New Happy Planner Haul

I try not to go down the planner rabbit hole of awesomeness, but the Happy Planner always lures me in. Now, I don’t watch their release videos, yes they have those. I just see pictures all over my Instagram feed and I decide from there what I want. There were two new sticker books that I wanted that I got my hands on. Still, there were some other goodies I came across that were fairly new that I decided to get as well.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Where Do I Even Begin?

First stop was JoAnn’s. I decided to order online and pickup in store for the first time. This way I know that I’d get what I wanted and not waste the gas going out of my way and leaving empty handed. I ended scoring two of the new sticker books, Household and Empowering Woman, and it didn’t stop there.

Hobby Lobby Haul

I went to 3 different Hobby Lobby’s, yes 3. Each had their own selection. Plus, I like to drive around on my days off instead of sitting at home. I ended up finding a half sheet notebook which I absolutely love. The yellow is everything. It’s filled with dot grid pages, a bright cover, and matching yellow mini discs. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use this for. I’ve decided on brain dump for my creative writing, plus notes for my Wrestling Podcast.

I also came across one of the mini notebooks. I was convinced that I wasn’t going to buy one of these since I could DIY it, but the cover stood out to me. Stay tuned for full details on how I’ll be using it. Lastly, it wouldn’t be a haul without a clearance item. I found some inserts on clearance that will be perfect in my half letter notebook for memory keeping when I travel. Now I’m tempted to make a full out wrestling journal. Maybe, just maybe.

I didn’t mind buying the new Happy Planner items since they were 40% off, plus all the other planner shiz. I picked up a paper pad – I’ll blame that on FOMO from my Instagram. It’s so pretty and there’s plenty of ways I can use it. I also got some mini planner stickers – meant for a personal planner – but the size is just right for my Stalogy.

Michaels Haul

I only picked up a couple items. I would’ve preferred a deal on all the items, like they usually have, but there was only a coupon for 40% off one item. I picked up the Travel sticker book I’ve been wanting. I can use it for when I travel this fall or for this amazing idea I have for a wrestling journal. Again, another creative outlet.

I also picked up some of the folding stickers. You can easily make these yourself with glue or double stick tape, I recommend the latter. They’re all based around adulting or lack there of.

Want to score some of the items / similar styles for your own stash? Check out the links below:

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