hold my business cards in one location.

Crush the Chaos Collection

Was It Worth the Purchase?

Being that it was on sale, sure. Would I pay $6 for this, no. Wait around for some type of sale whether it’s 25% or more. 50% off would be even better bringing the price down to $3.

To get a Micro Happy Notes of your own – check out the selection here.

Crush the Chaos Collection

Interested In How Else I Use the Happy Planner?

Find out all the details here.

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