Bullet Journal Plan With Me | March One Planner Challenge

Cheers to all the love in the planner community and the challenge I’m taking on. Shay Budgets and E. Michelle, both budget and beyond YouTubers, created a one planner challenge. In other words, use the same planner all month long. I couldn’t resist and I had to get in on the action.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Planner I’m Using

I’ve talked about my planner all 2019 long. My day to day planner is a B6 Stalogy. Each page has a grid and I use it as a bullet journal. I’m no bullet journal expert, but I make it work for me. Within my planner I have daily pages and I use a weekly list pad (from Target) as my weekly.


I love the flexibility of this and the fact that there is enough space for me to section off what I want if I wanted to use this planner as the ultimate catch all.

Is It Possible to Use Just One Planner for Everything?

Of course. Some may not see it possible in the planner that I’m using as it’s just one big book, but yes you can do it. If you like the bullet journal style and want more space – here’s a few options I’ve used in the past:

Travelers Notebook 


When I was using a travelers notebook, I would use different notebooks for different sections. Ideas that may work for you include:

  • Weekly/Daily Planning
  • Notes/List
  • Budget / Finances
  • Journaling
  • Faith Planning
  • Business Notes

Depending on the strings and the spine of the travelers notebook, you could fit quite a bit, have it all in one location, and be able to carry it on the go.


For me, I stopped using the travelers notebook as I just wanted ONE notebook to jot it all down. I did’t need any fancy dividers, decor, die cuts galore. The traveler’s notebook I had, had 4 strings which would comfortably fit 4 notebooks, but with a rubberband, I could fit double that.

With my Stalogy I can keep notes of anything and while I have other planners in my system, my daily planner is my central location.

Ring Planner / Discbound

One thing that have been appealing and functional to many people in the planner community is being able to move your pages around with ease. Let’s start with the Ring Planner.


You can find plenty of inserts available at Michaels, but there are many you can print online. Anything that you can hole punch, you can put it in your planner. Similar to a binder back when you were in school, divide your planner into sections that are priorities in your life.


To all my discbound lovers, you’re familiar with the disc system. Happy Planner is not the only planner that offers this. There’s TUL, Martha Stewart, Levenger, and the Arc line at Staples. You can find planners already put together, but similar to the ring planner you can use printables or simple cut down grid paper and create whatever spread you want.

Planner hack – Whether you’re using a ring or discbound planner, don’t let those list pads you’ve accumulated go to waste. Cut them down and punch them in. That simple!

Check out the links below to planners that’ll put you in the right direction to having your plans and more – all in one.

Still undecided on what planner to choose?

Check out my tips here.

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