How I Use Multiple Planners

Just as the ball dropped, we’re already rolling into February. Although my energy has been low this month, we’ll save mental health talk for another time, I still feel I was pretty productive. That has a lot to do with the planners that I put in place.

I shared my planner lineup at the top of the year, but how often do people really share if it’s working? They share more than you think when they switch up planners in search of one that is functional for their lifestyle. Well, here I am – being open and honest as to if my systems are actually working or not. Let’s see if anything will be eliminated.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Planners I’m Using

My 2019 planner lineup is as follows –

What’s Working 

All of the planners I currently have in my rotation are working well. I’ve been using them all interchangeably, as needed. My daily planner gets the most use, of course. I’ve been adding patches to the cover and I jot down whatever I need inside.

The best part about my daily planner is that about my Stalogy is the flexibility. If I want to have an hourly spread, I create one. If I want to journal, I do just that. Sometimes I’ll journal on a sticky note and stick it write on the page. As I am getting my groove with how I want to use the notebook, I leave pages in between so that I have space to add in whatever I want.

Daily planning has been great. It’s been two full months of doing it. When I planned in my travelers notebook, I would do a week on two pages and it would work out. Now I take a list pad and put it at the beginning of the week. From there I jot down everything I need to get done. It’s nothing neat or fancy. Literally, scribbles of my week. I then can transfer that information to the day I intend to get it done. I prefer the date versus a weekly to do list because some things I schedule are for particular days.

Purpose of More Than One Planner

While I could put everything in my Stalogy and have just one notebook of everything, I like having the separation in my business, budget, and faith planners. My business planner gets a lot of use as it’s where I map out all my content for Chaotic Critic. I’m able to strategize videos, photos, and most importantly, plan ahead. I also have all my business expenses and other projects I’m working on.

I’ve added in flags and sticky notes to make it easier to divide and flip between pages as this is a thick planner. Still, it’s not too heavy to throw in my bag and take it on the go when I need to. This is one along with my daily planner will come with me when I’m working on the go.

Two planners that stay home are my budget planner and my faith planners. These two I don’t touch as much as the latter. My budget planner holds me accountable to my spending, saving, etc. which I share in my Low Income Budget series. I’m making it a habit to review my budget on a weekly basis when I get paid. This way I can accurately calculate where everything goes.

My faith planner is a creative outlet for me. I’m able to read my scriptures, but then I’m able to create imagery that explains it. One of my favorites was my DIY bible study guide. I can’t wait to create more around the book I read, What On Earth Am I Here For: The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

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